Property Transactions for June 29, 2022

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.                  

500 E. 10th St., JF Stager Properties LLC purchased from Reasor Properties Inc. for $885,000, commercial (with buildings), 4/22.

217 N. 24th Ave. E., Pamela and Matthew Krueger purchased from Joyce L. Daugherty for $300,000, residential, 3/22.

2415 W. 24th St., Timothy A. and Julie E. Skiba purchased from Jerry F. and Audrey J. Michelizzi for $235,600, residential, 4/22.

631 N. 27th Ave. W., J. Cieluch and A. Christianson purchased from Hinton Properties LLC for $67,995, residential, 4/22.


107 N. 29th Ave. W., Tra Enterprises LLC purchased from Deborah Hudson for $125,000, residential, 4/22.    

725 N. 43rd Ave. E., Jack Hagley purchased from Christine Russom for $242,750, residential, 4/22.

229 S. 56th Ave. W., Jamey J. Brimer purchased from Bret Ostberg for $210,000, residential, 4/22.

232 W. Anoka St., Maudie and Rory James purchased from Kyle T. Schroeder for $276,000, residential, 4/22.

1630 W. Arrowhead Road, Ryan L. Thilmany purchased from David M. and Andrea C. Hepola for $225,000, residential, 4/22.

1145 Brainerd Ave., Andrew, Ryan, Richard and Barnard Ozan purchased from Weiqing Zhang and Chicheng Wang for $264,000, residential, 4/22.

1701 Dunedin Ave., Deborah Doyle purchased from Gregory J. and Kristin M. Tesdahl for $295,000, residential, 4/22.              

1006 N. Eighth Ave. E., Hans Anderson purchased from Britt and Leon Rohrbaugh Jr.  for $210,000, residential, 4/22.


1812 E. Eighth St., Neil Bromenshenkel purchased from Chris and Kelli Priley for $84,900, residential, 4/22.     

1320 Eklund Ave., Loretta Hanson purchased from Taylor E. and Jennifer Bjork for $205,000, residential, 4/22.   

4212 Enterprise Circle, Cirrus Design Corporation purchased from Seaway Port Authority for $2,600,000, exempt from property tax, 3/22.

820 E. Fifth St., Tra Enterprises LLC purchased from Randall and Patricia Pfingsten for $577,500, apartment, 4/22.           

2315 E. Fourth St., Adam Mackie purchased from FJR Properties LLC for $285,000, residential, 4/22.

804 Fourth St., Brittany Garrick and David Snediker purchased from Jonathan D. and Elizabeth Keys for $205,000, residential, 4/22.

3821 E. Fourth St., Michael and Elizabeth Edmunds purchased from F. and J. Parker Jr. and M. Mobley for $220,000, residential, 4/22.

4208 W. Fourth St., One Roof Community Housing purchased from Krystalena Lafont for $130,000, residential, 4/22.         


3900 Gladstone St., Randolph E. and Kathleen M. Kubes purchased from Andrew and Jennifer Reierson for $830,000, residential, 4/22.

4250 Haines Road, FRHP Lincolnshire LLC purchased from Igo Properties LLC for $850,000, commercial - bare land, 3/22.

5815 Highway 194, Daniel H. Green purchased from Mary McDonald for $370,000, residential, 4/22.

3144 Lindahl Road, Amy Sader purchased from Dana and Caleb Rhodes for $200,000, residential, 4/22.

227 W. Mankato St., Matthew and Zoe Wennberg purchased from The John Eugene Seitz Living Trust for $240,000, residential, 3/22.

5359 North Shore Drive, Keith Liuzzi and Diana Cummins purchased from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $444,000, residential, 4/22.

5009 Otsego St., Jennie and Woody Smith purchased from C. and B. Wright and Wright Rentals for $297,000, residential, 4/22.              

4310 Otsego St., Vicky Makky purchased from Lisa M. and Adam Fried for $151,000, residential, 4/22.

3025 Parkwood Lane, Marilyn and Robert W. Maas purchased from James S. and Dianne L. Pederson for $455,000, residential, 4/22.

910 Redbud St., Naomi E. and Joseph S. Effinger purchased from Jeffrey Sagal for $345,000, residential, 4/22.

325 W. Redwing St., Chandler Gufflyr and Connor Slawson purchased from Angela Webb-Milinkovich for $250,000, residential, 4/22.

147 W. Redwing St., Travis Leverenz and Emilee Meyer purchased from Daniel F. and Susan L. Hodnick for $255,000, residential, 4/22.

3019 Restormel St., Up North Acquisitions LLC  purchased from McLeod County Property Management for $160,000, residential, 4/22.

716 N. Second Ave., Huyen T. Bui purchased from Tommy R. and Anna M. Peterson for $231,000, residential, 4/22.           

614 Second St., Harvest Church of Rochester Inc. purchased from Living Faith Ministries Inc. for $7,000, exempt from property tax, 4/22.

1128 E. Seventh St., Scott Parks purchased from Schuldner LLC for $122,000, residential, 4/22.

4628 W. Sixth St., Michelle King purchased from Paula Carlson and Melissa Finnelly for $245,000, residential, 4/22.           

1330 E. Superior St., 1330 E. Superior LLC purchased from Bohbot Enterprises LLC for $2,200,000, commercial (with buildings), 4/22.

523 W. Third St., Kevin Kalligher purchased from Simplicity Properties LLC for $265,000, residential, 4/22.            

6 Viewcrest Ave., Hannah Mellesmoen purchased from Robert D. and Kristiane O. Harder for $185,000, residential, 4/22.

5210 Wadena St.,  Jakob Speich and Alicia Christensen purchased from Kayla M. Hansen for $130,000, residential, 4/22.

318 Wildwood Drive, Teresa O'Toole purchased from Susan H. and David A. Wandersee for $398,000, residential, 4/22.

Address unassigned, Brian Bush and Jeffrey Schmidt purchased from Jay and Helyn Woolf for $180,000, residential, 4/22.

Address unassigned, Shukan LLC purchased from Seshan-Jimenez and Seshan-Jimenez for $95,000, residential, 4/22.

Residential bare land, Amanda Saari purchased from Diane M. Bloomquist for $17,000, residential - bare land, 4/22.

Residential bare land, Blake and Michelle Pattridge purchased from Nola White and Michael Kokotovich for $117,000, residential - bare land, 4/22.

Bare land, Mavrik Inc. purchased from Susan Radtke for $60,000, bare land, 4/22.

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