Property Transactions for May 11, 2022

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.                           

1123 E. 10th St.,  David, Lesley and John Cornelisen purchased from Aaron Anderson for $140,000, residential, 3/22.                 

920 N. 13th Ave. E., Hans Anderson purchased from Janelle M. and Soren T. Udesen for $185,000, residential, 2/22.                   

520 N. 19th Ave. E., Ryan Sauve purchased from Bulldog Development LLC, a Minnesota limited liability company for $313,000, residential, 2/22.        

332 N. 34th Ave. E., NH1 Properties A LLC purchased from G & B Properties of Duluth for $288,850, residential, 3/22.


1019 N. 57th Ave. W., Tanya M. and Ryan S. Templer purchased from Renita Syas for $170,000, residential, 2/22.                        

303 S. 58th Ave. W., Nicholas Grames purchased from Taimi J. Ranta for $80,000, residential, 2/22.  

318 S. 58th Ave. W., Shahar Maxon purchased from James J. and Brandelyn Grandaw for $162,000, residential, 2/22.

208 S. 59th Ave. W., Housing and Redevelopment Authority purchased from Betty Merling for $73,000, residential, 2/22.         

5105 W. Arrowhead Road, Melissa Marchand purchased from Justin O. and Molly K. Poole for $357,000, residential, 2/22.       

9234 Brook St., Rick W. and Denver Boser purchased from Randolph Johnson for $229,000, residential, 2/22.

14 E. Central Entrance, Advance Acquisitions LLC purchased from Dri LLC for $1,275,000, commercial (with buildings), 2/22.                      

829 Cherie Lane, Dane H. and Susan Christensen purchased from Douglas Greiner for $415,000, residential, 2/22.


8353 Congdon Blvd., Ernest E. and Denise Garnes purchased from J. and K. Walsh and J. Pierce-Walsh for $650,000, residential, 2/22.        

226 Crestline Court, Jaiden and Nicole Pick purchased from Matthew Sieler and Kathleen Neff for $74,500, residential, 2/22.   

4005 W. Fifth St., Carter V. Dumars purchased from Housing and Redevelopment Authority for $180,000, exempt from property tax, 2/22. 

22 W. First St., Peter Pascente purchased from Bailey Properties of Duluth LLC for $54,000, commercial (with buildings), 3/22.                      

908 Grand View Ave., Sarah Wortham and James Campbell purchased from Alison and Anthony Wescot Jr. for $232,000, residential, 3/22.

4042 Haines Road, Timothy Peterson purchased from Donald Nygaard for $270,000, residential, 2/22.

1814 Hegberg Road,  Matthew Whithill and Micha Taylor purchased from Scalzo Properties Llc for $223,800, residential, 3/22.

2709 Jean Duluth Road, Jordyn and Nicholas Lavigne purchased from Seth T. and Chelsea N. Buck for $282,000, residential, 3/22.                


45 E. Kent Road, Michael A. and Michaela J. Sperl purchased from Steven J. and Barbara A. Payette for $615,000, residential, 3/22.              

4272 Lavaque Road, Christopher Fudally purchased from Eric and Elizabeth Hillman for $550,000, residential, 2/22.

4264 Lavaque Road, Christopher Fudally purchased from Eric and Elizabeth Hillman for $300,000, residential, 2/22.

17 Lyons St., Excolo Group LLC purchased from Carrie Plamann and Rolf Hagberg for $250,000, residential, 2/22.

13 Manitou St., Andre and Peter Hussey purchased from Tara M. Sherpersky for $87,500, residential, 2/22.

110 E. Niagara St., Excolo Group LLC purchased from Rolf Hagberg and Carrie Plamann for $240,000, residential, 2/22.

5105 North Shore Drive, Gardenwood Resort LLC purchased from Mary Brown for $95,000, seasonal-recreational res, 2/22.

5414 Otsego St., M. Gordon-Stroh and C. Durst purchased from Peyser LLC for $406,514, residential, 2/22.


502 Park St., NH1 Properties A, LLC purchased from Gregg and Rebecca McCall for $252,350, residential, 3/22.

906 Ridgewood Rd., Shannon and Jarrett Brookhouser purchased from Elaine S. Hansen for $376,000, residential, 3/22.

5630 Rose Road, Amy and Matthew Laflamme purchased from Kenneth R. and Shannon K. Reed for $130,000, residential, 2/22.

1321 E. Second St., Brady Riesgraf purchased from Erin Wakefield for $280,600, apartment, 2/22.

2215 W. Second St., Rare-Rock Investments LLC purchased from Andrew and Lindsey Beiers for $60,000, residential, 3/22.

530 N. Seventh Ave. E., Rod Criego purchased from Keith and Lynn Linne for $270,000, residential, 3/22.

227 N. Seventh Ave. W., Brandon Hartung purchased from R. and K. Olson, S. and K. Johnson and Jackman for $185,000, residential, 2/22.

528 Summit Ave., Shania Peterson and Chase Lind purchased from Jerry R. and Mary Foster for $185,000, residential, 2/22.


2531 E. Superior St., NH1 Properties A LLC purchased from G & B Properties of Duluth for $360,500, residential, 3/22.

4407 E. Superior St., Scoopsmgmt LLC purchased from Roger and Gayle Healy for $325,000, commercial (with buildings), 3/22.

2 Valley View Lane, Jeremy Gemuend purchased from Grey and Teri Carlson for $490,000, residential, 2/22.

3094 Whiteside Road, Andrew J. and Alexandra Ross purchased from Stacey M. Maul and Judy Gitar for $491,500, residential, 3/22.

Address unassigned, Kim A. and Michelle E. Olson purchased from Corenlius Kelleher for $145,000, residential, 2/22.

Address unassigned, Matthew and Peggy Vanhoomissen purchased from W. & G Duluth LLC for $289,900, residential, 2/22.   

Commercial bare land, Mojo Properties Minnesota LLC purchased from Michael and Erica Koski for $132,000, commercial - bare land, 2/22.

Residential bare land, Christopher and Sarah Malecha purchased from Roman Ratevosyan for $8,000, residential - bare land, 1/22.


Residential bare land, Steve and Jayne Saarela purchased from Karen S. and Russell D. Nelson for $60,000, residential - bare land, 3/22.

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