Property Transactions for Jan. 27, 2021

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

2235 W. 12th St., Raichel Michael Jr. purchased from Sarah Lovermeier for $161,000, residential, 10/20.

1101 N. 57th Ave. W., Daniel R. and Lydia Roach purchased from Scott E. and Danielle D. Peterson for $189,900, residential, 10/20.

625 N. 58th Ave. E., Carl Peterson and Stephanie Waugaman purchased from Dane Frigstad for $190,500, residential, 10/20.

1307 N. 59th Ave. W., Kayla K. and Sean S. Moria purchased from Brent M. and Rachel C. Stoen for $169,500, residential, 10/20.


2 N. 66th Ave. W., Allison Kaldahl purchased from Gary M. and Vicki Paulson for $85,000, residential, 10/20.

20 S. 69th Ave. W., Beatriz Becerril Miron purchased from Katherine H. Johnson for $65,000, residential, 10/20.

10 E. 7th St., Daniel and Lotta Kiuru-Ribar purchased from Scott L. and Viola J. West for $140,000, residential, 10/20.

411 N. 85th Ave. W., Kathleen Halverson purchased from Windsor, Black, Vincent, et al. for $237,000, residential, 10/20.

1111 98th Ave. W., Tyler and Samantha Miller purchased from Mary Holschuh and Michael Baker for $170,000, residential, 11/20.

3818 Allendale Ave., Lisa M. and William D. Munson purchased from Martin H. and Ann Van for $301,900, residential, 11/20.

821 Almac Drive, Homebee Adult Foster Care LLC purchased from Sandra L. Kiminki Revocable Trust for $325,000, residential, 10/20.

3006 Bald Eagle Trail, Andrew R. and Alison M. Kilpo purchased from Addie C. Vittorio for $418,000, residential, 11/20.


5092 Benson Road, Barry and Courtney Fernholz purchased from James M. Smith for $351,500, residential, 10/20.

4073 Calvary Road E., Grady L. Gjovik purchased from Thomas Constantini for $96,900, residential, 10/20.

4509 Dodge St., Kimberly Mullvain purchased from Hannah and Brandon Marttila for $225,000, residential, 10/20.

2727 E. Eighth St., Anne MaClean Revocable Trust purchased from The Asperheim Family Revocable Trust for $362,100, residential, 11/20.

815 E. Eighth St., Greg and Debra Goeks purchased from Richard A. and Brigitte M. Ward for $154,900, residential, 11/20.

422 N. Fifth Ave. E., Bigelow Capital LLC purchased from New Birgelen LLC for $135,000, residential, 10/20.

221 W. Fifth St., Michelle Owens and Michael Polcaro purchased from Sunny Brook Holdings Llc for $245,000, residential, 11/20.

3827 W. Fifth St., Eric J. Denney purchased from Durbin Keeney III for $166,000, residential, 10/20.


1507 E. Fourth St., Alexander Witte purchased from Chad A. and Charlotte A. Follmer for $140,000, residential, 11/20.

3711 Getchell Road, Kaili Cadotte purchased from David and Amy Oakes for $285,000, residential, 11/20.

1008 Grand View Ave., Chelsea and Michael Brandon purchased from Julie A. Pearce for $186,999, residential, 10/20.

5361 Greenwood Road, Garett Frantz purchased from Anderson, Connor, McCorison et al. for $220,000, residential, 10/20.

3331 Greysolon Place, Luke A. Law and Olivia Huston purchased from Timothy O. and Joie A. Lee for $550,000, residential, 10/20.

1921 Hartley Road, Shannon and Brandon Benzer purchased from Jane and Goldfarb and Jeffrey Adams for $265,000, residential, 10/20.

321 Hickory St., Terrance and Gloria Palmer purchased from Keelerd and Holt, et al. for $319,900, residential, 10/20.

5772 Highway 194, Donald Buchanan purchased from The Mae A. Klawitter Trust for $165,000, residential, 10/20.


2985 Hillsdale Road, Homebee Adult Foster Care LLC purchased from Sandra L Kiminki Revocable Trust for $215,000, residential, 10/20.

2820 Jefferson St., Olivia and Mark E. Krenz purchased from Betty L. and William M. Wallace for $175,000, residential, 10/20.

313 Kelly Circle, Makenzie Morse purchased from The Sharon L. Gill Trust, a Revocable Trust for $150,000, residential, 10/20.

5639 Maple Grove Road, Dianne and William Kendall Jr. purchased from Sylvan A. Larson for $256,000, residential, 11/20.

545 Marshall St., Matthew and Kerry K. Maki purchased from Diane and Jason E. McCaffrey for $770,000, residential, 10/20.

4750 Mary Lane Drive, Alanna C. and Justin P. Lee purchased from Dustin D. and Kristin L. Carlson for $372,000, residential, 10/20.

423 W. Morgan St., Selina Larsen purchased from Andrew Rokala for $175,500, residential, 10/20.

2622 Piedmont Ave., Caitlyn R. Minor purchased from Cole and Mark Ledin for $167,500, residential, 10/20.


5025 Reid Road, Sarah Gustafson purchased from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $205,000, residential, 10/20.

5544 Ryan Road, Joseph and Christianne Baumgartner purchased from Gary J. and Sandra J. Sherman for $350,000, residential, 10/20.

217 Seventh St., Drucilla and Kaylor Chesney purchased from Jean Dickey for $199,900, residential, 10/20.

233 Sitka St., David Klein purchased from Patricia Gosz Trust for $274,900, residential, 10/20.

407 E. Sixth St., Jeffrey Klein and Shaina Brassard purchased from Thomas P. and Jeannette Antonich for $132,900, residential, 10/20.

2319 W. Sixth St., Keri A. Koskiniemi purchased from Harold A. Eck for $125,000, residential, 10/20.

2701 W. Third St., Redemption Ministry Fellowship purchased from Spirit of God Lutheran Church for $185,000, commercial (with buildings), 10/20.

4730 Tioga St., Natalie K. and Patrick A. McMahon purchased from Elizabeth N. and Paul Moore for $212,000, residential, 10/20.


588 W. Winona St., Alexander B. and Trace A. Birno purchased from Mary K. Payson for $270,000, residential, 10/20.

Address unassigned, Sean and Amber Carmichael purchased from Benjamin and Amy Allen Trust for $192,500, residential, 10/20.

Residential bare land, Gemuenden Hermantown Property purchased from Titan Premier LLC for $85,000, residential - bare land, 10/20.

Residential bare land, Gemuenden Hermantown Property purchased from Titan Premier LLC for $30,000, residential - bare land, 10/20.

Residential bare land, Lusiana Gillette purchased from Development WBC for $90,000, residential - bare land, 10/20.

Bare land, Dustin K. and Alyssa M. Follett purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral for $12,750, exempt from property tax, 10/20.

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