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Nubai names Mesabi Metallics leaders

A worker uses a backhoe to bury a ground grid at the fine ore storage facility at Mesabi Metallics near Nashwauk. (2017 file / News Tribune)

Nubai Global Investment, which is in a dispute with Tom Clarke over who runs Mesabi Metallics and its parent company Chippewa Capital Partners, said it has named an interim CEO and director.

In a press release Thursday, Nubai said Gary Heasley has taken over as interim CEO of Mesabi Metallics while Jamie Nelson is the role of director of Chippewa.

Clarke continues to dispute that he’s been ousted, arguing instead that he was the one that removed Nubai members from the board when they failed to make payments on time.

On Tuesday, Nubai responded with a lawsuit claiming it’s been the sole owner of Chippewa since June 1. Although Clarke was retained as the chief financial officer after Nubai was given sole ownership, on July 23 the company executed a "sole member resolution" removing Clarke as CEO of both Chippewa and Mesabi.

Mesabi Metallics is planning to finish a taconite mine and processing center and also build an iron plant on the Nashwauk site that Essar Steel Minnesota left several years ago. The project won back key mineral leases from the state last month.