Property Transactions for May 25, 2022

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County. 

Commercial bare land, Clift Morris purchased from SBSB II LLC for $16,000, commercial - bare land, 3/22.

Bare land, Jacob and Chelsea Benson purchased from Duluth Investors LLC for $45,000, commercial (with buildings), 3/22.

903 E. Fourth St., Andrew Fink purchased from The Bankruptcy Estate of Schul for $150,000, residential, 3/22.

830 N. 40th Ave. W., Jeremy Taylor purchased from Secretary of Veterans Affairs for $52,750, residential, 3/22.


803 N. 57th Ave. W., Elizabeth Schilla purchased from Cody and Megan Farrell for $135,600, residential, 3/22.

6546 Mcquade Road, Leroy A. and Tiffany L. Berens purchased from Daniel Cuypers for $120,000, residential, 3/22.

609 N. 20th Ave. E.,  D. and K. Zell and C. Hjelle purchased from Diane M. and Donald Hoffmann for $321,000, residential, 3/22.

5433 Maple Grove Road, Rachel Murzyn purchased from Elizabeth Alexson and Erik Blow for $395,000, residential, 3/22.       

5331 E. Superior St., Vermilion Properties LLC purchased from Triad Ventures LLC for $550,000, commercial (with buildings), 3/22.

507 Glenwood St., Kylie and Martin Olsen purchased from Reid E. and Alexandria J. Strelow for $353,000, residential, 3/22.

4709 First Ave. S., Kelsey Gantzer and Brady Miller purchased from Diane M. Forsell for $210,000, residential, 3/22.

45 Lyons St., Jacinta Roth purchased from Edward B. Shanblott for $370,000, residential, 3/22.           


4321 W. Fifth St., Lynn Slordal purchased from James E. and Teresa A. Aird for $124,900, residential, 3/22.

432 W. Winona St., K&W Builders Inc. purchased from Rollin D. Norman for $175,000, residential, 3/22.

2927 Bald Eagle Trail, Doug and Jennifer Devens purchased from Jamie and Erin Herrington for $405,000, residential, 3/22.

2502 E. Second St., Jesse O. and Kelly A. Plote purchased from Andy S. and Wendy R. Rayner for $690,000, residential, 3/22.

227 E. Seventh St., Bret Amundson and Alex Loch purchased from Joann Stover for $481,000, residential, 3/22.

210 S. 27th Ave. W., Empire Four LLC, a Minnesota limited liability company purchased from Bretmin Corporation, a Minnesota limited liability company for $3,550,000, commercial (with buildings), 3/22.

209 Coffee Creek Blvd., John A. and Eileen E. Elden purchased from Soumis Construction Inc. for $432,000, residential, 3/22.

1954 Middle Lane., Brett and Jennifer Kolquist purchased from Frank and Lisa J. Mertz for $100,000, residential - bare land, 3/22.


1616 E. Sixth St., Noah and Jennifer McPherson purchased from Christine M. Ciurleo for $110,000, residential, 3/22.                  

1516 Kenwood Ave., Empire Four LLC, a Minnesota limited liability company purchased from Infinity Management Inc., a Minnesota limited liability company for $1,400,000, commercial (with buildings), 3/22.

14 Industrial Ave., James Thayer purchased from Wendi Mattinen for $155,000, residential, 3/22.                               

1127 E. Fourth St., Peter and Shannon Young purchased from Schuldner LLC for $87,000, residential, 3/22.     

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