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Property Transactions for Jan. 12, 2022

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

817 W. Third St., Thomas Gergen purchased from Lawrence and Kandy Leege for $125,000, residential, 10/21.

411 N. 79th Ave. W., Alexa Mattson purchased from Linda Iverson for $175,000, residential, 10/21.

1423 88th Ave. W., Brenda Blasey and Rick Flaherty purchased from Cory Elkington for $70,000, residential, 10/21.

1337 91st Ave. W., Colin and Samantha Vogel purchased from J. and T. Thompson and D. and C. Kostad for $165,000, residential, 10/21.


5124 Avondale St., Abigail and Richard Faulkner purchased from Susannah C. Gressman for $240,000, residential, 10/21.

71 W. Chisholm St., Amos A. and Kristin N. Zoellner purchased from Timothy and Merlyn McMann for $150,000, residential, 10/21.

1422 1/2 E. First St., Porch of Possibilities LLC purchased from Five Northland LLC for $128,000, residential, 10/21.

11 E. Fourth St., BJS Land Co. DLH LLC, a Minnesots limited liability company purchased from Henry Eichman and Nikki Olson for $200,000, residential, 10/21.

619 Fourth St., Patricia Cornelison purchased from Patricia and Brandon Tessier for $170,000, residential, 10/21.

4017 Haines Road, Minh Ly and Vu Vo purchased from Elizabeth Eisel for $229,000, residential, 10/21.

4017 McCulloch St., Slope House LLC purchased from Derek Siegle for $195,000, residential, 10/21.

2702 Midway Road, Patricia and Brandon Tessier purchased from Thomas E. and Michael L. Hipp for $240,000, residential, 10/21.


2138 Miller Creek Drive, Arthur and Barbara Pearman purchased from Edwin N. and Betty L. Carlson for $289,900, residential, 10/21.

403 E. Ninth St., Sabrina Hodgins and Shaun Weber purchased from Anna Hess for $185,000, residential, 10/21.

5330 Old Highway 61, Deron Galston and Arielle Seibold purchased from Joshua Lind for $210,000, residential, 10/21.

218 W. Saint Marie St., Waverly Properties LLC purchased from Jeannette and Lorraine Hall for $222,400, residential, 10/21.

Residential bare land, John and Diana Munger purchased from North Shore LS LLC for $610,000, residential - bare land, 10/21.

Residential bare land, Jonas and Betsy Werpy purchased from Easy Housing of Duluth Inc. for $698,000, residential - bare land, 10/21.

Residential bare land, Peter and Heidi L'esperance purchased from Jonathan Thralow for $97,900, residential - bare land, 10/21.

Bare land, Fischer Commodities LLC purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Dept. for $7,800, exempt from property tax, 10/21.

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