Property Transactions for Aug. 12, 2020

A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

14 W. 10th St., Rachelle Jenson and Spencer Trost purchased from Timothy M. Trygstad for $165,900, residential, 6/20.

2601 W. 15th St., Miranda L. Brissett purchased from Robert and Miriam Bruelheide for $175,000, residential, 6/20.

211 N. 34th Ave. W., Daniel Hanks purchased from Marian F. O'Neill for $134,000, residential, 6/20.

323 W. Arrowhead Road, Lucas H. and Erica W. Busta purchased from Michael and Elizabeth Albrecht for $239,000, residential, 6/20.


3 E. College St., Keith J. Tomassoni purchased from Blake Peterson and Emily Borra for $245,000, residential, 6/20.

704 N. Ebony Ave., Lloyd Grindahl and Terri Bjorklund purchased from L. and D. Vukson and Sommerfeld, et. al $220,950, residential, 6/20.

4003 W. Eighth St., Mark Harris purchased from Gelasia F. and Albert A. Andersen for $107,500, residential, 6/20.

103 Fifth St., David Pocrnich and Daniel Klinski purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Department for $93,201, residential, 6/20.

3737 E. Fourth St., Abby Neumeyer and Alan Schichilone purchased from Duane L. and Deanna R. Bakken for $242,000, residential, 6/20.

4124 Gladstone St., Phillip Jents and Nicole Wess purchased from Christopher Aepelbacher for $164,900, residential, 6/20.

4825 Glenwood St., Charlene R. Langowski purchased from Dana T. and Marlene Bach for $120,000, residential, 6/20.

130 Laurie St., Aftab Ahmed and Anna Lee purchased from Kenneth J. and Jacqueline Moran for $296,000, residential, 6/20.


1663 Lavaque Road, Robert S. Lamphier purchased from Daniel E. and Briana S. Arnal for $345,000, residential, 6/20.

2794 Lismore Road, Sean and Adrianna Churchill purchased from Debra C. and David R. Olson for $430,000, residential, 6/20.

107 E. Mankato St., Thomas L. and Lynn D. Miller purchased from Mark and Sara Niemi for $242,900, residential, 6/20.

4587 Midway Road, Katie Kautto purchased from Jeremy and Amanda Mueller for $142,500, residential, 6/20.

2632 Nanticoke St., Blake J. and Courtney J. Mershon purchased from Joseph C. Cherro for $175,000, residential, 6/20.

2419 Radtke Road, Brian and Karen Delegan purchased from Clint F. and Sarah I. Massie for $605,700, residential, 6/20.

321 W. Rainbow St., Alexander L. and Abigail M. Britz purchased from Eugene J. and Ann M. Koshinski for $286,500, residential, 6/20.

311 W. Redwing St., One Roof Community Housing purchased from Joan G. Barnstorf for $155,000, residential, 6/20.


231 E. Superior St., Oahs Greysolon LLC purchased from Greysolon Apartments Limited Partnership for $17,450,000, apartment, 6/20.

1025 E. Third St., Gregory Kamp purchased from St. Louis County Land & Mineral Department for $9,500, residential, 6/20.

2805 Wellington St., Gelasia and Albert Anderson purchased from Justin and Alyssa Binion for $152,000, residential, 6/20.

632 Woodland Ave., Bulldog Properties LLC purchased from Jason, Steven and Krista Dorgan for $204,000, residential, 6/20.

Residential bare land, Dale Hedtke and Amy Brooks purchased from James M. and Therese E. Gruba for $35,000, residential - bare land, 6/20.

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