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Property Transactions for Dec. 1, 2021

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

2231 W. 22nd St., Ian M. O'Sullivan and Lucy Riley purchased from Astrit Fetahi and Pranvera Bregu for $227,000, residential, 8/21.

616 N. 44th Ave. W., David Mullin purchased from Joseph A. and Jody A. Tucker for $256,300, residential, 8/21.

2934 N. 52nd Ave. E., Kelsey and Scott Gilles purchased from Goldberg Properties Of Duluth for $570,000, residential, 8/21.

1219 N. 59th Ave. W., Joshua and Courtney Schwarzbauer purchased from Caleb and Pearl F. Cook for $299,900, residential, 8/21.


720 E. 7th St., Marcus McKeever purchased from Allen and Barbara Wilson for $256,000, residential, 8/21.

100 N. Central Ave., ST Paper 1 LLC purchased from Verso Minnesota Wisconsin LLC for $2,000,000, industrial (with buidlings), 11/21.

1302 Eklund Ave., John Cozzi Jr. and Karelee Miller purchased from Ardina Garcia and Daryll Iszler for $133,900, residential, 8/21.

122 E. Fifth St., John Hamel III purchased from Raymond M. Leek and Sherri Notch for $150,000, residential, 8/21.

221 E. Fourth St., Dominik Wirz and Faith Koenig purchased from Melissa and Jesse Class for $129,000, residential, 8/21.

2021 W. Fourth St., Julie and Thomas Flicker purchased from Hanna and James Peterson for $176,000, residential, 8/21.

5424 Glenwood St., Even Semrud purchased from Chelsie Brown and Eric Thayer for $235,000, residential, 8/21.

8 E. Goodhue St., Richard W. and Lynda S. Reimer purchased from Ewa Oftedahl for $145,000, residential, 8/21.


4420 Jay St., Victoria Carper purchased from Alexander and Katie M. Hill for $229,000, residential, 8/21.

1705 Miller Trunk Highway, Ambrose Grey Investments LLC purchased from Rose Investments of Duluth LLC for $380,000, commercial (with buildings), 8/21.

2104 Ponderosa Ave., Brooks S. and Patrice M. Beebe purchased from Ronald and Jennifer Fuchs for $539,900, residential, 8/21.

303 Ridgewood Road, Brok and Amanda Hansmeyer purchased from Cynthia and Jeffrey Linkenbach for $665,000, residential, 8/21.

818 N. Robin Ave., Casey Ehnes and Faegre purchased from Kathleen and Sheldon Bergen for $285,000, residential, 8/21.

2820 E. Second St., Rocky Carlson purchased from Colin, Daniel and Joseph Farley for $233,500, residential, 8/21.

2724 E. Second St., Sean and Jill Bober purchased from Ruurd and Jensen Schoolderman for $325,000, residential, 8/21.

6002 Tacony St., Shawn Buckroyd purchased from Reed and Meagan Elling for $206,000, residential, 8/21.


5779 N. Tischer Road, Mackenzie and Eric Seidelmann purchased from Jon Wolford for $425,000, residential, 8/21.

505 Woodland Ave., Miguel Knochel and Haley Ashton purchased from Scott & Scott Properties North for $281,000, residential, 8/21.

Residential bare land, Jeffrey Spry purchased from Thomas and Ann Houghtaling for $80,000, residential - bare land, 8/21.

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Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.