Property Transactions for Feb. 8, 2023

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.  

807 N. 61st Ave. W., Emily and Jacob Lepisto purchased from Michael E. and Jennifer L. Conboy for $330,000, residential, 11/22.

721 E. 11th St., William R. Smith purchased from Sharon A. and Dennis M. Callahan for $155,000, residential, 10/22.

6211 Main St., Colton Allen purchased from Jon and Angela J. Johnson for $150,000, residential, 11/22.

605 Anderson Road, James Porter purchased from Madeline Presley for $318,000, residential, 10/22.


6 Minneapolis Ave., Timothy Belcastro purchased from Gina Paulucci 2020 Trust $175,000, residential, 10/22.

5887 Lonely Pine Drive, Justin and Christina Knetsch purchased from Daniel J. and Patricia A. Beddow for $525,000, residential, 11/22.

5276 Twin Pines St., Bob and June Murphey purchased from 3W Properties Inc. for $503,500, residential - bare land, 11/22.

4949 London Road, Charles and McKenzie Deziel purchased from Kyle and Sarah Lehrke for $525,000, residential, 10/22.

4927 Oakley St., Cassie and Loren Endsley purchased from Hillside Views LLC for $290,000, residential, 11/22.

4682 Lavaque Road, Matthew Silverness purchased from Kevin Schnorr for $120,000, residential, 11/22.

4528 Pitt St., Cameron and Nicole Kolodge purchased from Dennis L. and Kari M. Ramberg for $210,000, residential, 11/22.

414 Pacific Ave., Nicholas Grames purchased from Phoenix and Devin Pensak-Stocke for $114,000, residential, 11/22.


405 Elk St., Richard and Nancy Kraska purchased from Ebony M. and Devin C. Nelson for $243,900, residential, 11/22.

2985 Shannon Road, Nels Kimball purchased from Michael and Kathleen Giese for $432,000, residential, 11/22.

2415 W. Arrowhead Road, Brian B. and Cynthia A. Forsman purchased from Dale Kreager for $189,900, residential, 11/22.

237 W. Kent Road, Kelli R. Koehler purchased from Sean W. and Mariah Dorow for $317,500, residential, 11/22.

209 High St., Michael Huska and Tanya O'Hearon purchased from Charles M. and Alyce K. Payment for $400,000, residential, 10/22.

2033 Woodland Ave., Madison Ruona purchased from Anthony and Huimasybil Valentine for $435,000, residential, 11/22.

150 W. Ideal St., Jerome Arend purchased from Linda Vukovich for $249,900, residential, 11/22.

1422 Fern Ave., Ashlyn and Alexander Arend purchased from Curtis and Megan Drommerhausen for $299,900, residential, 11/22.


1421 97th Ave. W., A. Amundson and D. Rosvold-Sobcyzk purchased from Blaine Youngquist for $110,000, residential, 11/22.

122 S. 60th Ave. W., Ronnie Henry Jr. and Laurit Legutko purchased from Retzlaff Properties LLC for $107,500, residential, 10/22.

11 N. 24th Ave. W., Jerome Fischer purchased from Amalgamated Social Works LLC for $300,000, commercial (with buildings), 11/22.

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