Trespassers broke into a secure worksite for the Line 3 replace project near the Wisconsin and Minnesota border.

The incident was reported to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday morning, after crews arrived at the location. Crews observed anti-Enbridge graffiti, and damaged electrical lines and hoses on the equipment. Cement had been poured into the gas tanks of the equipment, as well.

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No injuries were reported.

Crews were working Tuesday to clean up hydraulic fluid and motor oil that leaked from the equipment onto the ground due to the incident, according to Enbridge spokeswoman Jennifer Smith.

The almost 13-mile segment of the Line 3 replacement project in Wisconsin is now in service. "Equipment at this worksite is related to cleaning of original Line 3 as part of the deactivation process," Smith said in a statement.

"Tampering with equipment at a secured work site is reckless and dangerous. Incidents like this are criminal activities that put people and the environment at risk," Smith said.

An estimate of the damage was not available Tuesday.

Anyone who has any information regarding the vandalism is asked contact local authorities.