Duluth property transactions

A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County

430 N. 13th Ave. E., Lisa Wheeler and Jeremiah Solveson purchased from John and Liddy Achter for $152,000, residential, 3/20.

417 N. 17th Ave. E., MVS Holdings LLC, a Minnesota limited liability company purchased from Maha Elsayed and Tarek Geddawy for $180,500, residential, 4/20.

502 N. 40th Ave. E., Megan Wagner and Kevin Weber purchased from Whitney S. and Daniel A. Lefebvre for $268,000, residential, 4/20.

422 N. 48th Ave. W., Charles Crumb and Michale Dustrude purchased from Jillian and Conor Maki for $174,500, residential, 4/20.


4312 W. Fifth St., Hunter Gulbranson purchased from Scott D. and Casey Hartshorn for $180,250, residential, 4/20.

423 N. 51st Ave. W., Walter P. Schafer and Tara D. McCoy purchased from Philip K. Pierson for $190,500, residential, 4/20.

609 N. 58th Ave. W., Joshua and Sarah N. Sapp purchased from Katelyn Swearingen for $144,900, residential, 4/20.

706 N. 58th Ave. W., St. James Catholic Church purchased from Steven D. and Elizabeth A. Laakso for $115,000, residential, 4/20.

323 N. 62nd Ave. W., Taylor Beckenbach and Ryan Dahnke purchased from Katy Frederickson for $177,000, residential, 4/20.

2710 E. Seventh St., Allen Cragin and Jennifer Cummings purchased from Robert and Mary Dow for $397,800, residential, 4/20.

5477 W. Arrowhead Road, Michael A. and Megan J. Cassidy purchased from Paul J. and Jennifer M. Palusky for $495,000, residential, 4/20.

2420 Branch St., Thomas and Terri Moran purchased from Benjamin J. and Melody J. Botnen for $334,900, residential, 4/20.


1120 Butternut Ave., Jean and Charles Watson III purchased from Carolyn Lamppa for $405,000, residential, 4/20.

220 E. Chisholm St., Mary and Matthew Erickson purchased from Eugene W. and Cheryl A. Meyer for $195,000, residential, 4/20.

411 W. Cleveland St., Benjamin Kasper and Kaitlin Graham purchased from Marc S. and Dena N. Johnson for $272,000, residential, 4/20.

8245 Congdon Blvd., Rae Lyons and Alexander Lano purchased from Karen K. Peterson for $399,000, residential, 4/20.

2352 Ensign St., Andrew C. Lawrence purchased from Darren and Jodi Nelson for $170,000, residential, 4/20.

3212 Ewing Ave., Andrew Olker purchased from Members Cooperative Credit Union for $393,000, residential, 3/20.

818 Fifth St., Hailey Wilson purchased from Cheryl Templer for $184,000, residential, 4/20.

827 E. Fifth St., Sonja J. Englund purchased from Glen F. and Debra Filipovich for $160,000, residential, 3/20.


829 E. Fifth St., Sonja J. Englund purchased from Glen M. and Debra Filipovich for $160,000, residential, 3/20.

2119 W. Fifth St., Zachary and Hannah Guilliams purchased from Michael and Margaret Beseres trust for $161,000, residential, 4/20.

524 First St., Premier Three Developers Inc. purchased from Wells Fargo Bank N.A. for $64,000, residential, 3/20.

1925 Gearhart St., Paige Lopeman purchased from Stephanie Lee Erickson for $162,000, residential, 4/20.

4255 Getchell Road, Eric D. and Allison A. Diebold purchased from Deborah M. Karwath for $442,000, residential, 4/20.

4031 Haines Road, George P. and Laurie D. Kokora purchased from Barbara H. Huttel for $285,000, residential, 4/20.

4730 Hermantown Road, Quinntin R. Mischke purchased from Shawyn Lee for $238,000, residential, 4/20.

3982 Hidden Creek Ave., Matthew Frelich and Annabel Butler purchased from Scot and Karri Ramsey trust for $550,000, residential, 4/20.


2235 Hoover St., One Roof Community Housing purchased from Denise J. Christenson for $145,000, residential, 4/20.

3918 Lindahl Road, Lucas J. and Christina A. Boynton purchased from Gerald D. and Terri L. Hodges for $374,000, residential, 4/20.

2532 Morris Thomas Road, Matthew W. and Olivia A. Lambert purchased from Stephanie K. and Blake E. Johnson for $206,000, residential, 4/20.

2365 Old North Shore Road, Kristine Kuns purchased from Joy S. Ronning for $152,000, seasonal-recreational res, 4/20.

5806 Olney St., Oneota Land Co. LLC purchased from David and Mary Ann Lick for $100,000, residential, 3/20.

4901 Oneida St., Ronald Custer and Jessica Swartz purchased from Kurt Askelin for $215,000, residential, 4/20.

3685 Patriot Lane, Howard M. and Elizabeth Z. Howard purchased from Jay and Jill Zierden for $399,000, residential, 4/20.

4726 Peabody St., Marc A. and Elizabeth M. Chiu purchased from Jessica J. Derynck for $192,000, residential, 4/20.


37 E. Redwing St., Jonathan S. and Ashlyn A. Grahn purchased from Eileen C. Fish for $197,000, residential, 4/20.

4210 Saint James Ave., Weiguo Xie and Xuequin Lu purchased from St. James Home of Duluth Inc. for $220,000, exempt from property tax, 4/20.

1125 N. Third Ave., La’Shawn Bullock and W. Kolski purchased from Lindsey and Andrew Beier for $332,500, residential, 4/20.

5123 Tioga St., Evan and Christina Kolding purchased from Lucas and Christina Boynton for $249,900, residential, 4/20.

1818 Valhalla Drive, Robert and Mary Owens purchased from Patrick Francisco for $447,000, residential, 3/20.

4915 Whitetail Drive, Robert Skuza and Holli Pahl-Skuza purchased from Chester S. Kwiatkowski for $305,000, residential, 4/20.

705 Woodland Ave., Lynn D. Williams purchased from Larry L. and Kandy K. Leege for $61,138, residential, 3/20.

2616 Woodland Ave., Paul V. and Katie L. Ford purchased from Kaitlyn Proulx for $265,000, residential, 4/20.


Residential bare land, 14400 James LCC, A Minnesota limited liability company purchased from Michael A. and Melinda S. Machones for $55,000, residential - bare land, 4/20.

Residential bare land, Harlan T. Jensen purchased from Housing and Redevelopments Authority for $40,000, residential - bare land, 3/20.

Bare land, DC GY Green LLC purchased from Dale Johnson for $860,000, commercial (with buildings), 4/20.

Bare land, Garrett Busch purchased from Claudia L. Busch for $105,000, bare land, 4/20.

Bare land, William Kaper Jr. purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $13,344, exempt from property tax, 3/20.

Bare land, Wisconsin Central Ltd purchased from Hallett Dock Co. for $9,570,000, industrial (with buildings), 4/20.

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