Property Transactions for Feb. 15, 2023

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.  

Residential bare land, Abigail Werner purchased from William Kuehl for $125,000, residential - bare land, 11/22.

Residential bare land, Sanders B. and Harlie A. Smith purchased from Jouko and Susan Mahonen for $4,500, residential - bare land, 11/22.

Bare land, Richard W. and Pamela S. Kauppila purchased from Ralph W. Soderburg for $89,900, residential - bare land, 11/22.

909 89th Ave. W., Anne Bergen purchased from Amy Garthus for $230,000, residential, 11/22.


830 N. 40th Ave. W., Morgan Olsen purchased from Jeremy Taylor for $155,000, residential, 11/22.

722 N. Fifth Ave. E., Virginia and William Temple-Rhodes purchased from Calvin Edel and Ellie Swanson for $155,000, residential, 10/22.

626 Boulevard Place, Benjamin Stacer and Amanda Kaiser purchased from Daniel W. and Gianina C. Bellamy for $495,000, residential, 11/22.

6218 Greene St., Jacob and Krista Werner purchased from Kate Selnes for $180,400, residential, 11/22.

614 Sparkman Ave., Mark P. and Cynthia M. Cummings purchased from Sarah and Alan Baumgarten-Leveille for $251,001, residential, 11/22.

5359 Washburn Road, Hope and Cristian Martinez purchased from Virginia and Kelvin Maki for $315,000, residential, 10/22.

507 N. Ugstad Road, John C. McGovern purchased from Ella M. Olson for $185,000, residential, 11/22.

4926 Drake Road, Lynnette and Zachary Skelton purchased from Daryl and Margaret Bruckelmyer for $252,000, residential, 11/22.


429 N. 53rd Ave. W., Ramsey IV LLC purchased from Gregory J. and Brenda L. Tario for $95,000, residential, 11/22.

4255 Midway Road, Benjamin J. and Heather L. Prekop purchased from David and Mistyna M. Bristol for $335,000, residential, 10/22.

4010 Five Corners Road, Steven Olson and Paula Weirick purchased from Cynthia and Timothy Sundstrom for $380,000, residential, 10/22.

3998 Lavaque Road, James R. and Emily A. Dusheck purchased from Jennifer Willoughby for $505,000, residential, 11/22.

3789 Alexander Road, Christina M. Burns purchased from Betty Freeman for $150,000, residential, 11/22.

3679 Haines Road, Rebecca Gulden purchased from Taylor and Aurora Hanson for $269,900, residential, 10/22.

3401 Commonwealth Ave., Cody and Meredith Akason purchased from Thomas Skull for $271,000, residential, 11/22.

332 N. 62nd Ave. W., Kendall Beck purchased from Carol Eicher for $154,000, residential, 10/22.


3205 Wellington St., John F. and Abigail K. Dougherty purchased from Anthony R. and Angela M. Rogerson for $228,000, residential, 11/22.

3205 Wellington St., Anthony R. and Angela M. Rogerson purchased from Katherine E. and Chad J. Pavlich for $278,000, residential, 11/22.

3018 E. Second St., Daniel and Gianina Bellamy purchased from Daniel B. and Mary B. Campbell for $580,000, residential, 11/22.

2517 W. First St., Lara Hill purchased from Lee and Kaili Larson for $159,000, residential, 11/22.

2504 E. Sixth St., Elizabeth Freeman purchased from Michael Lepak for $690,000, residential, 10/22.

225 S. 62nd Ave. W., Robert Mrotek Jr. purchased from Steven Lamphier for $131,500, residential, 11/22.

2248 Ensign St., John A. Rheaume purchased from M. Krueth and B. and S. Anderson and S. and M. Anderson for $245,000, residential, 10/22.

21 S. 67th Ave. W., One Roof Community Housing purchased from Housing and Redevelopment Authority for $14,855, exempt from property tax, 10/22.


19 Morley Parkway, Kathryn and Robert Jubie purchased from Jason A. and Kristen A. Bright for $239,900, residential, 11/22.

1885 Shilhon Road, Brandon and Hannah Nelson purchased from James and Kristin Ulland for $65,000, residential, 11/22.

1802 W. Arrowhead Road, Michael Young purchased from Mitchell and Grace Woitalla for $190,000, residential, 11/22.

1514 N. Arlington Ave., Joshua and Shelly Ruble purchased from Dennis Center for $310,000, residential, 11/22.

1514 E. 6th St., purchased from Kyle R. and Amy J. Dietman for $245,000, residential, 11/22.

1351 90th Ave. W., Skull Thomas G. purchased from Kacee and Rollie Pike for $245,000, residential, 11/22.

127 N. 24th Ave. E., Kady Adams and Chris Murnyak purchased from Timothy Kostner and Jaclyn Pribyl for $340,000, residential, 11/22.

1205 N. Seventh Ave. E., Beth Hatch purchased from Andrea and Erin Geary for $201,025, residential, 11/22.


1129 103rd Ave. W., Ashleigh and Jacob Franz purchased from Jeffrey Thomas for $196,000, residential, 11/22.

109 E. Niagara St., K.J Schwandt and A.M Landreville purchased from Kathleen Lahti for $270,000, residential, 10/22.

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