Property Transactions for July 6, 2022

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.         

510 N. 11th Ave. E., R45 Holdings LLC purchased from Schuldner LLC for $120,000, residential, 4/22.

510 E. 11th St., Redeeming Homes LLC purchased from Schuldner LLC for $53,000, residential, 4/22.

2435 W. 15th St., Jennifer and Bradley Ray purchased from Colin and Lisa Hansmann for $370,000, residential, 4/22.

4869 Second Ave. N., Anna O'Neil purchased from Mary Larson for $146,000, residential, 4/22.    


228 N. 42nd Ave. E., Christine B. Garst purchased from Erica West for $350,000, residential, 4/22.

10 W. Fifth St., Elizabeth and Tyler Obinger purchased from Rent Check LLC for $297,500, residential, 4/22.

10 W. Fifth St., Rent Check LLC purchased from Bruce and Periann Iverson for $80,000, residential, 4/22.

10 W. Fifth St., Rent Check LLC purchased from The Estate of Lloyd M. Johnson for $80,000, residential, 4/22.

107 W. Fifth St., Sara Pajunen purchased from Gloria M. Oja for $105,000, residential, 4/22.

4018 W. Sixth St., Andrew and Ashlee Poe purchased from Thomas Peter for $152,000, residential, 4/22.

4724 W. Sixth St., Kendra B. Larson purchased from Sydney J. Burnett for $215,000, residential, 4/22.

309 N. 60th Ave. W., Clara P. Dick purchased from Noah C. Nelson for $108,000, residential, 4/22.


14 E. Eighth St., Katherine Clements purchased from Carrie A. Black for $240,001, residential, 4/22.

622 E. Eighth St., Redeeming Homes LLC purchased from Schuldner LLC for $110,000, residential, 4/22.

2148 Adirondack St., Traci Thoreson purchased from Julie M. and Steven S. Samuelson for $425,000, residential, 4/22.

1208 W. Arrowhead Road, October Allen purchased from Donald Soderlund Jr. for $250,000, residential, 4/22.           

2544 Becks Road, Dylan Beaver and K. Stauffenecker purchased from Shelly and Brian McMinn for $285,000, residential, 5/22.

7436 Brighton St., Robin Sanford purchased from Mary Brown for $225,000, residential, 4/22.

7535 Brighton St., Travis Salo purchased from Northern Property Ventures LLC for $225,000, residential, 4/22.

2531 Chambersburg Ave., Ian Bradshaw and Caitlin Richard purchased from Jane Rolle for $212,000, residential, 4/22.


614 Crystal Drive, Roberta and Gary Lane purchased from Mary and David Larsen for $605,000, residential, 4/22.

3518 Decker Road, Lon M. Hovland purchased from Daniel Mitchell for $410,000, residential, 4/22.         

3116 Exeter St., Ryan and Holly Rusnak purchased from John and Leslie Krysiak for $169,900, residential, 4/22.

3504 Garden Park Drive, Persia Dorris purchased from Nathan and Brittany Ellison for $604,000, residential, 4/22.

439 Hartley Place, Edsa Storage LLC purchased from Kevin P. Murphy for $550,000, residential, 4/22.      

2221 Hillcrest Drive, Kayla and David Klumb II purchased from Stephen Welsh for $256,500, residential, 4/22.

4198 Jackson Drive, Ryan Clark purchased from Mark A. and Jamie C. Sams for $800,000, residential, 5/22.

4706 Jay St., Scott C. Johnson purchased from Carmiel and Julian Notte for $247,000, residential, 4/22.

4836 Jensen Road, Tyler and Kaisa Wieber purchased from Jeffrey R. and Jasmine M. Pape for $253,000, residential, 4/22.

3705 Keene Creek Lane, Dione Fosdick purchased from Dione Fosdick for $1, residential, 4/22.

6511 Lexington St., Donald Winberg purchased from Siegrun Horst-Kauti for $75,000, residential, 4/22.  

1828 London Road, New Birgelen LLC purchased from Rory B. Litwin Revocable Trust for $250,000, residential, 4/22.

560 Marshall St., Carlos R. and Carolina F. Goulart purchased from Greg A. and Kara C. McGillivray for $1,100,000, residential, 5/22.

1402 W. Morgan St., M&T Real Estate LLC purchased from Frank H. and Kristy M. Stokes for $349,000, residential, 4/22.  

1904 Morningside Ave., M. Quinchia-Rios and K. McConnel purchased from Roberta Pearl Dwyer Revocable Trust for $338,200, residential, 4/22.

2421 Norton Road, Alexandra and Matthew Kleven purchased from Brandon and Miranda Dietz for $410,000, residential, 4/22.              

5418 Oneida St., H. L. and D. A. Finstrom and S. A. Finstrom purchased from Darlene Brown for $246,000, residential, 4/22.

120 E. Oxford St., Paula Bloomquist and Ian Young purchased from Thomas G. and Karla J. Edwards for $400,000, residential, 4/22.

3691 Patriot Lane, Michael J. Farrell purchased from Jay D. and Jill L. Zierden for $425,000, residential, 5/22.

3307 Piedmont Ave., Derek Tucci purchased from Christopher Kylen for $165,000, residential, 4/22.

3828 Prosperity Road, Hudyma Prosperity Properties purchased from Members Cooperative Credit Union for $1,100,000, commercial (with buildings), 4/22.

5231 E. Superior St., Lakeside Land Co. LLC purchased from Joseph and Amie K. Golcz for $285,000, commercial (with buildings), 4/22.

4082 Ugstad Road, Jerrid and Danielle Anderson purchased from Benjamin Lilliberg for $239,000, residential, 4/22.

3006 Vernon St., J. Walstrom Properties LLC purchased from United States Secretary of Housing for $82,501, residential, 5/22.              

5801 Wildlife Drive, Thomas E. and Amy M. Johnson purchased from Gregory T. and Joan M. Hanson for $452,000, residential, 4/22.

2018 Woodhaven Lane, Corey and Katie Christensen purchased from Robert T. and Ann W. Doucette for $395,000, residential, 4/22.        

5328 Wyoming St., Diana L. Wilberscheid purchased from Rebeccah K. Ahlrich for $253,000, residential, 4/22.             

5118 Wyoming St., Evan and Kaitlyn Jamar purchased from Heather M. Davern for $276,000, residential, 4/22.            

Residential bare land, Patrick Flattery purchased from Hartley Hills Land Development for $150,000, residential - bare land, 4/22.

Residential bare land, Siona Roberts and Thomas Shull purchased from Kimberly Nolin for $52,000, residential - bare land, 4/22.       

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