A list of property transactions received from St. Louis County.

211 13th St., Kevin and Janet Born purchased from Luke A. and Amanda J. Fontaine for $234,770, residential, 4/20.

2716 W. 15th St., Lora R. Skarman purchased from Kristine M. Ketola for $135,000, residential, 4/20.

521 N. 21st Ave. W., Oneota Land Co. LLC purchased from David and Mary Ann Lick for $135,000, residential, 3/20.

410 N. 52nd Ave. W., Oneota Land Co. LLC purchased from David and Mary Ann Lick for $135,000, residential, 3/20.

706 N. 58th Ave. W., Margaret and Steven Laakso purchased from David Dewitt for $33,000, residential, 3/20.

723 N. 8th Ave. E., Homes by Witt LLC purchased from Dave Kisch LLC for $110,000, residential, 3/20.

723 N. 8th Ave. E., Rent Check LLC purchased from Homes by Witt LLC for $110,000, residential, 3/20.

1023 84th Ave. W., Ryan J. Hogan and Caitlin Williams purchased from Dennis and Michelle Bradshaw for $154,900, residential, 3/20.

3780 Alder Ave., Gregory and Rebecca Fredlund purchased from Douglas P. and Karen A. Tusa for $430,000, residential, 3/20.

333 E. Anoka St., Dawn Mikkelson and James Moechnig purchased from Erica K. Daniels for $272,000, residential, 3/20.

214 Bluffs Ridge Court, Carolyn Lamppa purchased from Karen Lilyquist for $300,000, residential, 3/20.

9238 Brook St., Meagan Anderson and Travis Johnson purchased from William J. and Nancy Anderson for $187,500, residential, 3/20.

30 W. Central Entrance, Ogston's Central Entrance Prop. purchased from Carol and Arlene Ziemer for $29,812, commercial (with buildings), 3/20.

828 Chester Park Drive, Michael F. and Britta E. Ryan purchased from Jordan Milan and Cameron Volbrecht for $274,400, residential, 3/20.

2710 E. Eighth St., John and Kimberly Howard purchased from James R. and Joanne Hubal for $333,500, residential, 4/20.

214 Fourth St., Jenny L. and Charles T. Helgeton purchased from Matthew and Kelli Johnson for $225,000, residential, 4/20.

4922 Glenwood St., Darrin P. and Jodi L. Nelson purchased from Heather M. Davern for $140,000, residential, 4/20.

6116 Greene St., Roy H. and Whitney J. Good purchased from Laurel and Steven Kirchgasler for $104,500, residential, 3/20.

3762 Haines Road, Nolan Schmidt purchased from Cody Sorlie for $157,000, residential, 3/20.

2512 Hutchinson Road, Holden Olson and Amanda Agamaite purchased from Dillon and Erica Bartels for $194,600, residential, 3/20.

354 Kenilworth Ave., Stacey C. Hampton purchased from Carol Boyer and Jerrold M. Peterson for $364,900, residential, 3/20.

4202 Kruger Road, Sean W. Hastings and Mary K. Ciacco purchased from Rebecca and Neal Rummenie for $199,000, residential, 3/20.

2202 Leonard St., Tony and Autumn Ferrazzi purchased from Christopher and Melissa Wipson for $47,000, residential, 3/20.

4902 London Road, Joshua G. Farley purchased from Catherine and Randy Sylvester for $592,000, residential, 3/20.

9206 Meadow St., One Roof Community Housing purchased from Lowell and Stephanie Engstrom for $125,000, residential, 4/20.

313 W. Mulberry St., Christopher Falkowski and K. Dahl purchased from Christopher and Corie Cloutier for $320,000, residential, 3/20.

1905 E. Ninth St., Michael G. Lyttle purchased from Amanda Delmore for $236,000, residential, 3/20.

19 E. Ninth St., Steven, Allen, et al., purchased from Jeffrey T. Trentman for $195,000, residential, 3/20.

5801 Olney St., Oneota Land Co. LLC purchased from David and Mary Ann Lick for $110,000, residential, 3/20.

2627 W. Second St., GTU Properties Inc. purchased from Richard W. and Kathleen M. Fichtner for $114,900, residential, 3/20.

314 Sixth St., Amanda J. Fontaine purchased from Gary and Christina Kmecik for $215,000, residential, 3/20.

8028 E. Spirit Cove Drive, John and Jane Derocher purchased from Duane and Rachel Vacura for $400,000, residential, 4/20.

2001 Springvale Road, Amanda M. and Aaron R. Othoudt purchased from Christopher and Rebecca Magnuson for $119,000, residential, 3/20.

1707 Stanford Ave., Benjamin T. McNeally purchased from Jeffrey J. Johnson for $270,000, residential, 3/20.

10 Sunnyside St., Krista J. Mangan purchased from Jeremy D. and Marsha Jones for $142,000, residential, 3/20.

4005 E. Superior St., Jordan and Erika Oja purchased from Renee Smith for $134,000, residential, 2/20.

2110 E. Superior St., Patrick and Jennifer Boyle purchased from Ethelow LLC for $367,000, residential, 3/20.

3134 W. Tischer Road, Matthew L. and Megan H. Larson purchased from Carla A. Larson for $369,000, residential, 3/20.

4972 Trails End Drive, Tuyen Q. Ta and Lien P. Tran purchased from Matthew J. and Kari L. Lewis for $740,000, residential, 3/20.

317 S. Ugstad Road, Matthew B. and Kelli M. Johnson purchased from Collette R. Dickson for $313,000, residential, 3/20.

3055 Vernon St., Oneota Land Co. LLC purchased from David and Mary Ann Lick for $150,000, residential, 3/20.

49 Waterview Drive, Andrea and Michael Busche purchased from Roland V. and Janet A. Everson for $218,000, residential, 3/20.

3723 Woodland Ave., Tiffany and Jason Doherty-Schooler purchased from Janet E. and James H. Simpson for $253,000, residential, 3/20.

3515 Woodland Ave., Erin Krois purchased from Melissa A. Winkler for $160,000, residential, 3/20.

Address unassigned, Thomas Warren and Nicole Facciotto purchased from Mark R. and Melanie C. Morgan for $213,600, residential, 3/20.

Address unassigned, Benjamin A. Matthews purchased from Dean Othoudt and Kristine Olberg for $264,900, residential, 3/20.

5 N. 62nd Ave. W., Mark Thompson purchased from Kevin Boerboom for $89,900, residential, 3/20.

7 W. Chisholm St., John R. and Judy K. Miner purchased from The Hills Youth and Family Services for $110,000, 3/20.

Bare land, Premier Three Developers Inc. purchased from the Alan J. Meinershagen living trust for $125,000, residential - bare land, 3/20.