Property Transactions for May 24, 2023

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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Residential bare land, Richard T. and Amy J. Sundland purchased from Thomas M. and Joanne F. Biele for $7,500, residential - bare land, 3/23.

Residential bare land, Karisa Mueller purchased from Joseph Accardo and Mauree McCarthy for $25,000, residential - bare land, 3/23.

Residential bare land, Faith D. and Jacob J. Enberg purchased from David J. and Jill M. Molitor for $10,500, residential - bare land, 4/23.

Residential bare land, Edward Feist purchased from Bradley and Lori Huffman for $1, residential - bare land, 3/23.

Residential bare land, Dave and Kalie Sletten purchased from Robert Huffman for $4,500, residential - bare land, 2/23.


Residential bare land, Becky Buchanan purchased from Frederick and Jennifer Harris for $63,000, residential - bare land, 2/23.

Residential bare land, 3W Properties Inc. purchased from Brian and Kelly Kregness for $96,000, residential - bare land, 2/23.

Residential bare land, Samantha and Travis Hayes purchased from Devin C. and Ebony M. Nelson for $79,500, residential - bare land, 3/23.

Bare land, STC Building LLC purchased from Independent School District No. for $8,000,000, exempt from property tax, 3/23.

Bare land, Dragonfly Landholdings LLC purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Dept. for $21,540, exempt from property tax, 3/23.

Address unassigned, Aase Nelson purchased from Douglas Thomas and Carol Zazubek for $279,000, residential, 4/23.

960 89th Ave. W., Robin Murphy purchased from Joseph and Samantha Vetsch for $258,500, residential, 4/23.

932 E.Fourth St., Bluwater Lodging Inc. purchased from W.B.A. Inc. for $805,000, apartment, 3/23.


924 E. Seventh St., Matthew Marciniak purchased from Steve Johnson for $75,000, residential, 2/23.

924 E. Seventh St., Matthew Dague purchased from Matt and Sara Marciniak for $150,000, residential, 2/23.

919 Commonwealth Ave., Rachel Johnson purchased from Sharon Sell for $185,000, residential, 2/23.

901 N. 56th Ave. W., Nicholas Ellingson purchased Dylan and Philip Paulson from for $255,000, residential, 4/23.

9 E. Fifth St., Nadja and Wil Dorfman purchased from Andrew and Tiffany R. Happel for $294,000, residential, 3/23.

818 Voss Ave., Standard Homes LLC purchased from Danny G. and Carol J. Sinclair for $75,000, residential, 4/23.

811 Kenwood Ave., Marlys King purchased from Neil Storch for $215,000, residential, 2/23.

805 E. Fifth St., Northern Oaks Real Estate LLC purchased from Selma O'Brien for $380,000, residential, 3/23.


602 N. Fifth Ave. W., Ryan Heesch purchased from Emily Michog for $245,000, residential, 2/23.

5917 Greene St., John Rosasco and Erin Bengtson purchased from Jake Stainbrook for $222,500, residential, 2/23.

5424 Glenwood St., Mark Neiman and Diana Deming purchased from Even Semrud for $282,000, residential, 2/23.

5303 Wyoming St., Deborah Jensen purchased from Joshua L. and Janine C. Koopman for $265,000, residential, 2/23.

525 S. 71st Ave. W., Amy Tran purchased from H2H Real Estate LLC for $184,900, residential, 4/23.

5131 Tioga St., Linda Nyland and Patrick Peterson purchased from John Owen for $350,000, residential, 3/23.

4609 W. Sixth St., Noah Clock and Sophie Hillmeyer purchased from Chad and Lynsey Haala for $260,000, residential, 2/23.

4301 Otsego St., Timothy Staub and Jennifer Bain purchased from Kevin Lafavor for $350,000, residential, 4/23.


4123 Gilliat St., James and Alexis Jylha purchased from Michaela C. and Daniel T. Doyle for $300,000, residential, 4/23.

4007 W. Fifth St., 4007 West 5th Duluth LLC purchased from Redeeming Homes LLC for $220,000, residential, 3/23.

3939 Fountain Gate Drive, Michael A. and Linda S. Mattson purchased from Thomas and Katherine Maas for $410,500, residential, 4/23.

3874 Getchell Road, Cole and Kinzey Schneider purchased from Charles J. and Marissa L. Wacker for $260,000, residential, 3/23.

3818 W. Sixth St., Apsara Dubas purchased from Ashlee R. Boerner for $146,290, residential, 2/23.

3808 E. Superior St., Bradley and Cynthia Kaeter purchased from Racquel Reker for $435,000, residential, 3/23.

3121 Piedmont Ave., Chad and Jennifer Brucklemyer purchased from Shannan Ellis for $160,000, residential, 3/23.

2928 E. First St., Timothy and Catherine Cleveland purchased from Corey A. and Heidi L. Hanson for $560,000, residential, 3/23.


2816 W. Second St., Mikhael Moore purchased from Kyle Hanson for $148,000, residential, 3/23.

2415 E. Second St., Mark Harnell and Natalia Krylova purchased from Jonathan Preston and Maisara Momen for $430,000, residential, 4/23.

24 N. 57th Ave. W., Opak LLC purchased from Caimon Bistis for $195,000, residential, 3/23.

219 Coffee Creek Boulevard, Marjorie T. Kern Living Trust purchased from Greg and Teri L. Carlson for $540,000, residential, 4/23.

218 N. First Ave. W., Independent Housing Services purchased from Mary Torvinen for $500,000, apartment, 2/23.

217 Mitchell Circle, Frank A. and Debra O. Messina purchased from Perveen Vadood for $120,000, residential, 3/23.

2122 Miller Creek Drive, David and Willa Grandaw Trust purchased from Joan O. Sandeno for $295,000, residential, 3/23.

2115 E. Fourth St., Amy Nemanich purchased from Evan T. and Emily A. Nicholls for $321,000, residential, 4/23.


2016 Birch Ave., Kolton and Bailee Jacobson purchased from Nathan and Melissa Pavlowich for $429,900, residential, 4/23.

201 Crestline Court, Jarrett Puckett purchased from Corey R. and Kris Stebner for $75,000, residential, 4/23.

1934 Middle Lane, Greg A. Carlson purchased from Jeffrey Klassen for $120,000, residential - bare land, 4/23.

1801 W. Michigan St., ALN Properties LLC purchased from Nickey and Sandra Dinehart for $350,000, commercial (with buildings), 3/23.

1723 E. Fifth St., Rodney Criego purchased from Duluth Capital 1 LLC for $198,500, residential, 3/23.

1530 London Road, Duluth Lakewalk Offices Phase purchased from London Road Car Wash Inc. for $1,250,000, commercial - bare land, 3/23.

1414 Stanford Ave., Keith Erickson and Rafaela Pimenta purchased from Rhonda and Bradley J. Furlong for $307,000, residential, 4/23.

136 Farley Lane, Iris Kolodji and Aaron Sundmark purchased from Cutshall/Schober/Donahue for $395,000, residential, 3/23.

1314 Minnesota Ave., North Shore LS LLC purchased from JC5 Properties LLC for $475,000, residential, 2/23.

1302 Minnesota Ave., North Shore LS LLC purchased from Steven M. and Heather M. Pitschka for $650,000, residential, 2/23.

1126 Mesaba Ave., Scott and Jennifer Pleus purchased from Thomas L. and Kathleen L. Hoch for $377,000, residential, 2/23.

106 Second St., Jeffrey Edwards and Danielle Luby purchased from Douglas Pirila Jr. for $214,000, residential, 2/23.

1018 E. 10th St., Sean and Kelly J. Dalton purchased from Sarah Thomson for $222,000, residential, 2/23.

101 S. 15th Ave. E., Maeve and Shawn Ulrick purchased from Amanda J. Udesen for $444,900, residential, 3/23.

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