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Property Transactions for Feb. 23

Duluth property transactions Feb. 12-19 418 E. 10th St., Michael Schoonover purchased from Duston Olson for $30,000, residential, 1/15. 206 101st Ave. W., Shari S. Smith purchased from Sherri, Terry and Ashley Dunbar for $118,000, residential, 1/15.

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Duluth property transactions

Feb. 12-19

418 E. 10th St., Michael Schoonover purchased from Duston Olson for $30,000, residential, 1/15.

206 101st Ave. W., Shari S. Smith purchased from Sherri, Terry and Ashley Dunbar for $118,000, residential, 1/15.

412 N. 11th Ave. E., Jeffrey and Elizabeth Dwyer purchased from Wayne W. and Elizabeth L. Nurmi for $119,000, residential, 12/14.


430 N. 11th Ave. E., Josh Friday purchased from Miriam N. Thompson for $225,000, apartment, 12/14.

915 N. 13th Ave. E., Craig W. and Susan L. Knowles purchased from Win Win Properties LLC for $60,500, residential, 1/15.

317 N. 13th Ave. E., Derek and Rachael Bratager purchased from Matthew K. and Darlene Bratager for $100,000, residential, 12/14.

920 N. 13th Ave. E., Soren T. and Janelle M. Udesen purchased from Rachel J. Scharfenberg for $108,500, residential, 1/15.

2627 W. 16th St., Thomas G. and Debra Malloy purchased from John Sobojinski and Maria Gomez for $524,900, residential, 2/15.

414 N. 19th Ave. E., Properties WR3 purchased from Douglas L. Greene and Janice Berg for $150,000, residential, 1/15.

417 N. 23rd Ave. E., John A. Robbins and K. Schreiner purchased from William E. Clark for $229,900, residential, 1/15.

823 N. 24th Ave. W., Judith E. Goar purchased from Gerald E. and Greg A. Olson for $40,000, residential, 1/15.


2223 W. 24th St., Lindsay H. Dean purchased from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. for $111,000, residential, 12/14.

612 N. 34th Ave. E., Mark and Blair Brandt purchased from Lois Leischke for $187,500, residential, 12/14.

1906 N. 51st Ave. E., Jeff and Kristina Polzin purchased from William R. Forseth and Lorrie Fox for $165,000, residential, 12/14.

24 N. 57th Ave. W., Terry J. Johnson purchased from Robert L. Kreuger for $8,850, residential, 1/15.

404 N. 58th Ave. W., PRK Properties of Duluth LLC purchased from Gerald Hoy for $65,000, residential, 1/15.

705 N. 58th Ave. W., Stan and Deanna K. Glumac purchased from Brian T. Mellinger for $52,000, residential, 1/15.

716 N. 59th Ave. W., Gary D. and Debbie Martineau purchased from Hillside Views LLC for $100,000, residential, 2/15.

3 N. 63rd Ave. W., Premier Three Developers Inc. purchased from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. for $39,100, residential, 11/14.


331 S. 69th Ave. W., Christian R. and Lacey A. Hella purchased from Federal National Home Loan for $31,000, residential, 12/14.

1030 S. 71st Ave. W., Richard A. and Maria Erickson purchased from Renier H. and Randi S. Nelson for $123,000, residential, 1/15.

317 N. 78th Ave. W., Lisa E. Herman purchased from Lynn D. and Carrie J. Slordal for $110,000, residential, 1/15.

1328 93rd Ave. W., Jason C. and Jennifer M. Snyder purchased from Jack J. and Phyllis M. Mulek for $128,000, residential, 1/15.

2367 Apple Ridge Drive, Christopher Fudally purchased from Philip H. and Hilja J. Nast for $173,500, residential, 1/15.

323 W. Arrowhead Road, Michael D. and Elizabeth Albrecht purchased from Gerald A. Pommerville for $164,900, residential, 1/15.

5231 Avondale St., Maureen Talarico purchased from David L. Tilden and Kirsten Golden for $176,900, residential, 12/14.

3036 Bald Eagle Circle, Alex and Krista Bastien purchased from Skorco Inc. for $397,700, residential, 1/15.

1418 N. Basswood Ave., Darren L. Dallum purchased from Machikio and Byron Larson for $146,700, residential, 1/15.

626 Blvd. Place, Jill McIver and Bradley Brozek purchased from Brad T. Lowry for $325,000, residential, 1/15.

1225 Brainerd Ave., Zhang and Wang purchased from Saksa, Fadum and Lowery for $147,000, residential, 12/14.

19 E. Buffalo St., Cody Slygh purchased from Frisk and Carlson for $142,750, residential, 1/15.

829 Charles Ave., David E. Pocrnich and Dan Glinski purchased from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $40,500, residential, 1/15.

2110 Columbus Ave., Michael S. and Rita Baron purchased from Katie A. Redig for $189,000, residential, 1/15.

1121 Como Ave., Michael and Sandra Farrell purchased from Robert and Diane Johnson for $310,000, residential, 11/14.

3429 Decker Road, Ryan Hall purchased from Anne and Matthew Nevanen for $140,000, residential, 1/15.

4122 W. Eighth St., Barbara and Ricky L. Blekestad purchased from Daniel L. Walczynski for $109,900, residential, 1/15.

2224 W. Eighth St., Jillian Green and Ryan Johnson purchased from Rhiannon M. Drummond for $104,000, residential, 1/15.

4601 W. Fifth St., Cheryl R. Koski purchased from Peggy A. Scott and and Keith D. Benson for $84,100, residential, 12/14.

929 E. Fifth St., Neustel Rentals LLC purchased from Coleen R. Christensen revocable trust for $212,000, apartment, 2/15.

1616 E. First St., David L. Tilden and Kristen Golden purchased from Robert W. and Marian E. Denno for $201,000, residential, 12/14.

128 W. Fourth St., Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa purchased from Russell R. and Danielle K. Stewart for $190,000, residential, 12/14.

901 E. Fourth St., Michael Schraepfer purchased from Kathlyn and Robb Johnson for $81,000, residential, 2/15.

1117 E. Fourth St., Tracey A. Simonson purchased from Secretary of Housing and Redevelopment for $21,500, residential, 1/15.

2333 Frederick St., Joseph E. and Rhonda J. Cory purchased from Steven E. and Gail Marshik for $267,000, residential, 1/15.

4001 Grand Ave., McGovern Properties LLC purchased from Heskin and Grady for $130,000, commercial (with buildings), 1/15.

819 Grand View Ave., Beverly Siefferman purchased from Eric Elmquist for $222,500, residential, 2/15.

2810 Greysolon Road, David D. Taylor and Amanda Nelson purchased from Timothy J. and Theresa L. Caskey for $292,000, residential, 12/14.

4004 Haines Road, Douglas G. Finstrom purchased from Donald R. Cashin for $101,500, residential, 1/15.

5711 Huntington St., Simco Properties LLC purchased from Western National Bank for $25,000, residential, 2/15.

2857 Hutchinson Road, Kent Trehus purchased from Wells Fargo Bank N.A for $77,000, residential, 2/15.

824 W. Ideal St., Paul L. and Lynette R. Kovach purchased from Joyce M. Zuck for $162,250, residential, 1/15.

1908 Lawn St., Meijun Cai purchased from Mary H. George revocable trust for $170,000, residential, 1/15.

2315 Leonard St., Matthew and Jennifer Moses purchased from Joshua A. and Jenny S. Cross for $259,000, residential, 12/14.

4819 London Road, Jacob K. and Chelsey A. Stonesifer purchased from Christopher and Joy Wierenga for $190,000, residential, 1/15.

5905 London Road, Michael and Beverly Carlson purchased from 21st Mortgage Corp. for $115,000, residential, 10/14.

6029 London Road, Rachel J. Scharfenberg purchased from Wendy S. Schwartz for $248,000, residential, 1/15.

2109 Miller Creek Drive, Norleen G. Braukmann purchased from Janet Tomaino for $178,500, residential, 1/15.

2827 Minnesota Ave., SJK Real Estate Holdings LLC purchased from Linda S. Schuller for $250,000, residential -- bare land, 2/15.

2506 Morris Thomas Road, Patti K. Hamilton purchased from Carol A. Ringstad for $143,900, residential, 1/15.

350 Mygatt Ave., Sri Muthu and Julie Panger purchased from Gary Doty for $157,000, residential, 12/14.

625 N. Ninth Ave. E., Jennifer Janke and James McLaurin purchased from David G. Korich for $90,000, residential, 1/15.

2316 W. Ninth St., Luke Sasse purchased from U.S. Bank N.A. for $35,000, residential, 12/14.

2321 W. Ninth St., Nicole D. Lindquist purchased from Kim A. Ellerman and Connie Schmidt for $40,000, residential, 2/15.

3727 North Ridge Road, Terry P. and Peggy A. Olivas purchased from Alyce B. and W. Dillon Flaherty Sr. for $910,000, residential, 1/15.

440 W. Owatonna St., Nickolas A. Karl purchased from Jane B. Ogston for $123,000, residential, 1/15.

6 Penton Blvd., Jon E. Johnson purchased from U.S. Bank for $13,500, residential, 1/15.

2715 Piedmont Ave., Gary L. and Marcia B. Doty purchased from Warren J. and Wendy J. Collier for $285,000, commercial (with buildings), 12/14.

5514 Raleigh St., Northern Lights REV LLC purchased from Federal National Mortgage Association for $15,100, residential, 1/15.

3221 Restormel St., Casey Erickson purchased from Sawbill Outstate Inc. for $40,000, residential, 2/15.

627 N. Robin Ave., Expanding Horizons Homes LLC purchased from William and Jenelyn B. Copeland for $160,000, residential, 1/15.

2816 E. Second St., Ryan J. and Krista J. Bauers purchased from Mary L. Schoenberg for $205,000, residential, 1/15.

1530 N. Seventh Ave. E., Martha Fasteland purchased from Jennifer F. and Peter M. Kimball for $103,900, residential, 12/14.

614 N. Seventh Ave. E., Sandra and E. Paul Robinson purchased from Federal National Mortgage Association for $8,000, residential -- bare land, 1/15.

1520 N. Seventh Ave. E., Thomas C. Mitchell purchased from Joanne M. and Gary M. Johnson for $114,000, residential, 1/15.

2417 W. Seventh St., John A. Podgorski purchased from Anderson, Crye and Boushie for $20,000, residential, 2/15.

3817 W. Sixth St., Alan B. Nelson purchased from Marjorie K. Irino for $17,000, residential, 1/15.

729 E. Sixth St., Frank Nichols purchased from Lake Superior Investment for $24,000, residential, 1/15.

606 E. Sixth St., Miss Lilly LLC purchased from BLT Properties LLC for $25,000, residential, 12/14.

2214 W. Sixth St., Nicholas M. and April M. Smith purchased from Phyllis Bergstrand and Lavern Hann for $79,000, residential, 1/15.

613 E. Sixth St., Progreso Investments LLC purchased from Patricia J. Fish for $63,000, residential, 1/15.

5505 W. Sixth St., Troy D. and Amy Walker purchased from Pioneer National Bank of Duluth for $145,000, residential, 1/15.

2803 W. Skyline Parkway, Jason W. and Jessica Wetzel purchased from Jon R. and Catherine Dauplaise for $95,000, residential, 2/15.

913 E. Skyline Parkway, Loren and Judith Anderson-Bauer purchased from Stone Financing for $249,900, residential, 2/15.

913 E. Skyline Parkway, Stone Financing LLC purchased from Patricia D. and Gary A. Luke for $249,900, residential, 2/15.

1331 W. Third St., Enger Hills LLC purchased from Block 104 LLC for $229,885, apartment, 2/15.

932 E. Third St., St Luke's hospital of Duluth purchased from June Persons revocable trust for $100,000, apartment, 1/15.

2025 Tyrol St., Adam K. and Christine M. Johnson purchased from Katherine Heuer for $123,000, residential, 1/15.

633 Valley Drive, Sara A. and Philip J. Vallie purchased from Michael E. and Anne S. Orman for $340,000, residential, 1/15.

1728 Vermilion Road, Zachary S. Muckala purchased from Henry F. Coyle for $149,000, residential, 1/15.

8501 Vinland St., Anthony R. Flick purchased from Sharon Moen for $114,000, residential, 11/14.

524 Walnut St., Brian M. and Jody L. Claassen purchased from Federal National Mortgage Association for $102,000, residential, 1/15.

5702 Wyoming St., Adam and Angela Brecht purchased from John M. Berglund for $129,900, residential, 1/15.

Address unassigned, Bernice and Michael Kane purchased from Michael and Sandra Farrell for $325,000, residential, 11/14.

Address unassigned, Black Capital LLC purchased from Cobalt Development LLC for $758,526, residential, 1/15.

Address unassigned, Stacie R. Whaley purchased from Adeline F. Wright for $126,000, residential, 1/15.

Commercial bare land, J & S. Partnership LLP purchased from Richard J. Lebeau for $254,370, 1/15.

Commercial bare land, Joseph H. Kleiman and R. Contardo purchased from Lake Superior Cleaners Inc. for $28,500, 1/15.

Residential bare land, Cody J. Carroll purchased from William J. Kaper for $3,500, 1/15.

Residential bare land, Curtis Hansen purchased from Dower, Telega, Hossalla and Bauers for $5,000, 12/14.

Residential bare land, Peter Miner purchased from Gordon W. and Elizabeth H. Seitz for $290,000, 1/15.

Residential bare land, Richard L Blaurock trust purchased from William Kaper Jr. for $2,772, 1/15.

Residential bare land, Thomas A. Betts and Theresa Presley purchased from Raymond D. and Virginia M. Comstock for $90,000, 1/15.

Bare land, Eugene R. Jones purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals for $9,200, 1/15.

Bare land, Natalija Walbridge purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals for $1,640, 1/15.

Bare land, Natalija Walbridge purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals for $5,080, 1/15.

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