Property Transactions for Nov. 2, 2022

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.    

Residential bare land, Rothland Group LLC purchased from Shelley Black for $14,250, residential - bare land, 8/22.

Residential bare land, Real Estate Development Service purchased from St. Louis County for $3,399, residential - bare land, 8/22.

Residential bare land, Jon M. and Linda L. Harrison purchased from Cami S. and Anthony E. Boen for $40,000, residential - bare land, 8/22.

Residential bare land, Festies Inc. purchased from Kingwood Company, a Trust for $33,000, residential - bare land, 6/22.


Residential bare land, Doug Anderson purchased from Garret S. and Katie L. Nelson for $31,500, residential - bare land, 8/22.

Residential bare land, Charles and Laura Plewa purchased from Rothland Group LLC for $18,000, residential - bare land, 8/22.

Residential bare land, Brickhouse Real Estate Investments purchased from for $4,717, residential - bare land, 7/22.

Residential bare land, American Indian Community Housing purchased from DW Jones Inc. for $75,000, residential - bare land, 8/22.

Bare land, Michael A. and Destini L. Sandlin purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Department for $47,000, bare land, 8/22.

Bare land, Amber and Derek Eckstrom purchased from Joshua Ward for $195,000, bare land, 6/22.

Address unassigned, Ross and Karen Kunzler purchased from Diane N. and Robert G. Johnson for $378,000, residential, 8/22.

Address unassigned, Nationstar Mortgage LLC purchased from Anden D. Tesser for $43,412, residential, 8/22.


Address unassigned, Elizabeth and Jason Chiang purchased from Kurt A. Galchus for $525,000, residential, 8/22.

926 N. 14th Ave. E., One Roof Community Housing purchased from Gerald Byers for $120,000, residential, 7/22.

823 N. 11th Ave. E., Portland Land Co. LLC purchased from Manny Rivas for $127,000, residential, 7/22.

723 N. Eighth Ave. E., Homes By Witt LLC DBA C4D Crew purchased from Rent Check LLC for $110,000, residential, 7/22.

723 N. Eighth Ave. E., Peter, Derek and Andre Hussey purchased from Rent Check Llc for $87,500, residential, 7/22.

717 N. 2nd Ave., Monica Binder purchased from Lori and David Theis for $213,000, residential, 7/22.

706 Woodland Ave., Jessica Bade and Christopher Monk purchased from Sandra and Leslie Weibye for $432,000, residential, 7/22.

6223 Tacony St., Benjamin and Erin Fonville purchased from Linnea Wiita for $213,000, residential, 8/22.


6011 Bristol St., Nicole and Bradley Johnson purchased from Tanya M. and Ryan Templer for $212,500, residential, 8/22.

5915 N. Tischer Road, Jennifer and Mat Stafford-Faris purchased from Richard and Faye Fisher for $392,000, residential, 8/22.

5778 W. Arrowhead Road, Glenden and Alyssa Burr purchased from Ronald J. and Karen A. Kucza for $505,000, residential, 8/22.

5520 Morris Thomas Road, Connor J. Kalenowski purchased from Joseph C. Kalenowski for $340,000, residential, 7/22.

5423 Lakewood Road, Mariah and Sean Dorow purchased from Alexandra E. Jones and Colin Marx for $157,000, residential, 8/22.

5356 Greenwood Road, Andrew and Megan Muonio purchased from Hosanna I. and Robert N. Termaat for $238,000, residential, 7/22.

5332 Kingston St., Mitchell Holt and Francis Mary purchased from Sarah Ziring and Timothy Traynor for $550,000, residential, 8/22.

525 N. 17th Ave. E., Michael J. Rice purchased from Daniel P. Baumgartner for $235,000, residential, 8/22.

5201 Wyoming St., Danny Johnston purchased from Timothy G. and Petra Kincheloe for $278,000, residential, 8/22.

5140 Morris Thomas Road, Bluemoon Properties LLC purchased from Nathan Ward for $235,000, residential, 8/22.

5097 Maple Grove Road, Pillars of Hermantown LLC purchased from KTJ 360 LLC for $975,000, residential, 8/22.

4869 Anderson Road, Jennifer and Eric Mistry purchased from Jonathan A. and Ellie Marchiori for $374,100, residential, 8/22.

4818 Swan Lake Road, Greenscape Services LLP purchased from Miller Creek Property Investments for $695,000, commercial (with buildings), 8/22.

4730 Hermantown Road, Christian and Corinna Kraemer purchased from Quinntin R. and Blair Mischke for $310,000, residential, 7/22.

4712 Crosley Ave., Paul J. and Amber B. Castillo purchased from The Susan R. Burnright Revocable Trust for $350,000, residential, 8/22.

4629 W. Sixth St., Courtney and Katie Conway purchased from Timothy N. and Kimberly Tilberg for $250,000, residential, 8/22.

44 E. Faribault St., William B. and Emily J. Corrin purchased from Grant J. and Danielle K. Hoel for $260,000, residential, 7/22.

4228 Lavaque Road, Donna Jenkins purchased from Ruth and Steven Casper for $248,500, residential, 8/22.

421 Marshall St., Alan and Anne Schwartz purchased from Xuan Li for $590,000, residential, 8/22.

42 E. Buffalo St., Spjut Family Revocable Trust Dated 7 purchased from Ice Water Properties LLC for $271,000, residential, 8/22.

4105 W. Eighth St., Beau and Jeris Boyat and Eric Yamry purchased from Cecil Arthur Miller III Revocable Trust for $175,000, residential, 8/22.

408 N. Third Ave., John and Michelle Nephew purchased from First National Bank of Proctor for $282,500, commercial (with buildings), 8/22.

3912 Getchell Road, Adin and Kendra Briggs purchased from Jared and Kijsa Irwin for $271,000, residential, 8/22.

3811 Haines Road, Kylee Smith and Molly Jeneson purchased from Michael and Colleen Bender for $345,000, residential, 7/22.

3806 Allendale Ave., Cody Lemay and Margaret Lane purchased from Salli F. and Benjamin Z. Dymond for $453,000, residential, 8/22.

3801 W. Fifth St., Eric F. and Kellie M. McMahan purchased from Adin and Kendra Briggs for $225,000, residential, 8/22.

3717 W. Sixth St., Brooke Lunski purchased from Deutsche Bank National Trust Company for $14,700, residential, 7/22.

3629 London Road, Kimberly Kronstedt purchased from Darren D. Schott for $470,000, residential, 8/22.

36 E. Buffalo St., Spjut Family Rev Trust Dated 7 purchased from Ice Water Properties LLC for $271,000, residential, 8/22.

333 E. Anoka St., Sherie and Ryan Nelson purchased from James Moechnig and Dawn Mikkelson for $359,000, residential, 8/22.

3226 Decker Road, Lighthouse Center For Vital Living purchased from Ann-Marie and Daniel Stojevich for $368,500, residential, 8/22.

317 N. Third Ave. W., Jeffrey Matt purchased from Drew Shaine LLC for $220,000, residential, 7/22.

316 97th Ave. W., Joshua Myhre purchased from Bradley E. and Lori L. Ballantine for $243,500, residential, 8/22.

3118 Exeter St., Ryan Lovaas purchased from Amy Peterson for $207,000, residential, 8/22.

3012 Hutchinson Road, Stephanie Kehoe purchased from Kyle R. Dodds for $201,250, residential, 8/22.

3009 Greysolon Road, Deborah L. Clark purchased from Melissa Walls for $432,000, residential, 8/22.

30 E. 11th St., Barbara B. Montee purchased from Blake J. Evanson for $82,018, residential, 8/22.

2971 Shannon Road, Jade Swor and Ian Wallace purchased from Thomas and Jasmine Cox for $240,000, residential, 7/22.

28 Snelling Ave., Ben Wagner purchased from Irina Ensign for $280,000, residential, 8/22.

245 W. Anoka St., Darl Gosseline and Jeffery Amraen purchased from Ione Olson for $145,000, residential, 7/22.

2318 W. 12th St., Isaiah Nielson purchased from Lydia Black for $195,000, residential, 7/22.

2130 Whittier St., David J. and Linda J. Israel purchased from Kenneth A. and Susan Hapy for $340,000, residential, 8/22.

203 Coffee Creek Blvd., Greg Carlson purchased from Menard Inc. for $44,900, residential - bare land, 8/22.

2 E. College St., Joseph Martin purchased from Joseph and Christina Drexler for $284,900, residential, 7/22.

1936 Woodland Ave., Kalie, Corrie and David Jeremiason purchased from Jennifer and Mat Stafford-Faris for $199,000, residential, 8/22.

1923 Lakeview Drive, Seth Carl Investments LLC purchased from Bruce C. Duncan for $40,000, residential, 8/22.

1907 Middle Lane, Matthew and Leah Davis purchased from Lee and Laura Winters for $620,000, residential, 8/22.

185 Farley Lane, Jean Tipton purchased from S. and J. Foschi and M. and M. Otterblad for $275,000, residential, 8/22.

1715 Lakeview Drive, Jeffrey Vos and Tricia Gardinier purchased from Karl C. and Ann E. Wasson for $723,000, residential, 7/22.

1709 E. Seventh St., Eric Oberhart and Kirsten Rhude purchased from Julia E. and Paul A. Rivard for $300,000, residential, 7/22.

1527 Minnesota Ave., Sara and Russell Glover IV purchased from Jennifer Weis and Timothy White for $320,000, residential, 8/22.

1417 Morningside Ave., Lawrence and Michel A. Trujillo purchased from Sara and Lenard Sarvela III for $401,100, residential, 8/22.

1111 104th Ave. W., Adam Stenhammer purchased from Jay Pederson for $85,000, residential, 7/22.

111 Chester Parkway, Angelique Russell purchased from Luke and Lindsey Sasse for $207,000, residential, 7/22.

1040 Berwick Court, Ashlee E. and Kyle D. Marynik purchased from Dennis and Nancy Rokser for $510,000, residential, 8/22.

1015 Grand View Ave., Daniel Baumgartner purchased from Joseph and Kristen Bauerkemper for $270,000, residential, 8/22.

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