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Property Transactions for Sept. 21, 2022

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.                    

2726 W. 12th St., Wayne and Katharine S. Bogen purchased from Regina M. Dalbec for $404,000, residential, 6/22.

2717 N. 22nd Ave. W., Haley Paulson purchased from Grace Romanek for $190,000, residential, 6/22.

1515 N. 42nd Ave. E., Hanna M. and Scott D. Wright purchased from Jordy and Deborah Sargent for $520,000, residential, 6/22.              

406 N. 43rd Ave. W., Tyler Vane purchased from Kjirsten E. and James L. Mickesh for $225,000, residential, 7/22.


428 N. 43rd Ave. W., Vanessa Johnson purchased from Daniel Anderson for $139,900, residential, 7/22. 

120 E. Arrowhead Road, Kathryn Wetherille purchased from Katherine A. Ahlgren for $335,000, residential, 6/22.

5458 W. Arrowhead Road, Matthew Hodge purchased from Nicholas D. and Nicole Veech for $375,000, residential, 6/22. 

8532 Beverly St., Mariana and Derek Donahue purchased from D & B Ventures LLC for $277,500, residential, 7/22. 

110 Chester Parkway, Rebecca A. and Julian T. Noble purchased from Victoria A. Tracy for $225,000, residential, 7/22. 

326 E. Chisholm St., Emelia S. and Taylor Snoozy purchased from Barry L. Peterson for $420,000, residential, 6/22.

312 Coffee Creek Boulevard, A. and S. Somi-Gbadamosi purchased from Nathan Soumis for $463,500, residential, 6/22.

5607 W. Eighth St., Lurinda D. Davis purchased from Reed and Meagan Elling for $343,000, residential, 6/22.


707 W. Fifth St., Kerry Dusen and Tracey Van Gibben purchased from Nancy Paisley for $170,000, residential, 6/22. 

4430 Gladstone St., Parker and Nicole Olson purchased from Arlene R. Gressman for $338,000, residential, 6/22.

4715 Glenwood St., Andrew S. and Holly S. Filkins purchased from Joann Kovach for $305,000, residential, 6/22.

608 Glenwood St., Jacob R. Payne and V.K. Amanda purchased from Patrick S. and Kelly D. Bienusa for $378,500, residential, 6/22.    

3813 Haines Road, Robin Olson purchased from Emily and Andrew Dillenburg for $275,000, residential, 6/22. 

4715 Kolstad Ave., Darby and Patrick Potswald purchased from Nicki Engeseth for $260,000, residential, 6/22. 

4286 Lavaque Road, BGRS Relocation Inc. purchased from Derrick and Angela Lee-Lo for $399,900, residential, 6/22. 

4286 Lavaque Road, Zackary and Nicole Joswiak purchased from BGRS Relocation Inc. for $399,900, residential, 6/22. 


3705 London Road, Keri and Scot Jenkins purchased from London East LLC for $622,000, residential, 6/22. 

906 Madison Ave., Rodney and Jacqueline Centers Trust purchased from Susan, Casey and Douglas Bruggeman for $255,250, residential, 7/22. 

826 Maple Bend Drive, Allyson J. Gronseth purchased from Travis Doyle for $310,000, residential, 7/22. 

4358 Martin Road, Christian Leabo purchased from Justin T. and Carrie Dittmar for $305,000, residential, 5/22.  

2113 Miller Creek Drive, Gerlinde and Larry Schnortz purchased from Carole McLaughlin for $264,400, residential, 6/22. 

1439 Minnesota Ave., Christine Maier and A. Latimore purchased from Renae Harmoning for $360,000, residential, 6/22.

2835 Morris Thomas Road, Rebecca Orlowski and Lincoln Prout purchased from Patrick C. and Darby Potswald for $205,000, residential, 6/22. 

915 Northland Ave., Jeffrey D. Spry purchased from Cindy M. Jamar for $432,500, residential, 7/22. 

5131 Otsego St., Adam Tracy and Ashley Tiegen purchased from Charles and Janelle L. Dahl for $356,000, residential, 6/22.  

1714 Piedmont Ave., Alycia and Christopher Hughes purchased from Laurie J. and Dale B. Paszak for $190,000, residential, 6/22.         

4718 Pitt St., Jason and Katherine N. Deshaw purchased from K. and J. Lofstuen and C. and J. Kuyava, et al. for $300,000, residential, 6/22.

617 N. Second Ave., Samantha Hellesvig and Derek Nelson purchased from Duane Carl Nyman Rev Trust for $255,000, residential, 6/22.              

2731 E. Seventh St., Wesley and Laura Bickler purchased from Kale Glynn and Leah Deyo for $412,000, residential, 6/22. 

808 N. Sixth Ave. E., Housing & Redevelopment Authority purchased from Estate of Chester Eric Mulliga for $30,000, residential, 6/22.                

808 N. Sixth Ave. E., Housing & Redevelopment Authority purchased from Donna K. Anderson for $30,000, residential, 6/22. 

112 E. Winona St., Heidi Swanson purchased from Daniel E. and Kimberly Sarvi for $221,000, residential, 6/22.

5415 Wyoming St., Lacey L. Korkalo purchased from Jessica and Matthew J. Lindquist for $265,000, residential, 7/22. 

Address unassigned, The Joan L. A. Little purchased from Cynthia Donner and Carl Gawboy for $340,000, residential, 7/22.

Residential bare land, Leonard Ferguson purchased from Derek Medved for $45,000, residential - bare land, 7/22.     

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