Property Transactions for Aug. 3, 2022

Recently sold properties from St. Louis County.

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A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.                         

128 W. 10th St., Daniel and Heather Slane purchased from Zelda Abrams Patterson for $385,000, residential, 6/22.

1002 N. 12th Ave. E., Jennifer Messel purchased from Mike C. and Rachel Theismann for $252,000, residential, 5/22.

716 N. 16th Ave. E., Simone Anzion and David Baldus purchased from Rachael and Robert Zebro for $249,900, residential, 5/22.

2110 W. 22nd St., Kristin Eliason purchased from Gordon L. Hill and Amie Marie-Wi for $236,000, residential, 6/22.         


830 N. 24th Ave. W., Talyn Riedesel purchased from Accelerated Investment Group for $165,000, residential, 6/22.         

1814 N. 51st Ave. E., One Life Community Church Inc. purchased from Northeastern Minnesota Synod for $450,000, exempt from property tax, 5/22.

2 N. 57th Ave. W., Rick Impola purchased from Charles Persgard for $40,000, residential, 6/22.

948 88th Ave. W., Megan Lazzaro purchased from J.M.C.l. Properties LLC for $85,500, residential, 6/22.

5465 Arnold Road, Henry G. and Sophia R. Jungbauer purchased from Jodi E. Conlin for $373,000, residential, 6/22.      

1303 W. Arrowhead Road, Minnesota Sandwich Shops LLC purchased from SB Squared LLC for $300,000, residential, 5/22.

1328 N. Central Ave., Dawn Gillespie purchased from Emily Brissett for $125,000, residential, 5/22.

1625 Dodge Ave., Tadd Johnson and Emily Segar purchased from Toria Day and Carl Provost III  for $350,000, residential, 5/22.


4102 Dodge St., Hannah and Joseph Hillman purchased from Sharon M. and Terrance M. Tessier for $325,000, residential, 5/22.

2328 W. Eighth St., Aventurine Properties LLC purchased from The Trustee of The Donald Lane for $90,000, residential, 5/22.                

516 W. Fifth St.,  Wayne Grudnoske and Denise Carlson purchased from Kerry Van Dusen and Tracey Gibbens for $275,000, residential, 5/22.

4312 W. Fifth St., A and I. Christiansen and L. and I. Hanson purchased from Hunter Gulbranson for $222,000, residential, 5/22. 

2309 E. First St., Harrison Land Co. LLC purchased from Kenneth and Kimberly Aparicio for $1,600,000, residential, 5/22. 

4030 Getchell Road, Benjamin Lilliberg purchased from Steven and Ngoc Gregory for $324,000, residential, 5/22.  

4106 Gladstone St., Lindsay Pacey-Allen and Chris Allen purchased from Michael G. and Laurie J. Warner for $290,000, residential, 5/22.

6114 Greene St., Mark P. Fobbe purchased from Virginia Anderson and Debra Fobbe for $130,000, residential, 5/22. 


2831 Jefferson St., Mark and Kelly Summers purchased from Crossroad Equities LLC for $290,000, residential, 6/22.     

1917 W. Kent Road, Susan and Lonny Klee-Anderson purchased from Susan and Scott Lyons for $232,500, residential, 6/22.

1271 Knife River Road W., Steven and Lauri Twining purchased from Frederick Schneider for $135,000, residential, 5/22.          

1120 S. Lake Ave., Mark D. and Robin L. Duffney purchased from Cynthia Hendrickson for $600,000, residential, 6/22. 

325 S. Lake Ave., Tiegen and Keenan Brickson purchased from Colleen and Kyle Sherman for $475,000, seasonal-recreational res, 6/22.

5641 Lakewood Road, Christopher Meehan and Eric Jundt  purchased from Christian and Janice Peterson for $157,000, residential, 4/22.        

3503 Lavaque Road,  J. M. Loftis and J. D. Zywicki purchased from Theodore S. Kozlowski for $151,500, residential, 5/22.     

11 E. Locust St., Phong and Jenny Duong purchased from Donald Potvien and Sarah Parker for $299,900, residential, 6/22.            

1717 Mall Drive, LKD Properties LLC purchased from Timothy and Karen Jubie for $675,000, commercial (with buildings), 5/22.

1220 Missouri Ave., ST Rentals LLC purchased from Kiel P. Kreidermacher for $285,000, residential, 6/22.

914 E. Ninth St., Tara L. Gallagher purchased from Caroline Woods for $129,500, residential, 5/22. 

4728 Norwood St., Christopher C. Stephens purchased from Parker E. and Nicole M. Olson for $266,000, residential, 6/22.

4706 Oakley St., Jill Baum purchased from Oakley LLC for $180,000, residential, 6/22. 

5819 Oneida St., Justin A. and Summer Mitchell purchased from James Bjork for $340,000, residential, 6/22.    

521 E. Oxford St., Ayla Dougherty purchased from Diane E. and Bernard J. Moog for $272,000, residential, 5/22.      

2091 Paul Road, Taylor McCormick purchased from John C. Fehnel for $289,000, residential, 5/22.

1903 Piedmont Ave., Chetty Kavery and J. Perkin purchased from Amy L. and Brett R. Schelde for $230,000, residential, 5/22.

6109 Redruth St., Madeline and Jarvis Baumgartner purchased from Matthew and Alexandria Stafford for $195,000, residential, 5/22. 

5385 Roosevelt Drive, Nathan Birno and Meredith Noreen purchased from Joseph J. and Lynn A. Howard for $660,000, residential, 5/22.

136 Second St., Bryan Rovello purchased from Jesse D. and Kelly D. Kellar for $213,500, residential, 6/22.           

116 W. Seventh St., Nathan Bronk purchased from Jennifer Sloan for $180,000, residential, 5/22.        

4231 W. Seventh St., Theresa Jacobson purchased from Brett and Mary Erickson for $215,000, residential, 5/22.

526 W. Sixth St., Ingrid K. Johnson purchased from David M. and Kathleen H. Ross for $1,102,500, residential, 6/22. 

1103 E. Skyline Parkway, Steve and Pamela Farrell purchased from Martin C. and Shelley L. Herman for $402,000, residential, 6/22.

219 Snelling Ave., Vanaheim Properties LLC purchased from Julia Klauber for $200,000, residential, 5/22.

1107 Sockeye Drive, Paul and Wendy Kunze purchased from Gary Poelma and Christine Fisch for $890,000, residential, 5/22.

5729 Tacony St., Lora Bowers purchased from Timothy and Renee V. Keppers for $262,000, residential, 5/22. 

917 1/2 N. Third Ave., Crystal Robertson purchased from Jenine Novack for $99,000, residential, 5/22.

1622 E. Third St., Elizabeth L. and Eric D. Hillman purchased from Allan and Teresa K. Zemke for $196,000, residential, 6/22.

1927 W. Third St., Heidi Kelly purchased from Wallace and Rena C. Saice for $20,516, residential, 5/22.

2112 E. Third St., Scott Siverhus purchased from One Northland LLC for $460,000, residential, 5/22.

5270 Twin Pines St., Anita Hausmann purchased from Tek Property Development LLC for $405,000, residential, 5/22. 

172 Wren Drive, Joseph J. McGaver purchased from John M. and Cheryl K. Wisneski for $360,000, residential, 6/22.

Residential bare land, Bulldog Development LLC purchased from Billman Construction Inc. for $70,000, residential - bare land, 5/22.

Bare land, Mansel Properties LLC purchased from Daniel and Theresa Hebert for $500,000, apartment, 6/22. 

Bare land, Reliable Hermantown Properties purchased from HRH Park Properties LLC for $740,000, resorts (seasonal-rec commercial), 5/22. 

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