Property Transactions for Nov. 9, 2022

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.    

Residential bare land, Sandra Thornton and McKenzie Chri purchased from Daniel R. and Kamolpak Williams for $55,000, residential - bare land, 8/22.

Residential bare land, Joseph A. and Charlene T. Gallian purchased from Richard K. and Bonnie J. Johnson for $12,000, residential - bare land, 7/22.

Residential bare land, Ebony Sherman purchased from David R. Lax and Keira Youngblom for $150,000, residential - bare land, 8/22.

Residential bare land, Earl and Isaac Sullivan purchased from P. and K. Carter and K. M. Carter-Attia for $60,000, residential - bare land, 7/22.


Residential bare land, AF Real Estate Services purchased from Adnan and Colleen Shati for $20,000, residential - bare land, 8/22.

Bare land, Rendfield Land Company Inc. purchased from Luann Lennartson for $800,000, bare land, 7/22.

Bare land, Housing & Redevelopment Authority purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Dept. for $12,360, exempt from property tax, 6/22.

Bare land, Gail A. and Donald R. Barry purchased from Tammy and John Schmid for $49,500, bare land, 7/22.

Bare land, Alexis Dupuy purchased from A-lign Properties LLC for $449,900, apartment, 7/22.

Address unassigned, Erik P. and Denise L. Kaitala purchased from 311 Superior Homeowner's Assoc. for $56,000, residential, 7/22.

925 E. Fifth St., Michael Latterell purchased from Douglas J. Anderson for $174,900, residential, 8/22.

8427 Vinland St., Jennifer Snyder and Jason Swenson purchased from Elizabeth Maeder for $287,200, residential, 8/22.


731 S. 63rd Ave. W., Shaun and Ellen Hansen purchased from Susannah Myers for $165,000, residential, 8/22.

605 Boulevard Place, Rachel J. Stoddard purchased from Megan O. Martin for $249,900, residential, 8/22.

5406 Glendale St., Ben Anderson purchased from Jayme and Meghan Timm for $327,000, residential, 8/22.

5230 Otsego St., David Anderson and Madeline Frick purchased from Judith M. Wick for $300,000, residential, 8/22.

4353 Kingston Road, William and Elizabeth G. Ortman purchased from Christopher M. and Emily B. James for $325,000, residential, 7/22.

3968 Sterling Pond Place, Sivi Krothapalli and Vani Movva purchased from Ricky and Gloria Plaisted for $699,000, residential, 7/22.

3726 Grand Ave., Daniel and Holly Elnes purchased from Jeffrey Tollefson for $136,900, residential, 7/22.

3215 Vernon St., Cassandra Rockers and Dyl Russell purchased from Christine and Joshua Cordle for $185,000, residential, 8/22.


3026 E. First St., Matthew Schu and Sarah J. Nelson purchased from Melanie A. Wilson and Todd Major for $525,000, residential, 8/22.

2983 Roberg Road, James and Eric Schmidt and L. Simpson purchased from Barry D. and Beth A. Bigelow for $409,000, residential, 8/22.

2763 Wellington St., Emily Atwater purchased from Erica J. and Lon A. Hanson for $139,900, residential, 8/22.

2628 W. Third St., CLB Real Estate Investments LLC purchased from Trevor Billings for $145,000, residential, 7/22.

2601 E. Sixth St., Michael and Sarah Petry purchased from Pamela Landsteiner Mundell for $985,000, residential, 7/22.

2501 W. Skyline Parkway, Elizabeth Prosnick purchased from Eltgroth, Northey, Bauler for $236,000, residential, 7/22.

25 N. 64th Ave. W., Tommie and Tamika Baker purchased from Esther Schroeder for $230,000, residential, 8/22.

2331 W. Superior St., 4GRC LLC purchased from Richard S. Luck and Jack Gartner for $475,000, commercial (with buildings), 8/22.

2302 W. Second St., Grace Place LLC purchased from Northland Reentry Inc. for $200,000, residential, 7/22.

225 N. 54th Ave. E., Cindy and Patrick Tranvik purchased from Liudmila Y. Landstrom for $170,000, residential, 8/22.

215 Montauk Lane, Nathan and Shalese Kunzler purchased from Samuel and Jennifer Farnham for $600,000, residential, 7/22.

2104 Ponderosa Ave., Casey and Brienna Newton purchased from Brooks S. and Patrice M. Beede for $585,000, residential, 8/22.

207 W. Morgan St., Harland H. Rothwell purchased from Cheri Bushman for $302,000, residential, 7/22.

1434 Cliff Ave., Katie Joseph-Johnson purchased from Gerald Sandvick and Lynda Lund for $466,000, residential, 7/22.

1412 108th Ave. W., Joseph A. Reller purchased from T. and S. Pirkola and B. Bernhardt for $156,000, residential, 8/22.

141 W. Redwing St., Danielle Lindberg purchased from Cecelia and Cody L. Backman for $250,000, residential, 7/22.

1401 N. Central Ave., Robert and Monica Baladad purchased from Michael Hickey for $170,000, residential, 8/22.

1301 Eklund Ave., Janelle and Jayden Aili purchased from Emily and Derek Storbeck for $170,000, residential, 8/22.

1143 Como Ave., Alyce and Charles Payment purchased from Constance Y. Murphy for $350,000, residential, 8/22.

1123 Valley Drive, Bradley W. and Joanna B. Iwen purchased from Anna Gavrilova and David Fukes for $560,000, residential, 8/22.

1119 Denney Drive, Kate and Paul Drevnick purchased from Michael Bernstein and Court Stein for $790,000, residential, 8/22.

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