Property Transactions for May 30, 2011

Duluth property transactions Submitted May 26 429 N. 11th Ave. W., Shoshana Cruz purchased from Deanna R. Drift for $61,500, residential, 4/11. 2517 W. 15th St., Kristina M. Rutar purchased from Daniel A. Douglas and Ann Kelsi for $154,900, resid...

Duluth property transactions

Submitted May 26

  • 429 N. 11th Ave. W., Shoshana Cruz purchased from Deanna R. Drift for $61,500, residential, 4/11.
  • 2517 W. 15th St., Kristina M. Rutar purchased from Daniel A. Douglas and Ann Kelsi for $154,900, residential, 5/11.
  • 824 N. 42nd Ave. W., Shirley Y. Gaslin purchased from Gregory and Tiffany White for $106,500, residential, 5/11.
  • 415 N. 60th Ave. W., Jonathon and Katherine Laney purchased from Billy Joe and Barbara E. Wise for $127,300, residential, 5/11.
  • 311 S. 69th Ave. W., Wade R. Campbell purchased from Jay A. and Shelley L. Peterson for $58,000, residential, 5/11.
  • 802 N. Arlington Ave., Diana E. Moody purchased from Russell and Bentfield Vanguilder for $138,000, residential, 5/11.
  • 1211 W. Arrowhead Road, Travis and Patricia Kladivo purchased from Matthew and Kari Billman for $180,000, residential, 5/11.
  • 134 E. Buffalo St., Lisa I. Boese purchased from Christina Berglund and Aug Chong for $124,350, residential, 3/11.
  • 117 Chester Parkway, Suzanne M. Sanders purchased from William W. and Bonnie K. Nelson for $122,500, residential, 5/11.
  • 3951 Fountain Gate Drive, Doreen M. Henricksen purchased from Scott and Delores Schowalter for $241,600, residential, 5/11.
  • 4131 W. Fourth St., Brandon Porter purchased from Federal National Mortgage Association for $43,912, residential, 4/11.
  • 4124 Gladstone St., Stephanie L. Jeanetta purchased from Jesse P. and Julie M. Anderson for $123,000, residential, 5/11.
  • 5032 Glendale St., Sherry L. King purchased from Christine L. Kuehn for $135,000, residential, 5/11.
  • 1009 W. Ideal St., Terry L. and Jean M. Flood purchased from Wilbert G. and Mary E. Erickson for $129,900, residential, 5/11.
  • 711 Jill St., Nathan and Michelle Hoffmann purchased from Matthew J. and Deanne K. Zelen for $333,800, residential, 5/11.
  • 415 Lake Ave. N., Aloysius M. Cismowski purchased from Brenda Matheson Martin for $109,900, residential, 5/11.
  • 1942 Lawn St., George J. Radosevich purchased from Jon P. Foster for $110,000, residential, 5/11.
  • 1631 London Road, Craig T. Binsfield purchased from Carole Evenson LLC for $35,000, commercial (with buildings), 5/11.
  • 4901 London Road, David Ruble and P. Ruble-Kelly purchased from Poohbah of Minnesota LLC for $165,000, residential, 5/11.
  • 4515 London Road, Mark and Linda Larson purchased from Nekton Properties Ltd. for $163,400, residential, 5/11.
  • 4210 London Road, Nathan and Emily Johnson purchased from Riverloon Properties LLC for $99,900, residential, 5/11.
  • 119 E. Mankato St., Peter J. and Rebecca R. Kroll purchased from Lynn J. Surrell for $130,000, residential, 5/11.
  • 4028 McCulloch St., Aaron W. and Valerie Tervo purchased from Keefe A. and Laura B. Whight for $139,900, residential, 5/11.
  • 22 Minneapolis Ave., Victoria Shaw-Carlson purchased from Daniel and Lori Salinas for $192,000, residential, 5/11.
  • 1212 Missouri Ave., Vit Miller purchased from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. for $155,000, residential, 3/11.
  • 2508 Nanticoke St., Jennifer Eickhoff purchased from Amanda Burcar for $140,500, residential, 5/11.
  • 1802 E. Ninth St., Michael A. and Diana L. Kucza purchased from Arnold F. and Shirley M. Swanson for $124,140, residential, 5/11.
  • 1113 E. Ninth St., Sean T. and Jessica M. Mahoney purchased from Kristoffer and Jenna M. Pederson for $122,000, residential, 5/11.
  • 3710 North Ridge Road, Matthew and Deanne Zelen purchased from Zianzhi Quan and Yu Yanlin for $435,000, residential, 5/11.
  • 5015 Peabody St., Brad and Tiffany Ortner purchased from Ryan Henderson and Sandra Beyer for $150,000, residential, 5/11.
  • 2222 Pershing St., Maren E. Barootian purchased from HSBC Bank USA National Association of Trustees for $75,000, residential, 5/11.
  • 4327 Robinson St., Chad and Katherine Norris purchased from Arthur and Tiffany Gear for $184,000, residential, 5/11.
  • 2131 W. Sixth St., Dwayne T. and Wendy S. Becker purchased from Christopher and Michele Timmons for $87,000, residential, 3/11.
  • 4415 E. Superior St., Marshall Hardware purchased from Lyman T. and Joan Marshall for $210,000, commercial (with buildings), 5/11.
  • 3109 E. Superior St., Scott Mathias and Ann Coleman purchased from Frederic and Marilyn Hafferty for $240,000, residential, 5/11.
  • 20 E. Toledo St., East Toledo LLC purchased from John, Francine and Amanda Hanson for $177,250, residential, 5/11.
  • 5120 Vermilion Road, Brian A. Miltakis purchased from Magdalene Kressin Fobear for $74,900, residential, 5/11.
  • 627 Woodland Ave., David A. Kapler purchased from Michael, Shondra and Janet Peller for $142,000, residential, 4/11.
  • Address unassigned, Timothy Howard and G. Knezevich purchased from Deborah A. Penry for $8,000, residential, 5/11.
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