Property Transactions for June 8 and June 15, 2020

A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

632 101st Ave. W., Monica L. Ares purchased from Alisson L. and Kevin Shea for $173,000, residential, 4/20.

1404 104th Ave. W., Sarah E. Burton purchased from Gavin P. Denzler for $176,000, residential, 5/20.

624 N. 17th Ave. E., Vincent M. Listrani purchased from Grace M. Campbell for $147,000, residential, 5/20.

612 N. 27th Ave. W., Desiree Jenkins purchased from Patricia A. Johnson for $100,000, residential, 5/20.


8 N. 66th Ave. W., Amanda Walsh purchased from Kimberlee Wait for $160,000, residential, 5/20.

312 7th St., Lori A. Stoskopf purchased from Brady E. Iverson and Haley Kubiski for $181,000, residential, 5/20.

4777 Anderson Road, Kevin D. and Alisson L. Shea purchased from August G. and Mary Lou Garay for $250,000, residential, 5/20.

230 W. Buffalo St., Robin D. and Mark A. Johnson purchased from Kimberly Thompson for $274,000, residential, 5/20.

1306 Commonwealth Ave., Kim Eskola purchased from Aamodt Investments LLC for $30,000, commercial (with buildings), 4/20.

4210 Fayre Road, Nathan E. and Emma L. Baer purchased from M.J. Clevette and T. L. Henderson for $300,000, residential, 5/20.

3706 E. Fourth St., Kaylee B. and Tyson J. Palmer purchased from 926 N. 8th Inc., a Minnesota limited liability company for $184,900, residential, 4/20.

4042 Haines Road, Christine M. Kustritz purchased from Dorothy A. Stafford for $237,000, residential, 4/20.


324 Hawkins St., Richard A. and Julie L. Visger purchased from Seppo A. and Anita D. Sormunen for $243,750, residential, 5/20.

2212 Jefferson St., Victoria L Dahlstrom Lehman purchased from T. and B. Pichetti, S. and L. Pichetti, and P. and K. Pichetti for $220,000, residential, 5/20.

5406 Juniata St., Eric P. and Brooke K. Depa purchased from Brett M. and Kelly Blindauer for $215,000, residential, 5/20.

518 N. Lake Ave., Fire Lake LLC purchased from Adambaum LLC for $60,000, residential, 5/20.

5104 Maple Grove Road, Andy G. and Lindsey K. Beier purchased from Kevin D. and Cynthia Claus for $513,000, residential, 5/20.

303 E. McCuen St., Sarah M. Ina'amii purchased from Tamara M. Mathews for $181,600, residential, 5/20.

5313 Medina St., Mark Skube purchased from Timothy R. and Allison M. Juba for $170,000, residential, 4/20.

3656 Midway Road, Brent Johnson purchased from David S. and Kari E. Solarz for $255,000, residential, 4/20.


609 E. Ninth St., Accelerated Investment Group LLC purchased from J. and T. Sundell, J. and K. Sundell and J. and G. Sundell for $80,000, residential, 3/20.

802 Northland Ave., Margaret G. Brennan Trustee purchased from David H. and Tamie L. Birkhofer for $260,000, residential, 5/20.

4432 Otsego St., Luke A. McKenzie purchased from Susan Tredway for $200,100, residential, 5/20.

212 Piedmont Ave., Patrick Colvin purchased from Aaron McLeod for $153,000, residential, 4/20.

323 Plum St., Alec Ashton purchased from George E. Meneely for $168,700, residential, 4/20.

4744 Portland Road, Carolyn Clark purchased from Auble Family Trust for $325,250, residential, 4/20.

523 W. Redwing St., R. A. Henningsen and N.J. Johnson purchased from Dawn K. and Hannah M. Mellesmoen for $252,000, residential, 3/20.

411 W. Redwing St., Jack Baker purchased from Kyle Jones and Ellie Anderson for $220,000, residential, 5/20.


2983 Roberg Road, Barry D. and Beth A. Bigelow purchased from Christina Wynkoop for $338,500, residential, 5/20.

614 N. Seventh Ave. E., Darren Weets and Chad Porspakka purchased from Ensert Paul and Sandra Robinson for $16,000, residential - bare land, 5/20.

802 E. Skyline Parkway, Marilyn A. Moffett purchased from Charern Lee for $200,000, residential, 5/20.

5032 Thompson Road, Travis Koepke and Allison Samberg purchased from Anna Sederski for $248,000, residential, 5/20.

5324 Tioga St., Cullen Forsythe purchased from Michael D. and Lisa Wenholz for $242,500, residential, 5/20.

4223 Washington Drive, Jamie and Brian Wilson purchased from Matthew R. and Kelli Palen for $438,000, residential, 4/20.

5007 White Pine St., Robert and Gwen Erickson purchased from Mark J. Hayward Revocable Trust for $469,900, residential, 4/20.

2232 Woodland Ave., Barbara and Brian Guenterberg purchased from Madeleine A. Cohen for $240,000, residential, 5/20.


5702 Wyoming St., Nicole D. Walker purchased from Adam D. and Angela M. Brecht for $175,000, residential, 4/20.

Address unassigned, Bruce and Pat Ueland purchased from Joseph and Kathleen Thibault for $449,900, residential, 4/20.

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