Property Transactions for Oct. 15, 2018

Duluth Property Transactions Oct. 4-10 1116 104th Ave. W., Benjamin Nicklay and Hannah Ramage purchased from Derek Medved for $115,000, residential, 10/18. 619 N. 18th Ave. E., Niagara Tribus LLC purchased from Chad E. Salmela for $147,500, resid...

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Duluth Property Transactions

Oct. 4-10

1116 104th Ave. W., Benjamin Nicklay and Hannah Ramage purchased from Derek Medved for $115,000, residential, 10/18.

619 N. 18th Ave. E., Niagara Tribus LLC purchased from Chad E. Salmela for $147,500, residential, 9/18.

220 N. 36th Ave. E., Kristofer Parson and N. Klettenberg purchased from Daniel F. Hsiao for $275,000, residential, 9/18.


1022 N. 56th Ave. W., Andrew Larson purchased from Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association for $76,500, residential, 9/18.

502 S. 63rd Ave. W., Ingrid and Daniel Franklin purchased from Robert Opheim for $104,000, residential, 9/18.

30 Calvary Road, Peter M. and Debbie L. Dryke purchased from Lowell T. and Lori A. Lyons for $125,000, residential, 10/18.

2323 Catskill St., Sean and Cora Dinneen purchased from Theresa Larson for $211,500, residential, 9/18.

311 N. Central Ave., William Voelk purchased from Linda Russell for $100,000, commercial (with buildings), 7/18.

1114 Chester Park Drive, Carl P. Rasmussen and Angela Hummel purchased from Thomas L. and Jacqueline W. Holstrom for $390,000, residential, 8/18.

5809 Cody St., James R. Kehtel purchased from Maryann Marshall trust for $45,000, residential, 10/18.

302 Coffee Creek Blvd., Edward L. and Kathryn A. Koch purchased from Legacy Custom Homes Inc. for $412,000, residential, 8/18.


8925 Congdon Blvd., Mark Edgette and Abby Seachrist purchased from Scott B. Carrasca for $357,500, residential, 10/18.

3330 Decker Road, Daniel J. Thorstensen purchased from Nathan P. and Andrea C. Miller for $216,000, residential, 9/18.

1625 Dodge Ave., Carl P. Provost III purchased from Carol Reimer for $226,500, residential, 9/18.

208 W. Faribault St., Amanda and Dustin Ralston purchased from Angie and Nicholas Granmoe Hassett for $169,900, residential, 9/18.

2727 E. Fifth St., Karen K. Peterson purchased from Joleen M. Finken and Mark T. Eginton for $415,000, residential, 9/18.

1801 W. First St., Urban and Suburban Properties purchased from Larson Properties of Duluth LLC for $68,734, apartment, 9/18.

723 W. Fourth St., Jerry Siptroth purchased from Frank R. Olsen for $132,000, residential, 9/18.

306 W. Gary St., Dewayne and Carol Torfin purchased from Joseph and Shirley Balach for $180,000, residential, 9/18.


3721 Grand Ave., Adam Swor purchased from Neil J. Evans for $80,000, residential, 8/18.

2210 Hillcrest Drive, Susan Duckworth purchased from Carlissa S. Nyman for $150,300, residential, 9/18.

1740 Lakeview Drive, Daniel J. Doohen purchased from the trustees of the Alfred E. M. France trust for $425,000, residential, 9/18.

9134 Lawn St., Autumn Sawyer purchased from Barbara J. Parks for $132,000, residential, 10/18.

4315 Lombard St., Daryl L. And Gloria J. Kaberle purchased from Beverly A. Haugejorde for $235,000, residential, 9/18.

6211 Main St., Trinh Duong purchased from Jon E. and Angela J. Johnson for $130,000, residential, 9/18.

1301 Mall Drive, Northstar Investments LLC purchased from Blue Fjord LLC for $2,300,000, commercial (with buildings), 10/18.

128 E. Mankato St., Luke Renier purchased from Daniel J. Kamp for $235,000, residential, 9/18.


709 Martha St., Jordan Villebrun purchased from Julie A. Szybczynski for $155,000, residential, 9/18.

1400 Maryland St., Jacob Vatthauer purchased from Corey A. Keuten and Tina M. Fremling for $142,000, residential, 10/18.

4509 McCulloch St., Mark Hutchins and Alexis Berke purchased from Nichele and Gregory P. Canavan for $200,000, residential, 9/18.

924 E. Ninth St., Dustin Shearer purchased from Jeffrey and Michelle McConnell for $149,900, residential, 9/18.

115 Northfield St., Mark W. Witzman and Kayla M. Mesia purchased from Kevin Welsh for $213,500, residential, 9/18.

5319 Oakley St., Matthew A.E. and Bethany Jacob purchased from Kristofor Parson and N. Klettenberg for $167,000, residential, 9/18.

302 W. Owatonna St., Jon W. and Wanda E. Denzer purchased from Valerie Fernjack for $162,500, residential, 8/18.

135 W. Owatonna St., William S. Engelking purchased from Brigitta H. and Trevor D. Keyler for $216,900, residential, 9/18.


2916 Palisade Drive, Jeremiah W. and Shannon Rindahl purchased from John A. Stauber for $425,000, residential, 10/18.

523 W. Redwing St., Dawn K. and Hannan Mellesmoen purchased from Thomas E. and Gail Meister for $239,900, residential, 9/18.

2316 W. Seventh St., Justin P. and Julia Lee purchased from Ryan Callahan for $143,000, residential, 9/18.

3826 W. Sixth St., Gregory B. Kent purchased from Premier Three Developers Inc. for $84,000, residential, 10/18.

5804 Tioga St., Zenith City Design and Renovations purchased from Casey D. Marshall for $105,000, residential, 9/18.

322 W. Wabasha St., Lyn Lokken and George Stone purchased from Harold and Lynn Nelson for $144,800, residential, 10/18.

124 Waverly Place, Lorelei and Michael Vincent purchased from Alan E. and Charlotte A. Bouts for $329,500, residential, 8/18.

Address unassigned, Debra K. and Edward T. Warner purchased from Energy Solaire LLC for $530,000, residential, 10/18.


Address unassigned, Floyd S. and Patricia A. Carlson purchased from James P. and Carole R. Huff for $172,500, residential, 10/18.

Address unassigned, Jerry Payette purchased from Angela and Peter Olsen for $600,000, residential, 9/18.

Residential bare land, Christopher and Jodi Anderson purchased from Loren and Deanna Johnston for $25,000, residential - bare land, 9/18.

Residential bare land, D.N.J. Properties LLC purchased from Menard Inc., A Wisconsin Corporation for $65,000, residential - bare land, 10/18.

Residential bare land, Daniel and Lonyll Lackore purchased from Michael and Teresa Kryston for $68,000, residential - bare land, 9/18.

Residential bare land, Jerel Fineout purchased from Ronald L. Malkin trust for $3,900, residential - bare land, 8/18.

Residential bare land, Thomas D. and Sandra M. Ehle purchased from Mark W. Wick for $10,000, residential - bare land, 9/18.

Bare land, Nathan P. Hynum purchased from St. Louis County for $8,600, exempt from property tax, 7/18.

Bare land, NCN Properties LLC purchased from L & J Properties Duluth LLC for $105,000, commercial (with buildings), 10/18.

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