Property Transactions for June 30, 2021

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

419 N. 18th Ave. E., Surya Banks and Anna Glauz-Todrank purchased from James B. and Cynthia L. Sund for $175,000, residential, 6/21.

1018 N. 19th Ave. E., Joel and Alexandra Cannon purchased from G&M Development LLC for $291,000, residential, 6/21.

806 N. 27th Ave. W., David Folsted purchased from Kyle Horton for $165,000, residential, 6/21.

618 N. 56th Ave. W., Kaylee and Isaac Bergstrom purchased from Smithville Properties LLC for $212,500, residential, 6/21.


5189 W. Arrowhead Road, BMAX, Inc. purchased from Virginia B. Sundquist for $399,900, residential, 6/21.

1219 W. Arrowhead Road, St. Rentals LLC purchased from Lee A. Osborn for $245,900, residential, 5/21.

8532 Beverly St., D & B Ventures LLC purchased from Mary C. Lafond for $150,000, residential, 6/21.

3830 Decker Road, Alyssa and Kraig Harries purchased from Erik and Holly Simonson for $340,000, residential, 6/21.

1920 E. Eighth St., Blumberg-Tarans LLC purchased from Jillayn L. Quaschnick Revocable Trust for $210,000, residential, 6/21.

221 W. Faribault St., Asia and Nicolas Swanson purchased from Hillary Nelson for $255,000, residential, 6/21.

150 First St., Prestin W. Sokoloski purchased from Joby and Courtney Schlotec for $114,000, residential, 6/21.

6609 Fremont St., Barbara Elmquist purchased from James and Erin Lowinski for $150,000, residential, 6/21.


1005 Glen Place, Plb Glen Place LLC purchased from Summit-Breckenridge LLC for $7,250,000, apartment, 6/21.

5406 Glendale St., Jayme C. Timm purchased from Timothy and Patricia McMullen for $276,000, residential, 6/21.

4958 Greystone St., Abhi Devireddy and Marie Megan purchased from Swapna Devanna and Rajesh Salian for $745,000, residential, 5/21.

2611 Jean Duluth Road, Joseph R. and Nicole Gagnon purchased from Susan Krzewinski Knaus for $283,700, residential, 6/21.

1920 W. Kent Road, Wade Underwood and Claire Curran purchased from John E. and Marie C. Hamlin for $303,000, residential, 6/21.

124 Lemon St., Stacy Knaack purchased from Anthony E. and Mary Nelson for $167,124, residential, 6/21.

1615 London Road, Cabo Queen LLC purchased from Fahloh2 LLC for $439,900, commercial (with buildings), 6/21.

239 Mcdonnell Road, Carmel and Christopher Demaioribus purchased from James A. and Lynn M. Reed for $360,000, residential, 6/21.


2106 Miller Creek Drive, Mitchem Living Trust purchased from Michael Schram for $360,000, residential, 6/21.

321 W. Mulberry St., Erika M. and Scott D. Kalar purchased from Julie A. and Allen D. Johnson for $305,000, residential, 6/21.

120 W. Ninth St., Jane Stedman purchased from Whitney and Cody Bertram-Reents for $180,000, residential, 6/21.

5117 Norwood St., Jacob and Emily Whiting purchased from Ryan and Pamela Arola for $353,000, residential, 6/21.

4530 Oakley St., John and Katherine Goeke purchased from Joshua H. and Sarah A. Yokel for $240,000, residential, 6/21.

1235 Old North Shore Road, Clarence and Sally Mackeprang purchased from David Grasso for $13,500, residential, 6/21.

5170 Olson Road, Jenna and Shane Demos purchased from Jeffrey D. and Michelle Reynolds for $450,000, residential, 6/21.

2820 W. Second St., Josie Scheiterlein purchased from Kyle R. and Beatriz Peterson for $170,000, residential, 6/21.

4618 W. Sixth St., Brandon Bigaouette purchased from Kamilla and John Haugen for $115,000, residential, 6/21.

704 E. Skyline Pkwy, Matthew Fish purchased from Christopher J. Wack for $162,900, residential, 6/21.

513 Sparkman Ave., Evan W. Lewis Trust purchased from Jennifer Schuldt for $176,173, residential, 6/21.

606 Sparkman Ave., Thomas J. and Shannon L. Johnson purchased from Blake D. Forcier for $183,000, residential, 6/21.

4239 Stebner Road, David W. and Mary E. Engblom purchased from Daniel Smestad Revocable Trust for $353,500, residential, 6/21.

9127 E. Superior St., Alyssa Lavalley and Nichol Hoffman purchased from Crossroad Equities LLC for $540,000, residential, 6/21.

3026 E. Superior St., Erick and Jamie Moll purchased from Anne C. and Joshua B. Robertson for $339,900, residential, 6/21.

2902 W. Third St., DD Estate Holdings LLC purchased from Rent Check LLC, a Minnesota limited liability company for $265,000, apartment, 6/21.

2902 W. Third St., Rent Check LLC purchased from Homes by Witt LLC for $250,000, apartment, 6/21.

3417 Trinity Road, Jordan Viegut purchased from Louis and Mary Paciotti for $356,000, residential, 6/21.

1509 Vermilion Road, Jennifer Turner purchased from John A. and Nancy K. Serre for $310,000, residential, 6/21.

2773 Wellington St., Jonathan N. and Sande Paylay purchased from Charles C. and Margaret J. Potter for $180,000, residential, 6/21.

22 W. Winona St., Megan Murphy and Dustin Voorhees purchased from Erika A. and Nicholas Massa for $257,500, residential, 6/21.

24 W. Winona St., Michael and Julie Hendrickson purchased from E@bs Rentals LLC for $243,000, residential, 6/21.

Address unassigned, Gregory J. and Diane L. Harrom purchased from Courtney Hover for $290,000, residential, 6/21.

Address unassigned, Kurt Galchus purchased from Jane Haubrich for $449,900, residential, 6/21.

One E. 10th St., William and Linnea M. Janisch purchased from Tod and Lisa Hutchinson for $186,500, residential, 6/21.

Residential bare land, David and Andrea Engstrom purchased from Robert J. and Marlene Greenly for $85,000, residential - bare land, 6/21.

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Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.
Bankruptcy information gathered from cases filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Duluth.