Duluth's first restorative medical center has opened in Burning Tree Plaza.

Novus Health Solutions, 2522 Maple Grove Road, offers restorative medicine treatments focused on tissue repair and regeneration. This enhances the body's natural response to heal itself when injured or impacted by a disease, according to the center's website.

Its treatments include stem cell therapy for those with acute or chronic orthopedic pain, sports injuries and more. Hormone replacement will also be offered to relieve hormone imbalance symptoms, as well as an Food and Drug Administration-approved light therapy that may help people eliminate fat.

“We are leading the way with services that inspire people to take control of their health in ways they haven’t been able to in the past,” Dr. Jay Huber, physician and founder of Novus Health Solutions, wrote in a news release.

The clinic is the first of its kind in Duluth, with a goal of providing access to the alternative care for people who would otherwise have to travel far for similar types of care.

The center plans to add more regenerative services in the future, according to the news release.