By the end of the year, Twin Ports residents will be seeing Mayo Clinic ambulances instead of Gold Cross ambulances. But the change is mostly cosmetic.

Gold Cross Ambulance became Mayo Clinic Ambulance on Monday, the health care giant announced. But Gold Cross has been part of Mayo Clinic since 1994. Mayo simply waited until now to rebrand its ambulances.

Ambulances, uniforms and building signs will be updated with the Mayo Clinic brand, the health system announced in a news release. It expects the process to take months, and it will start in Rochester, Minn.

Mayo Clinic has 70 ambulances serving more than 120 Midwestern communities, including the Twin Ports.

“For a while, people may see both Gold Cross and Mayo Clinic ambulances in their communities,” said Dr. John Wald, a member of the Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service board, in the news release. “But it’s always the same Mayo Clinic paramedics and EMTs caring for them.”

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