Property Transactions for March 8, 2023

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.  

Residential bare land, Lisa Vesterstein purchased from Maria Giuliani for $195,000, residential - bare land, 12/22.

Bare land, Garrett L. and Raven Barnes purchased from the Housing and Redevelopment Authority for $72,000, exempt from property tax, 11/22.

921 N. 13th Ave. E., Dean and Lisa Carsrud purchased from Erik D. and Alyssa Arntsen for $184,000, residential, 11/22.

723 W. Fourth St., Steve Erickson purchased from Matthew Mirau for $215,000, residential, 12/22.


703 E. 13th St., Connie L. Anderson purchased from Charlie A. and Emily A. Comnick for $225,000, residential, 12/22.

636 N. 27th Ave. W., Elise Miller and Marcus McKeever purchased from David and Tatiana Walker for $167,000, residential, 12/22.

5463 Wahl Road, Christopher and Erica Henkel purchased from Keith E. and Corinne A. Young for $350,000, residential, 11/22.

5426 Glenwood St., Marcy E. and Ruby G. Dammann purchased from Andrew Karon for $200,000, residential, 12/22.

5410 Juniata St., Nan Huai and Oleg Broytman purchased from Tiffany and William Berens-Hartman for $280,000, residential, 12/22.

5301 Avondale St., Karen Johnson purchased from Mark G. and Jeanne M. Stodghill for $160,000, residential, 12/22.

5053 Woodland Ave., Robert Benkoski purchased from David D. and Janice M. Ostrander for $197,000, residential, 11/22.

5036 White Pine St., Darin D. and Amanda M. Lundberg purchased from James and Kelly Rathe for $950,000, residential, 12/22.


5020 Thompson Road, William Lacina purchased from Michael J. and Janet B. Hayes for $285,000, residential, 12/22.

4892 Morris Thomas Road, Stormy and Diana Pal purchased from Jamie Latuska for $240,000, residential, 11/22.

4815 Oneida St., Elias Hutchinson and Katherine Lamb purchased from Donald and Judith Goodermote for $249,900, residential, 12/22.

4705 Vermilion Road, Hailey Pitoscia and Martial Nash purchased from A. Martinez and Alexander Neeser for $239,900, residential, 12/22.

4614 Jay St., Burt Anderson purchased from Kelly Lind for $200,000, residential, 12/22.

4406 Glenwood St., Daniel and Laura Kendall purchased from Regis T. Halgren for $285,000, residential, 12/22.

4307 Regent St., Bradley Turner purchased from Michael D. and Lydia K. Haase for $290,000, residential, 12/22.

4005 Dodge St., Mary and Daniel Campbell purchased from Joetta M. Snow for $475,000, residential, 11/22.


4002 Cooke St., Charles Levings and Lynn Furyk purchased from Eric W. and Brittani A. Lagergren for $245,100, residential, 12/22.

3918 W. Seventh St., ABC Real Estate Corp. purchased from Roger Hellgren for $14,000, residential, 12/22.

3864 Nelson Road, Kaydell L. and Norman J. Boucher purchased from Joshua and Heather Grimmer for $261,400, residential, 12/22.

3733 Alexander Road, Elizabeth D. and Joel D. Lillo purchased from Elizabeth and Joel Lillo for $265,000, residential, 12/22.

3410 W. Second St., Timothy Johnson purchased from Jason Jablonski for $6,000, residential, 12/22.

337 Mygatt Ave., Tracey Simonson purchased from Mary Durward for $269,900, residential, 12/22.

2707 W. Skyline Parkway, Chiara Deluca purchased from Sean C. and Amy C. Hayes for $222,000, residential, 12/22.

2611 Chambersburg Ave., Joseph Gulan and Jennifer Reilly purchased from Martha Piwon for $230,000, residential, 11/22.


26 Sixth St., Carla Pehl purchased from Michael T. and Carol Ward for $232,000, residential, 11/22.

233 W. Austin St., Katlynn Nelson purchased from Shana Quade for $262,500, residential, 11/22.

2206 W. 10th St., Adam Thompson purchased from Jeffrey Sokoloski for $210,000, residential, 12/22.

1913 Rice Lake Road, Trevor L. Gunderson purchased from Peter Cronin for $381,100, residential, 12/22.

1809 Middle Road, Trent Johnson purchased from Heather L. and Brandon Skaudis for $253,000, residential, 12/22.

1524 Anderson Road, Jerome and Diane Hiniker purchased from Kali Carlson for $245,000, residential, 12/22.

1456 Knife River Road W., Mark and Nancy Davis purchased from Donna J. Heil for $450,000, residential, 12/22.

1433 90th Ave. W., Elyse Koranda purchased from Todd Pfeffer for $89,900, residential, 12/22.


1415 Yosemite Ave., Marta Sweirc and Jordan Decaro purchased from Jason D. and Emily R. Fowler for $660,000, residential, 12/22.

14 E. Penton Blvd., Blair Chapman and Rachel Kenney purchased from Eric C. Sundell and Amy Roell for $192,500, residential, 11/22.

12815 W. Seventh St., Margaret Ricci and Patrick Herman purchased from Elizabeth Howard for $275,000, residential, 12/22.

119 Fourth St., Kyle Pfisthner purchased from Anna Jacobson for $139,000, residential, 12/22.

115 N. 63rd Ave. W., Jared Hall and Morgan McGarry purchased from Skyler J. and Katy M. Murray for $260,000, residential, 11/22.

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