Property Transactions for Nov. 30, 2022

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.  

Residential bare land, Matthew and Alice Torvinen purchased from Jeffrey A. Hammerlind for $18,500, residential - bare land, 9/22.

Bare land, Joseph Nelson purchased from James and Kristin Ulland for $65,000, bare land, 8/22.

Bare land, Spencer Bird purchased from William L. and Karen Tormondsen for $69,900, bare land, 9/22.

Address unassigned, Andrea Olson and Michael Yount purchased from W. and J. Kubat Family Trust for $245,000, residential, 8/22.


9230 Falcon St., Michael T. and Kathleen L. Tusken purchased from Betty A. Miller for $202,500, residential, 8/22.

9131 Brook St., Richard K. and Jodie A. Johnson purchased from The Bank of New York Mellon for $80,000, residential, 9/22.

906 Baylis St., Sharon Mehrman purchased from Lanita C. Robinson for $275,000, residential, 9/22.

8726 Arbor St., Superior Developing LLC purchased from Loretta C. Busch for $125,000, residential, 9/22.

835 N. 42nd Ave. W., Nawang Palkit and Benjami Andres purchased from Linda A. and Stanley D. Carroll for $138,000, residential, 9/22.

819 N. 40th Ave. W., Melissa Kruger purchased from Tara K. Graff and Thomas Lea for $150,000, residential, 8/22.

807 E. Sixth St., Quaintrelle Endeavors LLC purchased from Zenith City Design and Renovation for $114,500, residential, 8/22.

807 First St., Stephanie and Marc Kujawa Sr. purchased from Patricia Card for $250,000, residential, 9/22.


7416 Mineral St., Jon and Teri Linder purchased from Terrance and Nancy Mehling for $135,000, residential, 9/22.

729 N. Eighth Ave. E., Jeffrey and Julie Rogers purchased from 1213 Capital LLC for $186,000, residential, 8/22.

719 Fifth St., Ronald C. and Ramona C. Jauhola purchased from Amanda Fiege and Lee Lafrance for $167,000, residential, 8/22.

630 N. 18th Ave. E., Taggart Properties LLC purchased from Corrine Jacobson for $185,000, residential, 9/22.

5859 Arnold Road, Mark A. and Stephanie Hiivala purchased from Robert and Marjorie Kaufer for $575,000, residential, 9/22.

5726 Tioga St., Spencer P. and Chantel Chenoweth purchased from Michael T. and Susan M. Wipson for $325,000, residential, 9/22.

5717 Olney St., Samantha Kritzeck purchased from Miguel and Renee Benitez for $245,000, residential, 8/22.

5677 N. Tischer Road, Mallory Glaser purchased from Adriana Soeters for $300,000, residential, 9/22.


5581 Highway 2, Tim Little and Craig Chilcote purchased from Daniel and Sheila Beleane for $80,000, residential, 9/22.

5581 Highway 2, Tim Little and Craig Chilcote purchased from Aaron Dandrea and Nicole Jensen for $72,500, residential, 9/22.

5428 W. Arrowhead Road, Clay L. and Katrina R. Zimmerman purchased from Dean R. and Rashell L. Luoma for $520,000, residential, 8/22.

5417 Otsego St., Zachary Moran purchased from Lynne and Daniel Reilly for $165,000, residential, 8/22.

5366 W. Arrowhead Road, Premaladha and Prash Poddutoori purchased from Marilyn and David Chiarello Jr. for $535,000, residential, 8/22.

5307 Peregrine Circle, Joseph Schmit and Sarah George purchased from Steven and Mary Stromback for $602,000, residential, 9/22.

529 W. Third St., Casey R. Erickson purchased from Jason Horton and Bethany Bushne for $80,000, residential, 9/22.

519 Glenwood St., David and Krisitn Nelson purchased from Jim and Lisa Starr for $250,100, residential, 9/22.

510 Pleasant View Road, Lauralee Raukar and John Cade purchased from Allan G. and Margaret C. Hanson for $384,900, residential, 9/22.

5015 Silver Leaf St., Curtis and Megan Drommerhausen purchased from Jason and Holly Lozano for $645,000, residential, 9/22.

501 W. Redwing St., Forrest Musick purchased from The Lawrence and Claudine Hans for $295,555, residential, 8/22.

5 N. 23rd Ave. E., Loren and Ashley Auch purchased from FJR Properties LLC for $826,000, apartment, 8/22.

4946 Whitetail Drive, Jonathan and Jacqueline Biddle purchased from Patrick and Dana Wolf for $560,000, residential, 9/22.

4915 Peabody St., Northern Property Ventures LLC purchased from Craig L. and Pamela J. Massie for $153,000, residential, 9/22.

4912 Hedberg Road, Ryan Sistad purchased from Kyle Waliezer and Teresa Kaufman for $70,000, residential, 9/22.

4802 Glenwood St., Mary and Ailie Davidson purchased from The Ilona D. Wirtanen Revocable Trust for $199,000, residential, 8/22.

4724 Tioga St., Ari Investment Properties LLC purchased from Mary Vanhouse for $265,000, residential, 8/22.

4720 Otsego St., Aiko Sprecher purchased from Ari Eiola and Pete Froehlingsdorf for $289,900, residential, 9/22.

4670 Midway Road, High Point Holdings LLC purchased from Bonnie Frey for $316,000, residential, 8/22.

4622 W. Fifth St., Barry and Roberta Collins purchased from Brian A. and Lauren E. Anderson for $226,000, residential, 8/22.

4602 Tioga St., Gina S. and Brandon A. Cole purchased from Robert Ward for $374,250, residential, 9/22.

426 St. Louis River Road, Elizabeth A. Maeder purchased from Kenneth H. and Valerie Wojtysiak for $502,500, residential, 8/22.

4214 Vermilion Road, Paul W. and Brianna M. Schaus purchased from Brice M. Wizner and Jese Konkler for $281,000, residential, 9/22.

4211 Robinson St., Andrew Kiekhafer and Brian Belanger purchased from Brandon and Katherine Hall for $435,000, residential, 8/22.

421 N. 19 1/2 Ave. W., James and Meghan Hayes-Hall purchased from Natasha Vanlieshout for $182,000, residential, 8/22.

4123 Gilliat St., Michaela C. and Daniel T. Doyle purchased from James D. Rutherford for $153,000, residential, 9/22.

4121 Dodge St., John Oyler and Michelle Yang purchased from Geving Living Trust Dated November for $310,000, residential, 8/22.

4081 Lavaque Road, Jade and Lonnie Golen purchased from Stacie and Mark Lockhart for $400,000, residential, 8/22.

406 95th Ave. W., Lane Greer purchased from Shawn and Melody Johnson for $259,900, residential, 8/22.

4042 Haines Road, Carolyn Lamppa purchased from Julius P. and Darlene M. Johnson for $325,000, residential, 9/22.

3905 W. Sixth St., Redeeming Homes LLC purchased from Rayna Fitzsimmons for $75,000, residential, 9/22.

3609 Crescent View Ave., Joshua and Amy Allen purchased from Mark H. and Nicola J. Berns for $455,000, residential, 9/22.

3502 Woodland Ave., John E. and Kimberly Rowe purchased from Cheryl R. Olson for $215,000, residential, 8/22.

325 Hickory St., Richard and Ronene Smith purchased from Mildred M. Kallio for $338,000, residential, 9/22.

3225 Celia St., Abigail Legg and Brandon Crusann purchased from Mary Kero for $282,000, residential, 8/22.

3217 Chestnut St., Guojin Yue purchased from Robert and Judy A. Nisbet for $40,000, residential, 8/22.

320 N. 27th Ave. W., Redeeming Homes LLC purchased from Rent Check LLC for $100,000, residential, 7/22.

313 W. Superior St., Momentum Properties LLC purchased from Titan Premier Investments II for $450,000, commercial (with buildings), 8/22.

31 W. Palm St., Trista K. Boedigheimer purchased from Lonny J. and Susan K. Anderson for $194,000, residential, 9/22.

3015 Piedmont Ave., Erin Lee purchased from Terese Perich for $222,000, residential, 9/22.

3010 Devonshire St., Tyler and Amity Olson purchased from Delilah D. Lukkasson for $160,000, residential, 9/22.

3 W. Superior St., Minnesota Property Investments purchased from Alex Ander Properties LLC for $1,325,000, residential, 8/22.

2929 Acquire Lane, Benjamin Fazedin and Marl Weikle purchased from Richard A. and Mary C. Peterson for $300,000, residential, 8/22.

2915 W. 15th St., Sue Mollner and Steven Kirkhorn purchased from Denis J. and Marshell Gauthier for $710,000, residential, 8/22.

2901 Exeter St., Paul Metsa and Keith Balke purchased from Kimberly and Marty Priem and Truman et al for $225,000, residential, 7/22.

2720 E. Sixth St., Peter Wilton and Jennifer Holle purchased from Chabot, Deans, Tollefson, et al for $655,000, residential, 8/22.

2716 W. 10th St., 915 North 27th Avenue West LLC purchased from Mike Rushton for $40,000, residential, 9/22.

2613 W. Second St., Nicole M. Houle purchased from Susan Dougherty for $160,000, residential, 9/22.

243 Garden St., Britta Keenan and Scott Beard purchased from William and Judith Marko for $275,000, residential, 9/22.

2421 Chambersburg Ave., Jordan Taylor purchased from Timothy J. Crossmon for $190,000, residential, 8/22.

2327 Silcox Ave., Wendy R. Fisher purchased from Kenneth J. Waldvogel and Ly Anh for $399,000, residential, 8/22.

231 W. Winona St., Perry Andrews purchased from Emily Miketin for $297,000, residential, 8/22.

23 W. Orange St., John Williams purchased from Scott Brunette for $303,000, residential, 9/22.

2233 W. 12th St., Geoffrey G. Rich purchased from Sarah B. Falwey for $170,000, residential, 8/22.

2204 Springvale Court, Nicholas and Morgan Stephan purchased from Barbara Kanuit for $210,000, residential, 8/22.

214 Bluffs Ridge Court, Ari Eilola and Pete Froehlingsdorf purchased from Carolyn Lamppa for $375,000, residential, 9/22.

211 S. 66th Ave. W., Isaac and Jewel Hemmila purchased from Duane Olsen for $129,900, residential, 8/22.

21 W. Linden St., Kaitlin and Andrew Buchheit purchased from Bjorn J. Carlson for $260,000, residential, 9/22.

208 S. 59th Ave. W., Kurt Askelin purchased from Housing and Redevelopment Authority for $40,000, residential, 8/22.

2024 Water St., Raymond J. Collopy purchased from Tammy S. Lundstrom for $630,000, residential, 8/22.

1920 Shilhon Road, Jon Hiivala purchased from Marlin and Anna Nelson for $30,000, residential, 8/22.

1815 Vermilion Road, Patricia Tripp and William J. Cox purchased from Matthew C. Schu and Sarah Nelson for $337,200, residential, 9/22.

18 Piedmont Ave., Nate Erichsrud purchased from Willow View Investments LLC for $170,000, residential, 9/22.

17 St. Louis Court, Andrew Stukel purchased from Kaleb and Zoe Montgomery for $196,000, residential, 9/22.

1415 Brainerd Ave., Julie A. Bellehumeur purchased from Julie M. Ottosen for $377,000, residential, 8/22.

140 E. Buffalo St., Joseph and Elizabeth Warttman purchased from Paul Wilson and Ping Zhao for $252,000, residential, 8/22.

1341 Fern Ave., Alexandra Reynolds purchased from Mitchell and Ellen Wiss for $187,800, residential, 8/22.

125 N. Ninth Ave. E., Gloria and Steven Wagner purchased from Therese and Keith Bower for $247,500, residential, 9/22.

1215 E. 10th St., Grant Neitzel purchased from James F. Paquette for $315,000, residential, 8/22.

1106 Butternut Ave., The Eugene A. Collard Revocable Trust purchased from Larry H. and Patricia J. Duncan for $430,000, residential, 9/22.

1105 W. Ideal St., William J. and Patricia L. Miller purchased from Todd, Arlen, Leigh Burt et al for $97,500, residential, 9/22.

1102 E. Fourth St., Proper Properties LLC purchased from Pinewood-Duluth Inc. for $692,000, exempt from property tax, 9/22.

105 S. Boundary Ave., Colton Boettcher purchased from John L. and Joan McGaver for $258,000, residential, 9/22.

1010 E. Sixth St., Opak LLC purchased from Marliss A. Westenfield Trust Agent for $195,000, residential, 8/22.

1001 E. Central Entrance, SB Squared LLC purchased from The Heenan Consultancy LLC for $704,000, commercial (with buildings), 8/22.

1 Spring St., Ashley A. McKowski purchased from Debra A. and Kenneth A. McKowski for $102,000, residential, 9/22.

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