Property Transactions for May 18, 2022

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.               

15 N. 15th Ave. E., Excolo Group LLC purchased from 1517 N. 15th LLC for $435,000, apartment, 3/22.         

510 N. 17th Ave. E., NH1 Properties A LLC purchased from Gregg T. and Rebecca A. McCall for $208,000, residential, 3/22. 

710 N. 40th Ave. W., Anna Gavrilova purchased from Mike Hoffman and Jo Ann Thomas for $190,000, residential, 3/22.

227 N. 54th Ave. E., Micheal Coulter purchased from Melissa Latimore for $143,698, residential, 3/22.         


1010 85th Ave. W., Keenen Francois-King purchased from Steven and Sandra Tollers for $206,000, residential, 3/22.          

2121 W. Arrowhead Road, Katie Engevik and Benjamin Wagener  purchased from Jarrett and Shannon Brookhouser for $330,000, residential, 3/22.              

111 S. Blackman Ave., Kami Holdings LLC purchased from Michael and Josephine Lavalley for $220,000, residential, 3/22.             

60 W. Chisholm St., Craig C. Wagner purchased from Joanne E. Johnston for $206,000, residential, 3/22.

303 Coffee Creek Blvd., BT Capital Mgmt LLC purchased from Menard Inc. for $89,800, residential - bare land, 3/22.        

1301 Commonwealth Ave., Holdings BBSC purchased from Minit Mart LLC for $335,275, commercial (with buildings), 3/22.       

727 N. Ebony Ave., Izaak Smith purchased from Kathleen Stevens for $260,000, residential, 3/22.  

731 E. Fifth St., Guojin Yue purchased from The Bankruptcy Estate of Schul for $93,000, residential, 3/22.         


4187 Gothenberg Road, Ryan and Mary Wilch purchased from John T. and Catherine A. Carter for $351,500, residential, 3/22.          

321 Kelly Circle, MCR Investments II LLC purchased from Kody and Emily Latham for $216,000, residential, 3/22.         

2116 Maple Grove Road, 2116 Maple Grove Road LLC purchased from Bender Property LLC for $1,125,000, commercial (with buildings), 3/22.        

5639 Maple Grove Road, Titan Premier LLC purchased from William N. and Dianne M. Kendall for $235,000, residential, 3/22.           

5527 McQuade Road, Andy Lipe purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Dept. for $59,300, exempt from property tax, 2/22.         

214 W. Morgan St., Ryan J. and Jacquelyn Sather purchased from Nathan and Angela Shovein for $313,000, residential, 3/22.  

4817 Otsego St., Mary Lorbiecki purchased from Jennifer M. and Timothy R. Wilson for $250,000, residential, 3/22.       

125 Parkland Ave., Carrie L. Schneider purchased from Jason Wall and Wendy Saliin for $125,000, residential, 3/22.        


3010 Piedmont Ave., Steven and Venessa Osborne purchased from Vicky Oakley, as trustee for $275,000, residential, 2/22.        

3010 Piedmont Ave., Vicky Oakley as trustee purchased from Jeffrey Sinnot for $275,000, residential, 1/22.          

803 E. Sixth St., Senja and Brent Ruuska purchased from The Bankruptcy Estate of Schul for $70,000, residential, 3/22.

9001 W. Skyline Parkway, Mark Lanigan purchased from Mary Sjoberg for $582,500, residential, 3/22.            

4510 Tioga St., Bonnie N. and Joseph Wakeman purchased from Lee A. Klein for $265,000, residential, 3/22.      

4390 W. Tischer Road, Max and Brittany Hendrickson purchased from Members Cooperative Credit Union for $321,000, residential, 3/22.

8738 Vinland St., Cody Pundsack purchased from Shirley Steinhagen for $160,000, residential, 2/22.

Address unassigned, Brandon Nelson purchased from Jeffrey M. Hall for $242,000, residential, 3/22.


Address unassigned, Paul R. and Colleen J. Hultman purchased from JLG Enterprises of Hermantown for $232,500, residential, 2/22.

Commercial bare land, Force 1 LLC purchased from J & S. Partnership LLP for $575,000, commercial - bare land, 3/22. 

Residential bare land, Carolyn and Mark Hughes purchased from Douglas Rowlett for $79,000, residential - bare land, 3/22.           

Residential bare land, Sean Hollencamp purchased from Merritt Linzie and Jone Kreideweis  for $40,000, residential - bare land, 2/22.

Bare land, Benjamin Peine and Natalie Johnson purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Dept. for $46,650, exempt from property tax, 2/22.

Bare land, Cherri L. and Kent E. Johnson purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Dept. for $22,564, exempt from property tax, 2/22.

Bare land, Kenneth J. and Alicia M. Snider purchased from Darlene Hill for $76,000, bare land, 3/22.

Bare land, Scott J. Filipovich purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Dept. for $46,400, exempt from property tax, 2/22.

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