The guest spaces in Duluth's downtown Sheraton hotel are getting a $7 million makeover.

Renovations started around two weeks ago and are scheduled to wrap up in late May or early June 2020 — right before the start of Duluth's summer tourism season.

Construction won't be major, as no walls will be torn down. The work is instead focused on the hotel's guest and meeting rooms, Restaurant 301, lounge, fitness center, lobby and public restrooms, said Karen Pionk, Sheraton's general manager.

Although renovations align with ongoing developments in the next-door medical district and apartment tower, Pionk said they didn't influence the renovation's timeline.

"It just happens to work really well for us in that (Superior Street) will be renovated, the medical district will have a whole new face to it ... and the residential living facility going up next door to us. So (it's) just good timing on our part," she said.

Work won't disrupt hotel services, but people will notice work underway in the lobby that will be done in sections. "As the renovations are going on, really, it's business as usual," she said.

The kitchen will remain open throughout the work, and the restaurant will operate out of other spaces in the hotel.

They're aiming to turn the lounge and restaurant into a community gathering space, where solo travelers can work in communal spaces and aren't confined to their rooms.

All 147 rooms will transition from away from traditional hotel styles. Instead of standard desks, they're adding lounge chairs and movable tables. All of the furniture will also have USB ports.

"The only place ... usually in the guest room to sit is either at a desk or on the bed. And so this creates this workspace that you would find in your own home," Pionk said. "It really makes the way that we live in our own spaces, our own office spaces and our own homes more conducive to your hotel stay."