Property Transactions for Sept. 24, 2018

Duluth Property Transactions Sept. 13-19 331 102nd Ave. W., Karlie A. Howard purchased from David and Diane Ford for $130,000, residential, 9/18. 1313 102nd Ave. W., Raeanna Wangen purchased from U.S. Bank National Association for $125,000, resid...

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Duluth Property Transactions

Sept. 13-19

331 102nd Ave. W., Karlie A. Howard purchased from David and Diane Ford for $130,000, residential, 9/18.

1313 102nd Ave. W., Raeanna Wangen purchased from U.S. Bank National Association for $125,000, residential, 8/18.

1329 103rd Ave. W., Heidi R. and Matthew J. Zelasco purchased from Christopher S. Simons for $163,000, residential, 9/18.


417 N. 12th Ave. E., David R. and Debra C. Olson purchased from James and Kaylee Hamblin, et al., for $130,900, residential, 8/18.

2256 W. 13th St., Michael Collard purchased from Matthew and Keith Caines for $140,000, residential, 8/18.

103 S. 60th Ave. W., Timothy and Madalyn Pehoski purchased from Colton Allen for $98,000, residential, 9/18.

312 S. 69th Ave. W., Dawn and Livingston Faircloth Jr. purchased from Thomas J. and Christine Ojanen for $99,900, residential, 9/18.

829 87th Ave. W., Trevor Davidson purchased from Kenneth Bryan and Patricia Feltis for $142,600, residential, 9/18.

1211 92nd Ave. W., Jesse Bergman purchased from Pavcovich and Celski for $135,000, residential, 8/18.

3 N. 93rd Ave. W., Ian W. Nicks and Amanda G. Gonser purchased from Brian N. and Shannon M. Klawiter for $110,000, residential, 9/18.

1201 Anderson Road, Wendy D. Wright purchased from Joyce Strand and Paul Deputy for $200,000, residential, 9/18.


2125 Appalachian St., Chad Watczak purchased from Donald C. and Carolyn Johnson for $95,000, residential, 9/18.

2363 Apple Ridge Drive, Lynn A. Johnson purchased from Evelyn T. Kehtel for $253,500, residential, 9/18.

1008 W. Arrowhead Road, 1008 Arrow LLC purchased from Snow Properties LLC for $181,900, residential, 9/18.

168 W. Austin St., Lucas and Kari P. Spaete purchased from Corey R. Neitzert for $250,000, residential, 9/18.

49 Calvary Road, 1 LLC purchased from Kay R. Johnsen for $53,000, residential, 9/18.

2235 Catskill St., Emily Breaker purchased from Nora C. and Thomas M. Wallin Jr. for $127,000, residential, 9/18.

1006 N. Central Ave., Adam W. Johnson purchased from Peter W. and Jennifer M. Clark for $127,500, residential, 8/18.

1345 Cliff Ave., Tony M. and Jennifer E. Trenberth purchased from Jean M. Toninato for $310,000, residential, 8/18.


110 Clover St., Cody E. and Katherine A. Malone purchased from Guy and Paula Leblanc for $235,000, residential, 9/18.

329 Coffee Creek Blvd., Vernon L. Stocke, et al., purchased from D.N.J. Properties LLC for $338,552, residential - bare land, 9/18.

701 W. Dickson St., Cassie and James Stoops purchased from Bryon and Jamie Blair for $144,900, residential, 8/18.

1718 Dodge Ave., Karl and Janet Olson purchased from Bruce D. Reeves and Lisa M. Rigoni for $294,000, residential, 9/18.

1014 W. Eighth St., Gary A. and Patricia Luke purchased from Lawrence and Kim Tessier for $570,000, residential, 9/18.

5811 Elinor St., Kaitlyn Rikkola purchased from David and Deborah Lepak, et al., for $132,000, residential, 9/18.

26 England Ave., Keyshome LLC purchased from CTW Group Inc. for $14,900, residential, 8/18.

421 E. Fifth St., Hillside Views LLC purchased from 45th Avenue East Properties Inc. for $152,200, residential, 9/18.


3918 W. Fifth St., Kristie J. Draeger purchased from Larry and Karen Wisneski for $133,918, residential, 8/18.

1017 E. Fifth St., Linden Homes LLC purchased from Stephen Cismowski trust for $175,000, residential, 8/18.

1811 W. First St., TRA Enterprises LLC purchased from Hillside Views LLC for $225,000, apartment, 8/18.

923 N. Fourth Ave. E., Hanna L. Baker purchased from Christopher A. Depaulis for $155,000, residential, 9/18.

3802 E. Fourth St., Kristi Mitchell purchased from Joyce E. Anderson for $198,000, residential, 6/18.

6609 Fremont St., James J. and Erin C. Lowinski purchased from Jane and James E. Johnsen for $40,000, residential, 7/18.

111 Garden St., David and Amanda Clark purchased from Peggy Johnson for $202,500, residential, 9/18.

213 E. Gary St., Robert Swanson purchased from Troy, Lisa, Thomas and Linda Clarke for $85,000, commercial (with buildings), 9/18.


5113 Glenwood St., Kevin and Jody Purcell purchased from Matthew and Kelsi Rice for $190,000, residential, 9/18.

3410 Grand Ave., David Pocrnich and Danie Glinski purchased from Northern Property Ventures LLC for $40,000, residential, 9/18.

2304 Hanford Ave., Brian J. and Laurie H. Markes purchased from Portia Medford for $440,000, residential, 8/18.

12302 Highway 23, Cynthia and Mark Lueck purchased from William L. Sjoblom for $213,000, residential, 8/18.

914 S. Lake Ave., Thomas C. and Sara H. Gavin purchased from Robert V. and Gwen M. Erickson for $900,000, residential, 8/18.

2226 Leonard St., Brock W. and Tara D. Swenson purchased from Amy and Brent Hallback for $189,900, residential, 9/18.

4727 London Road, Bernard and Kristie Devin purchased from Timothy and Laura W. Belcastro for $213,000, residential, 8/18.

9226 Meadow St., Shevan and Michelle Weerasinghe purchased from Tarah D. Johnson for $70,000, residential, 8/18.


1126 Mesaba Ave., Bina Condo trust purchased from Sue Tierney for $265,000, residential, 8/18.

3340 Minnesota Ave., Emily Nothacker purchased from Roderick D. and Debra L. Johnson for $365,000, residential, 8/18.

301 Morley Parkway, Candace Ginsberg purchased from George T. Hanson for $299,900, residential, 9/18.

2907 Nighthawk Lane, James Patrick Development purchased from Piper One LLC for $45,000, residential - bare land, 9/18.

2907 Nighthawk Lane, Jeffrey and Amy Horton purchased from James Patrick Development for $75,500, residential - bare land, 9/18.

5210 Oakley St., Bruce and Christine Gilbertson purchased from Mark K. and Jocelyn J. Bruns for $225,000, residential, 9/18.

441 E. Oxford St., Paul S. and Debra J. Ehmann purchased from Lewis Cranberry Co. for $220,400, residential, 9/18.

2515 Peace Drive, Matthew Paulson and Tiffany Joki purchased from Todd C. and Tracy D. Perry for $291,500, residential, 9/18.

2420 Piedmont Ave., Matthew K. Steffen purchased from Lanaya J. Bonogofsky for $140,000, residential, 9/18.

4026 Pitt St., Dylan M. Burich purchased from Jon W. and Wanda E. Denzer for $210,000, residential, 8/18.

4323 Pitt St., Samuel J. and Kathryn R. Anderson purchased from Paul S. and Kathleen B. Schilling for $212,900, residential, 9/18.

407 Pleasant View Road, Kurt A. and Jacquelyn Savela purchased from Michael and Mara L. Koivisto for $332,500, residential, 9/18.

6710 Polk St., Forest J. Hulter purchased from Abigail Gilbertson for $134,900, residential, 9/18.

1015 Redbud St., Theresa A. and Lawrence Sommer II purchased from Jason L. Serck for $254,900, residential, 9/18.

3069 Restormel St., Erica L. Coons purchased from Colleen J. McDonald for $96,000, residential, 9/18.

2713 E. Second St., Nathaniel and Rachel Moline purchased from Dirk O. and Paula A. Meyer for $328,000, residential, 9/18.

1516 N. Seventh Ave. E., Brian Berget and Andrea Deckert purchased from Joseph R. and Marissa J. Berger for $151,250, residential, 8/18.

2018 W. Seventh St., Laurie Newland purchased from Debra L. Johnson for $329,900, residential, 8/18.

4431 W. Sixth St., Jody and Jacob Dobosenski purchased from Gary T. and Mary J. Lepisto for $140,000, residential, 9/18.

1717 E. Sixth St., Samuel Popham, et al., purchased from Geralyn B. and David Hendrickson for $142,000, residential, 8/18.

5422 E. Superior St., Shawn Sands purchased from Shayne G. Downey for $218,000, residential, 8/18.

512 N. Third Ave. E., Eat Your Kimchi LLC purchased from Al M. Cismowski trust for $25,000, residential, 9/18.

2128 W. Third St., CJ Realty Group LLC purchased from Betty and Timothy Stauffenecker for $63,910, residential, 8/18.

2115 E. Third St., Elissa L. Hansen and Jon Loss purchased from Jessica A. and Sara B. Dykhuis for $260,000, residential, 8/18.

1822 W. Third St., L.C. and C.W. Berg and E.D. and J.S. Kleinberg purchased from Cherie L. Ulvi and Robert Barden for $99,900, residential, 9/18.

2304 E. Third St., Laurence and Alissas Oleksa purchased from Allison and Vanta Coda II for $578,000, residential, 9/18.

1010 W. Third St., Lindi Carlson and Michael Steffes purchased from Mark and Diane MacDonald for $158,850, residential, 8/18.

2701 W. Third St., Ragnarok Group LLC purchased from Spirit of God Lutheran Church for $215,000, 8/18.

2117 W. Third St., Twin Ports Investment LLC purchased from K4K LLC for $2,000, residential - bare land, 8/18.

3161 Vernon St., Blaine Campbell and Carissa Carl purchased from Brett H. and Carmen L. Campbell for $90,000, residential, 9/18.

8211 Vinland St., Judith H. Peterson purchased from Casidy C. Van Puymbrouck for $158,000, residential, 9/18.

806 Voss Ave., Dave Kisch purchased from Homes By Witt LLC for $109,000, residential, 8/18.

806 Voss Ave., Homes By Witt LLC purchased from Dave Kisch LLC for $109,000, residential, 8/18.

12630 Water St., Rebecca Merdan purchased from John R. and Kay A. Palkie for $195,000, residential, 8/18.

346 W. Winona St., Linda Bashaw purchased from John J. Day and Monica L. Roth for $210,000, residential, 9/18.

4414 Woodland Ave., Shyler R. and Jasmine N. Gasman purchased Nancy J. and Clifford E. Crosby Jr. for $225,000, residential, 8/18.

Residential bare land, Troy and Debra Swanson purchased from Swift County 153 Partnership for $62,500, residential - bare land, 9/18.

Bare land, Brian E. Keller purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $2,150, 9/18.

Bare land, Nickolas and Kristen Meyer-Fladwood purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $492, exempt from property tax, 7/18.

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