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Property transactions for June 27

Duluth property transactions June 15-22 106 S. 15th Ave. E., James P. Talago purchased from U.S. Bank National for $56,000, residential, 5/16.1307 N. 20th Ave. E., Xuansun X. Li purchased from Wesley Johnson for $182,000, residential, 5/16.102 S....

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Duluth property transactions

June 15-22

106 S. 15th Ave. E., James P. Talago purchased from U.S. Bank National for $56,000, residential, 5/16.
1307 N. 20th Ave. E., Xuansun X. Li purchased from Wesley Johnson for $182,000, residential, 5/16.
102 S. 30th Ave. E., Kari J. and Gary J. Hedin purchased from Thomas R. and Eleanor H. Duffus for $338,000, residential, 4/16.
507 N. 34th Ave. E., Andrew and Brittany Prebeg purchased from Perry and Kristine Speros for $294,350, residential, 6/16.
6 S. 36th Ave. E., Anne E. Zbaracki, et al., purchased from Ferne Liberty for $265,000, residential, 6/16.
836 N. 43rd Ave. W., Channie Homich purchased from Herrick-Parks, Parks and Takala for $111,000, residential, 6/16.
1808 N. 47th Ave. E., Thomas A. Schlotec Jr. purchased from Marcie R. Wheat for $140,000, residential, 6/16.
615 N. 59th Ave. W., Josh Ruhnke purchased from Nationstar Mortgage LLC for $18,100, residential, 5/16.
336 N. 61st Ave. W., Janice G. and Mark J. Mesich purchased from Brenda K. and James Dalton for $141,000, residential, 5/16.
32 S. 61st Ave. W., Lucas L. Nordby purchased from Karen M. Day for $146,900, residential, 5/16.
304 N. 61st Ave. W., Lyndsay and Carl Sauer purchased from Robert S. Floria and Cait Perry for $144,900, residential, 5/16.
323 N. 62nd Ave. W., Angela Caracciolo purchased from Federal National Mortgage Association for $43,400, residential, 5/16.
416 S. 71st Ave. W., Julie Fisher purchased from Lowell R. and Karen A. Widmark for $126,600, residential, 5/16.
626 Boulevard Place, Daniel W. and Gianina C. Bellamy purchased from Jill McIver and Bradley Brozek for $365,000, residential, 5/16.
2802 Branch St., Rachel Z. and Michael T. Gordon purchased from Catherine B. and Galen Sundeen for $472,000, residential, 6/16.
915 N. Central Ave., Kimberly Rowley and Paul Tirebuck purchased from Patricia J. Gay for $163,500, residential, 6/16.
115 Coffee Creek Blvd., Paula Avery purchased from Menard Inc. for $32,500, residential - bare land, 6/16.
1746 Columbus Ave., David V. and Margaret R. Walsh purchased from Barbara J. Elmquist for $159,900, residential, 5/16.
4314 Cooke St., Bonne E. Lecocq purchased from Nathan M. and Rachel L. Peterson for $205,000, residential, 6/16.
4318 Cooke St., Michael and Shirley Meyers purchased from Donald A. and Moriah M. Mattevi for $157,500, residential, 6/16.
3059 Devonshire St., Robert Robinson purchased from Lynda Ferichs for $128,000, residential, 6/16.
1809 Eileen Ave., Kathryn N. Cooley purchased from Emmery J. Prisk for $130,000, residential, 6/16.
1714 Fern Ave., Katie and Tyler M. Fast purchased from Brent V. and Racel A. Micken for $289,000, residential, 5/16.
2621 W. Fifth St., Claire and David Salo purchased from Patrick and Laura Bergen for $125,000, residential, 5/16.
1330 Foster Ave., Paul R. Myers purchased from Jonette J. Jordan for $140,000, residential, 6/16.
4631 W. Fourth St., Brittany Johnson purchased from Christine R. Anttila for $118,500, residential, 5/16.
4107 W. Fourth St., Jon E. Johnson purchased from Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association for $31,500, residential, 5/16.
2844 Hutchinson Road, Matthew Meyer purchased from the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $135,100, residential, 6/16.
1825 Hutchinson Road, Megan and Wesley Caple purchased from Debra Salzer for $117,500, residential, 6/16.
4102 Jay St., Eric B. and Janet M. Skadsberg purchased from David A. Bergan and S. Clairmont for $209,000, residential, 6/16.
1140 S. Lake Ave., Jeffrey W. and Kathleen Condon purchased from Jerry D. Paulson, et al., for $285,000, residential, 5/16.
408 Leicester Ave., Peter Witrak purchased from Daniel B. Legg for $289,900, residential, 4/16.
2602 Livingston Ave., Joseph and Hariklia Jauhola purchased from Joel F. and Sarah Hare for $175,000, residential, 5/16.
5035 London Road, Blaine L. and Paula Nordwall purchased from Carl F. Braafladt for $172,000, residential, 5/16.
5718 Main St., Mark A. McDonald purchased from Raymond and Virginia Rodenwald for $64,000, residential, 5/16.
117 Marion St., Bora Inc. purchased from Steven and Patricia Lasky for $150,000, residential, 6/16.
4730 Matterhorn Circle, Land Advantage LLC purchased from J&S IV LLC for $2,050,000, apartment, 6/16.
1126 Mesaba Ave., Charles and Janice Elliott purchased from Karen S. Walker for $250,000, residential, 6/16.
2317 Nanticoke St., Jonathan Cannata purchased from Carol L. Kempf for $150,000, residential, 6/16.
1527 North Road, Cory S. and Molly J. Weinrich purchased from Susan J. and Gary L. Siverson for $228,000, residential, 5/16.
810 Northland Ave., Richard H. and Kathryn U. Cochrane purchased from Cynthia and Kurtis Ulrich for $172,000, residential, 5/16.
1424 E. Second St., Chateau Properties LLC purchased from GATR Properties LLC for $275,000, apartment, 5/16.
1323 N. Seventh Ave. E., Alex P. and Jessica A. Ebens purchased from Gary and Kari J. Hedin for $183,000, residential, 5/16.
1522 E. Seventh St., Jamie and Jenna Griffin purchased from Kristoffer D. and Nicole Sauter for $127,000, residential, 5/16.
4620 W. Sixth St., Lori B. Horton purchased from the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $70,250, residential, 5/16.
407 Sparkman Ave., James and Gina Ratajek purchased from Kerri L. Persons for $195,000, residential, 5/16.
2928 E. Superior St., Brooks and Teresa Rajala purchased from Christopher D. and Jessica Gruska for $229,383, residential, 6/16.
9024 Swenson Ave., Kyle Smith purchased from Phillip Rust for $214,000, residential, 5/16.
640 Valley Drive, Christopher D. and Jessica Gruska purchased from Brent T. Anderson and C. Olson for $282,500, residential, 6/16.
1110 Valley Drive, Shawn and Gwen Pritchard purchased from the Baur family trust for $450,000, residential, 6/16.
1846 Wallace Ave., Kyle and Danielle C. Aagenes purchased from Steven Schuder for $157,100, residential, 6/16.
427 Wildwood Drive, James J. Turchi purchased from Richard D. and Janice Lenes for $180,000, residential, 6/16.
212 W. Winona St., Trent T. Prigge and Genna Peterson purchased from Tyler M. and Katie A. Fast for $180,000, residential, 5/16.
Address unassigned, Aaron M. Christen purchased from Larson Investments LLC for $263,000, residential, 5/16.
Commercial bare land, Stephen P. Urie purchased from Republic Bank Inc. for $12,000, 5/16.
Residential bare land, David and Jenna Hilleren purchased from New Market Bank for $54,400, 5/16.
Residential bare land, Gina Welsh-Rabold purchased from Kelly N. Frisbie for $17,000, 6/16.

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