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Property Transactions for Jan. 19, 2022

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.    

816 E. 10th St., B.T.  Bromann and N.M. Pholman purchased from Cheryl Stafne for $211,100, residential, 10/21.

1018 E. 10th St., Sarah Kustic purchased from Duane, Laura and Chloe Larson for $190,500, residential, 10/21.

2214 W. 12th St., Cameron Ruscitti and Kue Xiong purchased from Alexander S. Tessier for $175,000, residential, 10/21.

603 E. 13th St., Alexander Tessier purchased from Steller Properties Amoeber LLC for $194,300, residential, 10/21.


710 N. 18th Ave. E., Jeffrey and Jennifer Bombard purchased from Mary Tratnik for $240,000, residential, 10/21.

114 S. 20th Ave. E., Ryan Hopson purchased from Gregory C. and Sarah J. Culver for $245,000, residential, 10/21.

509 N. 53rd Ave. W., Anthony and Christina Lepage purchased from Dave Kisch LLC for $140,000, residential, 10/21.

612 N. 58th Ave. W., Antonio Valdovinos purchased from Drew M. and Breanne Godden for $20,000, residential, 10/21.

924 S. 72nd Ave. W.,  Kileigh Debrock and Thomas Fondo purchased from Brandon Stemwedel for $153,000, residential, 10/21.

2924 N. 85th Ave. W., SKS Trust purchased from Jerome Koneczny for $280,000, residential, 10/21.

1343 91st Ave. W., Alan R. and Arlene M. Caple purchased from Susan Olson and Steven Kuchera for $215,000, residential, 10/21.

3711 Alexander Road, Brooke and Curtis Hilton purchased from Nancy and Richard Aho for $260,000, residential, 10/21.


824 Anderson Road, Benjamin M. and Alyssa A. Begin purchased from Mindy B. and Eric Freberg for $241,824, residential, 10/21.

531 Anderson Road, Cheryl M. and James Norland purchased from Neil A. and Debra Vanderport for $294,000, residential, 10/21.

541 Anderson Road, Tracy Martin purchased from Estate of Daniel Turnquist for $251,000, residential, 10/21.

5104 Beaver Creek Road, Steven D. and Kimberly A. Noldin purchased from Mark T. and Anita R. Peterson for $560,000, residential, 10/21.

810 Chester Park Drive, Joseph C. and Laura A. Granger purchased from Paula M. and Christopher K. Daube for $355,000, residential, 10/21.

5426 Cloquet Road N., Samuel Sinnott purchased from Premier Three Developers Inc. for $290,000, residential, 10/21.

205 Coffee Creek Boulevard, Mary Lick purchased from J&B Homes LLC for $450,000, residential - bare land, 10/21.

8301 Congdon Boulevard, Rosemary F. Skorich Revocable Trust purchased from Roberta and Paul Gilsdorf for $141,000, residential, 10/21.


9321 Congdon Boulevard, Stephen C. and Susan C. Spencer purchased from Robert W. Luedtke for $180,000, residential, 10/21.

29 E. Eighth St., Jason McGrath purchased from Alvine and Jeffrey P. Shatto for $215,000, residential, 10/21.

831 E. Fifth St., Janelle McGrath purchased from Gary and Marsha Preston for $138,000, residential, 10/21.

402 W. Fifth St., Munger Carriage LLC purchased from Dennis F. and Kathryn J. Grossman for $167,000, residential, 10/21.

1113 W. First St., Ryan Hunt purchased from Fionna Robinson and Sam Maceneany for $205,000, residential, 10/21.

3028 E. First St., Mark Duffy and Sarah Dooling purchased from Elizabeth L. Kallio for $338,000, residential, 10/21.

2011 Gearhart St., Matthew J. and Brooklyn Bulf purchased from Estate of Raymond F. Zylka for $175,000, residential, 10/21.

4330 Glenwood St., Garrett Busch purchased from Debra Persson for $230,000, residential, 10/21.

1905 Greysolon Road, Gregory Sumner purchased from Dudley and Jacqueline A. Elliott for $144,000, residential, 10/21.

204 W. House St., Diana Loukes purchased from Tawnee J. Conlon for $170,000, residential, 10/21.

5402 Juniata St., Damon C. Laurion purchased from Dennis K. Laurion for $204,000, residential, 10/21.

4920 London Road, John D. and Carolyn K. Duba purchased from Gregg and Theresa Schmaedeke for $500,000, residential, 10/21.

5123 McConnell Road, Larry Olson and Lisa Kollander purchased from Nicholas A. and Beth Suiter for $730,000, residential, 10/21.

4520 McCulloch St., Emily and Jordan Engelhard Meyers purchased from Mary C. and Richard L. Frost for $260,000, residential, 10/21.

1534 Minnesota Ave., Michael Kaselnak and Taylor Michel purchased from Patrick and Gloria Dunleavy for $820,000, residential, 10/21.

1207 Mississippi Ave., Trina D. and Gene R. White purchased from Deborah D. Cooper for $295,000, residential, 10/21.

2809 Morris Thomas Road, Cassidy Kaneski and Trevor Ehnes purchased from Andrew Haefner for $217,500, residential, 10/21.

1431 N. Ninth Ave. E., Susan L. Hall purchased from Rebecca A. Cashin for $200,000, residential, 10/21.

215 Occidental Boulevard, T. Montgomery and C. Schmidt purchased from Delia and Paul H. Charles for $390,000, residential, 10/21.

45 E. Owatonna St.,  Sommer Schaefer and Dustin Renne purchased from Elizabeth J. Mattson for $253,000, residential, 10/21.

2421 Pineview Ave., James L. and Gina M. Ratajek purchased from Donald A. and Janis R. Carlson for $359,900, residential, 10/21.

3106 Restormel St., Paul Horvatich purchased from Theresa D. Envall for $155,000, residential, 10/21.

5314 Roosevelt Drive, Kyle and Elizabeth Robson purchased from David S. and Marlene P. Manion for $668,000, residential, 10/21.

5770 Rose Road, Amanda Burcar-Annis  purchased from Noel and Tricia Kohanski for $549,900, residential, 10/21.

509 Selfridge Drive, Dennis and Stephanie Adamski purchased from Puttagounder Swaminathan for $180,000, residential, 10/21.

119 N. Seventh Ave. W., Kimberly and Griffin Flaajon purchased from Susan J. and Errol M. Anderson for $215,000, residential, 10/21.

13 E. Seventh St., Tony Sorenson purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Department  for $141,400, residential, 10/21.

4631 W. Sixth St., Robin Coats purchased from P. and T. Bjorklund and P. and B. Iverson for $160,000, residential, 10/21.

12554 W. Skyline Parkway, David Bibbs and Jenny Foster purchased from Jeffrey A. and Shelly R. Daveau for $125,000, residential, 10/21.

5321 Split Rail Drive, Matthew A. and Valerie J. Bordson purchased from David W. and Diane M. Kolquist for $560,000, residential, 10/21.

2224 W. Superior St., SR6 LLC purchased from Elizabeth Howard for $850,000, commercial (with buildings), 10/21.

2009 W. Superior St., Urbane 218 LLC purchased from Boathouse Enterprises LLC for $475,000, commercial (with buildings), 10/21.

4143 W. Tischer Road, Royce H. and Sarah R. Bunn purchased from Dan L. and Denise A. Olson for $57,000, residential, 10/21.

1522 Triggs Ave., Michael, Julie and Jacob McDonnell purchased from Joseph and Charlene Gallian for $467,500, residential, 10/21.

1923 Valhalla Drive, Benjamin Wasche purchased from Dale F. and Karen A. Vavra for $535,000, residential, 10/21.

3203 Vernon St., Ellen Samuelson purchased from Steven and Priscila Rockwood for $150,000, residential, 10/21.

8421 Vinland St., Jenny Meyer purchased from Misty and Todd Clark for $304,300, residential, 10/21.

303 Wadena St., Hsin-Mei Sun purchased from Michelle A. Bleicher for $219,000, residential, 10/21.

1850 Wallace Ave., Christopher and Lauren Berg purchased from Pearl P. Johnson for $215,000, residential, 10/21.

Address unassigned, Brett Mlaskoch purchased from Wayne and Peggy Dahlberg for $645,000, residential, 10/21.

Address unassigned, Cade Raukar purchased from Benjamin Ahlberg for $34,000, residential, 10/21.

Commercial bare land, Adam Swor purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Department for $9,700, commercial - bare land, 10/21.

Residential bare land, Janet M. Clegg purchased from Andrew P. Olker for $29,900, residential - bare land, 10/21.

Residential bare land, Soumis Construction Inc. purchased from Karen Melin for $50,000, residential - bare land, 10/21.

Residential bare land, Thomas Berrisford purchased from Hartley Hills Land Development for $155,000, residential - bare land, 10/21.

Residential bare land, Unique Opportunities LLC purchased from Eischen Family Limited Liability for $990,000, residential - bare land, 10/21.

Bare land, Elevated Management LLC purchased from Ten Lake Properties LLC for $1,600,000, apartment, 10/21.

Bare land, Fernando Garcia and Benajmin Ree purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Department for $6,200, exempt from property tax, 10/21.

Bare land, Jacqueline Wells purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Department for $13,670, exempt from property tax, 10/21.

Bare land, Joel and Dana Amert purchased from Blair Raisanen for $69,900, bare land, 10/21.

Bare land, Justin Pederson purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Department for $5,175, exempt from property tax, 10/21.

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