Property Transactions for Aug. 9-16, 2017

Duluth Property Transactions 917 N. 10th Ave. E., Wildshimota Enterprises LLC purchased from Melissa Kaneski for $147,500, residential, 7/17. 2322 W. 10th St., Sophia Parr purchased from Coty Jacques for $111,000, residential, 7/17. 2235 W. 11th ...

Duluth Property Transactions



917 N. 10th Ave. E., Wildshimota Enterprises LLC purchased from Melissa Kaneski for $147,500, residential, 7/17.

2322 W. 10th St., Sophia Parr purchased from Coty Jacques for $111,000, residential, 7/17.


2235 W. 11th St., Aaron Rossiter purchased from Kriss A. Schullo for $121,000, residential, 7/17.

1022 E. 11th St., Jacob and Caralyn Kieper purchased from Robert J. and Jane Y. Barnes for $124,250, residential, 7/17.

114 N. 30th Ave. W., Laura Hart purchased from Kayla Arends for $87,300, residential, 7/17.

515 N. 34th Ave. E., Brandon and Amber Pohto purchased from Dean Bruss and Stanley Augustine for $277,000, residential, 6/17.

624 N. 34th Ave. E., Juming Pan purchased from Carol M. Kosbab for $315,000, residential, 7/17.

521 N. 39th Ave. W., Robert D. Weiser Jr. and S. Powell purchased from John R. Forcier for $124,900, residential, 7/17.

328 N. 40th Ave. W., Daniel Hayden purchased from Rachel and Steven Ruud for $97,000, residential, 7/17.

513 N. 42nd Ave. W., Karen L. Nelson purchased from Thomas M. and Andrea Anderson for $128,000, residential, 7/17.


425 N. 42nd Ave. W., SHS Property One LLC purchased from Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association for $28,100, residential, 7/17.

622 N. 56th Ave. W., Jacob and Jessica Klassen purchased from Kimberlee Wait for $99,000, residential, 7/17.

212 S. 61st Ave. W., Aleah Schwartz purchased from Jeffrey and Jess Henkel-Johnson for $118,500, residential, 6/17.

507 N. 80th Ave. W., James D.E. Perkins purchased from Lyle C. and Marion J. Carlson for $77,400, residential, 7/17.

1245 90th Ave. W., Kathryn Sinner and Max Pittman purchased from Eric and Brittney Hanson for $162,500, residential, 8/17.

1325 96th Ave. W., Stephen Lipinski Jr. purchased from Wade Miller for $155,000, residential, 7/17.

118 97th Ave. W., Clayton and Karen Nading purchased from Dave Kisch LLC for $124,400, residential, 7/17.

412 W. Arrowhead Road, Jared Van Hooser purchased from Michael and Karen Skrbich for $200,000, residential, 7/17.


5324 Avondale St., Jacob A. and Megan McGlynn purchased from Daniel N. Kaiser for $172,500, residential, 7/17.

5215 Avondale St., Kaytlin E. Grunst purchased from Steven P. and Mary J. Johnson for $178,000, residential, 7/17.

3023 Branch St., Robb P. and Brenda M. Enslin purchased from Rosemary D. and Robert Ladner for $318,000, residential, 6/17.

118 Calvary Road, Shauna and Collins T. Whitepigeon purchased from Karen L. Anderson revocable trust for $185,000, residential, 7/17.

2327 Catskill St., Alyson M. Franks purchased from Kristin R. Johnson for $210,000, residential, 7/17.

627 Crystal Drive, Nicholas Judson and Nik Kostynyk purchased from Thomas F. and Arlene E. Johnson for $375,000, residential, 7/17.

5821 W. Eighth St., Stephen Boen purchased from Corrine L. Weiss for $91,670, residential, 7/17.

606 Elk St., Jennifer and Jason Gustafson purchased from Gordon and Colleen T. Johnson for $375,000, residential, 6/17.


425 W. Faribault St., Gene P. Halverson purchased from J.M. and R. Lindgren and D.M. and L. Sicinski for $171,000, residential, 7/17.

901 N. Fifth Ave. E., Emily and Paula Ford purchased from Philip J. and Judi A. Roux for $85,000, residential, 7/17.

2830 E. First St., Barbara Koralia purchased from Linda M. Sorem for $297,000, residential, 7/17.

2115 E. Fourth St., Chad Follmer purchased from Charlotte Follmer for $115,000, residential, 7/17.

825 W. Fourth St., Daniel and Chase Springman purchased from Frank R. Olsen for $79,000, residential, 7/17.

2115 E. Fourth St., Portland Land Co. LLC purchased from Chad Follmer for $115,000, residential, 7/17.

409 W. Gary St., Scott Pinsonnault and Melissa Wick purchased from Christopher J. and Jenny Skull for $207,000, residential, 7/17.

1925 Gearhart St., Stephanie L. Erickson purchased from S. and J. Solem and J. and B. Taray for $148,000, residential, 7/17.


4225 Gladstone St., Jennifer I. and Daniel Anderson purchased from Neil A. and Theresa M. Smith for $169,900, residential, 7/17.

4920 Glendale St., Rachael A. Stauber purchased from Joseph J. and Barbara L. Russell for $156,500, residential, 7/17.

3135 Greysolon Road, Jack, Randy and Kristin Mechels purchased from RBI Group LLC for $225,000, residential, 6/17.

463 Hartley Place, Ami L. Stenseth purchased from Max E. and Diane F. Morath for $250,000, residential, 7/17.

604 Hovland Lane, Skorco Inc. purchased from Janet and Dale Tauer for $95,000, residential - bare land, 7/17.

2876 Hutchinson Road, Trista Hubert and Jerry Anderson purchased from Erik and Meggan Grosnick for $157,500, residential, 6/17.

2402 Jefferson St., Martina D. Johnson purchased from Cynthia G. and Matthew G. Wahl for $235,000, residential, 8/17.

215 W. Kent Road, Henry and Madison G. Rodman purchased from Nancy Kochmann and J. Fox, et al., for $178,900, residential, 7/17.


1109 S. Lake Ave., Jonathan Matko and Amanda Bates purchased from Rand J., Dale and Elizabeth Sola for $235,000, residential, 7/17.

715 Lincoln Parkway, Michael J. and Dena R. Stariha purchased from Richard W. and Lynette R. Tabert for $147,000, residential, 8/17.

1025 London Road, Double Dog Dare LLC purchased from 1025 London Road LLC for $700,000, commercial (with buildings), 7/17.

2930 London Road, Gene Hahn and Ningmei Hu purchased from Eldred G. and Elizabeth A. Baier for $1,300,000, residential, 7/17.

3880 Martin Road, Charles Thurber purchased from Natasha Webb and Grant Williams for $263,700, residential, 7/17.

701 Mellwood Ave., Nicholas and Tammy Licari purchased from Othman Alami and Hind Tabit for $455,000, residential, 7/17.

2124 Miller Creek Drive, Mary Spencer purchased from Jeannette, Cartier and Hoch for $245,000, residential, 6/17.

508 Minneapolis Ave., Eric J. and Brittney J. Hanson purchased from Jeffrey and Andrea Keast for $207,000, residential, 8/17.

1437 Minnesota Ave., Ann and Christa Maxwell purchased from George and Marie Frank for $310,000, residential, 7/17.

3339 Minnesota Ave., Eric Pasi purchased from Janine L. Bjerklie for $375,000, residential, 7/17.

1801 Minnesota Ave., James Mitchell purchased from Thomas Crook for $368,400, residential, 7/17.

2716 Minnesota Ave., Roger J. and Layla J. Reinert purchased from Melanie Goldish and J. Thompson for $273,000, residential, 7/17.

110 Mitchell Circle, Janet Blatnik purchased from Tellor Realty LLC for $112,250, residential, 7/17.

25 E. Myrtle St., Lon A. and Erica J. Hanson purchased from R. Reinke, S. Folin and A. Walkowiak for $210,000, residential, 7/17.

5326 Norwood St., WR3 Properties LLC purchased from Peter, Loyd and Priscilla Heimbruch for $179,000, residential, 7/17.

9237 Orchard St., Dana M. and Lucas A. Wiersma purchased from Gary R. and Sally R. Mohr for $202,000, residential, 7/17.

564 Park St., Curtis and Janice A. Olson purchased from Shannon K. Ryan for $155,000, residential, 7/17.

3403 Restormel St., Patrick and Leanne Weber purchased from Trevor S. Sorenson for $128,500, residential, 7/17.

2328 Roslyn Ave., Ryan L. and Patricia L. Goldberg purchased from Joseph C. Modec for $450,000, apartment, 7/17.

19 Saint Louis Court, Vicki Everett purchased from Dwayne and Heather Liljegren for $122,000, residential, 8/17.

2810 E. Second St., Ellen D. and David M. Stephan purchased from Jeremy and Stephanie Swagger for $259,900, residential, 6/17.

1436 N. Seventh Ave. E., Anthony and Kasey Bye purchased from Rebecca De Souza and Adam Pine for $215,820, residential, 7/17.

4607 W. Seventh St., Jeremy Lefaive purchased from Richard and Carol Bloomquist for $155,000, residential, 7/17.

4218 W. Seventh St., Katherine R. McCullough purchased from Adam and Valerie Clark for $149,000, residential, 7/17.

2730 W. Skyline Parkway, Sarah and Casey Pohl purchased from David E. and Susan A. Salveson for $263,000, residential, 7/17.

1113 Sockeye Drive, Linda M. Hoff purchased from Julia V. Montgomery for $550,000, residential, 7/17.

2225 Sussex Ave., Jennifer Messel purchased from Zelda McCarthy for $205,000, residential, 1/17.

3726 E. Third St., Brian and Terry Dallek purchased from John Ipsen and Kristan Wegerson for $235,000, residential, 6/17.

3400 Trinity Road, Joshua C. and Sandra C. Solem purchased from Veillet family trust for $230,000, residential, 7/17.

617 Valley Drive, Frank W. and Lisa J. Mertz purchased from Mark E. and Linda J. Lanigan for $335,000, residential, 7/17.

1415 Yosemite Ave., Jason Fowler and Emily Johnson purchased from Michael and Robyn Jones for $600,000, residential, 6/17.

Address unassigned, Arlene Anderson purchased from Roy Marlow for $25,000, residential, 7/17.

Address unassigned, Charles and Donna Froseth purchased from Rebecca and John Magnuson for $220,000, residential, 7/17.

Address unassigned, Laura L. and Jason Ruiz purchased from Benjamin M. Martin for $151,000, residential, 7/17.

Address unassigned, Timothy S. and Amy H. Wright purchased from Roy Marlow for $25,000, residential, 7/17.

Residential bare land, Alan Nelson purchased from Roger Nesje for $28,000, residential - bare land, 8/17.

Residential bare land, Ann and Christa Maxwell purchased from George and Marie Frank for $100,000, residential - bare land, 7/17.

Residential bare land, James Mitchell purchased from Thomas Crook for $21,600, residential - bare land, 7/17.

Residential bare land, Jeffrey Huotari purchased from Guy Ricci for $4,500, residential - bare land, 7/17.

Residential bare land, John and Kara Conry purchased from Lilly V. Zimm trust for $95,500, residential - bare land, 7/17.

Residential bare land, Peter Senich purchased from Willard and Sally Munger for $115,000, residential - bare land, 6/17.

Bare land, Duluth Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Duluth purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $131,000, 7/17.

Bare land, Menard Inc. purchased from the City of Duluth for $5,100, 4/17.

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