Duluth property transactions

June 27 through July 3

1104 N. 40th Ave. E., Mariatheresa W. Pratt purchased from One Roof Community Housing for $319,900, residential, 5/19.

821 N. 41st Ave. W., Amy L. Mattson purchased from NMB Properties LLC for $124,999, residential, 5/19.

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15 S. 93rd Ave. W., Stephen and Stephanie Myers purchased from Eric Dubnicka and Jessica Hall for $252,000, residential, 5/19.

417 97th Ave. W., Leanne J. Larson purchased from Dillon, Collard, Doble, et al., for $105,000, residential, 4/19.

1401 Brainerd Ave., Matthew Hall purchased from Elizabeth A. Kilroy for $265,000, residential, 5/19.

4709 Crosley Ave., Stacy Mckenzie purchased from Taylor L. and Elizabeth K. Vaughn for $172,400, residential, 5/19.

2964 Devonshire St., Peter L. Moeri and Alison M. Boulden purchased from Kevin M. Jentoft for $90,000, residential, 5/19.

1219 E. Fifth St., Garrett Owens purchased from Suzanne L. Stickney for $156,500, residential, 5/19.

914 W. Fifth St., Jean Gevik purchased from Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association for $109,000, residential, 5/19.

2727 E. Fifth St., Ruoho and Hansen purchased from Karen K. Peterson for $405,000, residential, 5/19.

1215 E. First St., Kevin A. Kalligher purchased from J & S. Lange Properties LLC for $185,000, residential, 5/19.

416 W. Fourth St., Michael R. Newberg purchased from Nora Fie for $96,700, residential, 5/19.

3710 W. Fourth St., Natalie Perron purchased from Western Lake Superior Habitat for $42,000, residential, 5/19.

4220 Gladstone St., Sarah Lerohl purchased from Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association for $167,000, residential, 5/19.

3400 Greysolon Road, Patrick and Kara Brown purchased from Lawrence and Lisa Stock for $725,000, residential, 5/19.

4218 Lombard St., Jeremy and Alexa Dick purchased from Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association for $89,900, residential, 4/19.

506 Madison Ave., Jackie L. Osterlund purchased from Jody L. Zimpel for $156,000, residential, 5/19.

1506 Maple Grove Road, Duluth FF Hospitality Exchange purchased from E. and W. Caple and M. Iallonardo for $695,000, residential, 5/19.

1720 New St., Corey D. Mead purchased from NationStar Mortgage LLC for $68,600, residential, 4/19.

4427 Oneida St., Andrew S. and Kayleigh Karppinen purchased from Barbara D. Bushey for $201,000, residential, 4/19.

2849 Piedmont Ave., Alexa Chiu purchased from Leslie A. White for $155,000, residential, 5/19.

4128 Regent St., Daniel Larson purchased from Laurie Korich for $170,000, residential, 5/19.

2415 E. Second St., Jonathan Preston purchased from Ellen M. Myers for $287,500, residential, 5/19.

110 E. Seventh St., High Point Holdings LLC. purchased from H&R Properties LLC for $155,000, residential, 5/19.

4407 W. Sixth St., Diane Whiffen purchased from Alan R. and Leta M. Sisto for $175,900, residential, 5/19.

4031 W. Sixth St., Sasha N. Howell and Aaron N. Gothier purchased from Robert D. and Kristina H. Peterson for $138,900, residential, 4/19.

2804 Snowy Owl Circle, Kody S. and Laura E. Thurnau purchased from Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Duluth for $65,000, exempt from property tax, 5/19.

17 St. Louis Court, Kaleb Montgomery and Zoe Meisinger purchased from Jonathon F. Krueth for $127,000, residential, 5/19.

4608 Woodland Ave., Chad B. and Emily J. Johnson purchased from Lawrence D. Kilpo for $285,000, residential, 5/19.

Bare land, BPR Holding LLC purchased from CTKH LLC for $8,027,845, commercial (with buildings), 4/19.