Property Transactions for Sept. 28, 2022

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.                    

Residential bare land, Shawna Jokinen purchased from Soumis Construction Inc. for $40,000, residential - bare land, 5/22.

Residential bare land, Kinseth Invest 22 LLC purchased from Premier Bank for $1,480,000, residential - bare land, 6/22.

Bare land, Julio Canchola purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Department for $3,870, exempt from property tax, 6/22.

910 S. Lake Ave., Benjmain and Katherine Reinhardt purchased from Lawrence and Maureen McGough for $1,000,000, residential, 6/22.


823 N. 11th Ave. E., Manny Rivas purchased from Bankruptcy Estate of Schuldner for $125,500, residential, 7/22.

822 E. 10th St., Duluth - Superior Real Estate purchased from Scott and Jessica Klassen for $250,000, residential, 6/22.

807 E. Sixth St., Zenith City Design and Renovation purchased from Bankruptcy Estate of Schuldner for $113,000, residential, 7/22. 

721 N. Seventh Ave. E., Manny Rivas purchased from Bankruptcy Estate of Schuldner for $98,000, residential, 7/22.  

718 E. Skyline Parkway, Ari Investment Properties LLC purchased from Jamie Peterson and Gregory Patterson  for $177,000, residential, 7/22.

621 Spear Ave., Tara Jeanetta purchased from Larry and Leah M. Theivagt for $130,000, residential, 6/22.

613 E. Ninth St., Sarah Deraas purchased from Derek Joyce for $180,000, residential, 6/22.

5719 Raleigh St., Zachary Bartl purchased from Bonnie Sundberg for $124,900, residential, 6/22.


5606 Saint Louis River Road, Ryan and Kayla Vang purchased from Allison and Vincent Surges for $250,000, residential, 7/22.

5413 Cloquet Road N., Wade and Mary M. Mathers purchased from Vincent M. and Laura Regan for $360,000, residential, 7/22. 

5395 North Shore Drive, Joanne M. and John Kronstedt purchased from Brian and Kristina Sorenson for $415,000, residential, 7/22. 

5301 Glendale St., Heather Allmandinger purchased from Mark J. and Peggy A. Frederickson for $372,000, residential, 7/22.             

526 N. 43rd Ave. W., Jennifer and Keith Stevens purchased from Thomas Jovanovich for $205,000, residential, 7/22.  

511 N. 81st Ave. W., Emily August purchased from Marshall B. and Mary C. Thornton for $210,000, residential, 7/22.

4895 Arnold Road, Adam M. Kinnunen purchased from Matthew Sundberg for $236,500, residential, 7/22.

4886 Miller Trunk Highway, Skyline MN LLC purchased from Skyline Bowling Lanes Inc. for $3,000,000, commercial (with buildings), 7/22.


4886 Miller Trunk Highway, Skyline Complex LLC purchased from Skyline Bowling Lanes Inc. for $1,500,000, commercial (with buildings), 7/22. 

4207 Peabody St., Scott E. and Donna M. Hanna purchased from Kate E. Waggoner for $410,000, residential, 6/22.

3787 Lavaque Road, Prince and Rachel Singh purchased from David and Sarah S. Clausen for $707,000, residential, 6/22.

3707 London Road, Jeffrey M. and Tamara L. Rengel purchased from London East LLC for $586,331, residential, 6/22.

3338 Beech St. W., Joseph and Daelynn Armstrong purchased from Jessica I. and Darin C. Laine for $390,000, residential, 7/22.

330 Kissel Ave., Susan Lizakowski purchased from James G. Rieger for $346,527, residential, 6/22.

320 E. Superior St., Demoiselle 5 LLC purchased from Payton Sullivan for $460,000, commercial (with buildings), 7/22. 

315 E. Myrtle St., Alexis M. and Robert Zotti purchased from Matthew S. and Katie L. Bauman for $298,000, residential, 7/22.

3127 Elm Road, Donald K. and Rosalie M. Cavis purchased from Joel J. and Linda E. Bellika for $120,000, residential, 7/22.   

310 W. Central Entrance, Austyn Dagen purchased from Kelly M. and Nicholas Vittorio for $245,000, residential, 7/22.

2815 E. Superior St., Stacie and Eric Blair-Nelson purchased from David and Doris Walter for $337,120, residential, 7/22. 

2703 E. Superior St.,Samant Rumschlag and Michael Mahon purchased from Adam Pine and Rebecca De Souza for $425,000, residential, 6/22.

2506 Morris Thomas Road, James A. and Kelley Shogren purchased from Patti K. Hamilton for $303,000, residential, 7/22.

25 Oak St., John B. Klekotka purchased from Derek J. and Lynn D. Snyder for $235,000, residential, 7/22. 

221 Crestline Court, Gregory Vanderpoel purchased from David and Sherri Puckett for $175,000, residential, 7/22.

2042 Columbus Ave., Jaclyn Schultz purchased from Jacob T. and Katie E. Rodel for $350,000, residential, 6/22.  

1941 Chinook Drive, Rickey and Gloria Plaisted purchased from Ovel Gregory IV for $1,000,000, residential, 7/22.  

1926 W. First St., Block 19 LLC purchased from Northridge Accommodations LLC for $2,000,000, industrial (with buildings), 7/22.             

1215 Joshua Ave., Jacqueline and Phillip Martin purchased from Brooke E. and Cody C. Buus for $370,000, residential, 7/22.  

1115 E. 11th St., Heavin Aikey purchased from Matthew Hodge for $205,000, residential, 6/22.          

1021 W. Skyline Parkway, Mark Marxen purchased from David and Darla S. Verdin for $275,000, residential, 7/22. 

1019 W. Second St., Shelby Renoos and Jonah Lewis purchased from Michael Bjorklund for $60,000, residential, 6/22.        

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Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.