Vikre Distillery is launching its first canned drink — the “Frenchie.”

The canned cocktail is an altered version of the French 75 and includes Vikre’s Juniper Gin, sparkling rosé wine, floral rosé liqueur and lemon juice.

Emily Vikre, creator of the new "Frenchie" cocktail in a can, pictured with a French bulldog.
Emily Vikre, creator of the new "Frenchie" cocktail in a can, pictured with a French bulldog.Courtesy of Vikre Distillery.

“I wanted a cocktail that has the ease and portability of a can, but that doesn’t compromise any of the flavor or quality standards I have for the cocktails in our distillery cocktail room,” said cocktail creator Emily Vikre in a news release Wednesday.

Vikre said in an interview that the cocktail tastes "light and elegant, but still feels like a cocktail."

The cocktail will be available next week as a four-pack in Minnesota liquor stores and then rolled out to restaurants and bars. It will also be sold in Wisconsin and Illinois, as well as on tap at Vikre Distillery.

Vikre said the launch is exciting and "nerve wracking," especially as she has worked on it for more than a year.

A flux of ready-to-drink cocktails, like the Frenchie, have taken off in the food and drink market, according to global market research firm Mintel.

"The (ready-to-drink) category, which includes FMBs (flavored malt beverages), prepared spirits-based cocktails, and wine coolers has seen recent strong innovation, moving it ... toward a more acceptable option that offers versatile flavors and formats for a wider array of occasions," Beth Bloom, a senior analyst of food and drink for Mintel, wrote in the report.

The new drink will be celebrated and available at its launch party from noon to 11 p.m. Saturday at Vikre Distillery in Canal Park, 525 S. Lake Ave.