Property Transactions for July 27, 2022

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.            

108 E. 11th St., Green New Deal Housing purchased from The Housing and Redevelopment Department for $29,700, residential, 5/22.

2712 W. 11th St., Jacqueline Solie and Ryan Livernois purchased from The Janice I. Roman Revocable Trust for $453,000, residential, 5/22.

2210 W. 12th St., Daniel and Stephanie Carland purchased from Patricia Fisher for $190,416, residential, 5/22. 

422 N. 43rd Ave. W., Magen and Michael Melroy purchased from Kelly and Naomi L. Lind for $200,000, residential, 5/22.


431 N. 51st Ave. W., Peter Douglas and Alys Milinkovich purchased from Festies Inc. for $229,750, residential, 5/22.   

1307 N. 56th Ave. W., Kieffer Higgins purchased from Ruth E. and Lloyd S. Knotts for $212,000, residential, 4/22.

616 N. 57th Ave. W., Jeanne M. Tondryk purchased from Trust Agreement of Paul R. Zwak for $177,600, residential, 5/22.

27 N. 58th Ave. W., Sandra F. West purchased from Marcia Haske for $85,000, residential, 5/22.

2431 Anderson Road,  Noah Pearson and Lea Hamm-Digatono purchased from James Thoreson for $339,000, residential, 5/22.

420 W. Anoka St., Mary and Matthew Stenson purchased from Aaron T. and Allison M. Heaslet for $530,000, residential, 5/22.                

7246 Brighton St., Matthew D. Judnick purchased from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $205,500, residential, 5/22.

26 Cato Ave., Thomas Anderson purchased from C. and T. Pulling and M. Radelat for $152,500, residential, 5/22.


1518 Cottonwood Ave., Nick and Melissa L. Bergman purchased from Brett T. and Jennifer Kolquist for $550,000, residential, 5/22.

710 Crystal Drive, Justin and Kelsey Teal purchased from Trevor and Cassandra Nelson for $520,000, residential, 5/22. 

3321 Decker Road, Cole Martin purchased from Mark and Kristin Hagmeyer for $335,000, residential, 5/22.

5141 Glenwood St., Jason A. and Danielle E. Filipek purchased from Laurie Indvik for $295,000, residential, 5/22. 

4157 Haines Road,  Valvoline LLC purchased from SLS Quicklubes LLC for $600,000, commercial (with buildings), 5/22.

4042 Haines Road, Wayne G. and Patricia A. Reynolds purchased from Judith A. Siegle Trust for $323,000, residential, 5/22.

2545 Harvey St., Alexander Moore purchased from Andrea Brichta and Robert Bauers for $244,000, residential, 5/22.

402 W. Ideal St., Dominick Desimone purchased from Ryan McCabe for $180,000, residential, 5/22.          


357 Kenilworth Ave., Alison Glattly and Paul Eastburg purchased from Tadd M. and Emily M. Johnson for $550,000, residential, 5/22.

5917 London Road, Brad Ahrens purchased from Hannah K. and Haydn Johnson for $330,311, residential, 5/22.

5701 London Road, Brendan P. and Paulette M. Neylon purchased from Rogers, Dodge, Delvin, et al. for $275,000, residential, 5/22.

2164 Old North Shore Road, John L. and Sally L. Huntington purchased from Milo H. Miller for $357,500, residential, 5/22.          

2801 W. Second St., Alex Kuschner and Jace Legarde purchased from Randy Parrott for $200,000, residential, 5/22.

2022 Shilhon Road,  Geoff and Cara Nelson purchased from Natalie Parkhouse for $387,408, residential, 5/22.

801 E. Skyline Parkway, Alicia and Nathan Hall purchased from Melissa and Nicholas G. Bergman for $305,000, residential, 5/22.

4021 Stebner Road, Jonathon G. and Laura A. Enright purchased from Ross T. and Katie B. Peterson for $480,000, residential, 5/22.

3971 Sterling Pond Place, Erik D. and Gina K. Blair purchased from Corey M. and Amanda G. Schwartz for $680,000, residential, 5/22.

2631 E. Superior St., Harold and Katrina Heinze  purchased from Christopher S. and Jody A. Chromy for $340,000, residential, 5/22.

2207 W. Third St., William Rossi purchased from Tranah Holdings LLC for $185,000, residential, 5/22.

4911 Trails End Drive, Nicholas and Joan E. Ostapenko purchased from Sylvia A. De Freitas Survivors for $650,000, residential, 5/22.

4874 Trails End Drive, Phillip and Emily Thomas purchased from Gina K. and Erik D. Blair for $682,000, residential, 5/22.          

Bare land, Center Wellness purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Department  for $26,900, exempt from property tax, 5/22.

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