Duluth property transactions

June 6-12

510 N. 23rd Ave. W., Excolo Group LLC purchased from Chateau Properties LLC for $120,000, residential, 4/19.

503 N. 27th Ave. W., Sean Tingberg and Sandi Daytner purchased from Hillside Views LLC for $150,000, residential, 4/19.

122 S. 61st Ave. W., Jon and Elizabeth Jarve purchased from Jack B. Cameron for $185,000, residential, 4/19.

1435 88th Ave. W., Olivia A. and Matthew W. Lambert purchased from Steven B. and Jessica I. Walstrom for $135,000, residential, 4/19.

6116 Cody St., Erin L. Morgan purchased from Amanda and Daniel Lindquist for $115,000, residential, 4/19.

2711 E. Eighth St., Michael Simonson purchased from John and Debra Narhorniak for $300,000, residential, 4/19.

5524 W. EighthSt., Samuel R. and Sarah M. Tuthill purchased from Karen E. Leland for $96,000, residential, 4/19.

437 Hastings Drive, David A. and Laurie A. Linder purchased from David K. and Wendy K. Carter for $532,437, residential, 4/19.

5002 Ivanhoe St., Mitchel and Kelsey Hiner purchased from Daniel R. and Mindy L. Traylor for $215,000, residential, 4/19.

412 Kenilworth Ave., Cheong Soon Gan and Ching Tin Lien purchased from Carol E. and Stephen J. Grams for $471,000, residential, 4/19.

606 Maple Bend Drive, Wilmington Trust N.A. trustee purchased from Lori A. Soiney for $76,700, residential, 9/17.

1515 N. Ninth Ave. E., Christine and Kevin Meland purchased from John McGath and Shelly Swanstrom for $159,900, residential, 4/19.

5715 Olney St., Max B. Shamblott purchased from Northern Property Ventures LLC for $145,000, residential, 4/19.

805 E. Sixth St., Isaac and Sadie Fromm purchased from U.S. Bank National Association for $54,500, residential, 4/19.

2407 Vermilion Road, Scott D. and Mariah Vitiritto purchased from Premier Three Developers Inc. for $190,000, residential, 4/19.

Bare land, David C. Haynes purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $863, exempt from property tax, 12/18.

Bare land, Duluth Economic Development Authority purchased from Duluth Housing and Development Authority for $5,250, exempt from property tax, 3/19.

Bare land, Rickey Olsen purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $2,000, exempt from property tax, 2/19.