Properties galore

Have a few thousands sitting around? More than 80 forfeited properties, including 10 houses, will be auctioned on Thursday. They’re all located in northeastern Minnesota, and some are even located on coveted shorelines. While St. Louis County is auctioning them off, they’re all owned by the state because previous owners didn’t pay taxes. Properties include recreational land, buildable lots, cabins and homes. Information about them — such as photos, maps and the starting bid price — is available on the county’s website. People planning to bid must register, which can be done online or at the auction. The auction starts at 10 a.m. Thursday at the Miners Memorial Building, located at 821 S. 9th Ave. W. in Virginia.

Even more properties

Speaking of properties for sale, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is bidding off 17 parcels of land at three public bid auctions this month. One will be held in conjunction with the previously mentioned Virginia auction. At Thursday’s auction, the offerings include the sale of two St. Louis County parcels, 40 and 80 acres each, and one Carlton County parcel that’s around 20 acres. This DNR auction will follow the county auction.

Entrepreneur Fund receives money

The U.S. Small Business Administration awarded $150,000 in grants to the Entrepreneur Fund. The PRIME grants will be geared toward local rural communities and the “distressed urban areas of Duluth,” but doesn’t clarify what this area is. The fund will help disadvantaged microentrepreneurs with business skills, networking and access to capital. Typically, the grants require 50% in matching funds or in-kind funding.

The extended tax deadline is here, folks

The tax deadline is here! Well, the deadline for people who received an extension on their 2018 taxes. The extended deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 15. The IRS reminds that people can file and pay online, to keep a copy of tax returns for at least three years, and that those in the military or in certain disaster areas receive more time to file. My apologies for bringing up taxes in the height of non-tax season.

Something to watch statewide

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is appealing last month’s federal court decision that ruled in favor of a St. Cloud business that refused service to service same-sex couples. In a guest column for the Star Tribune, Ellison wrote: “We don’t think that’s right. Business owners’ free speech and beliefs are already fully protected under the First Amendment.” He will appeal it back to the federal district court instead of appealing it to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Kelly Busche covers business and the healthcare industry for the News Tribune. Even though writing about taxes makes her stressed about next year’s filings, she loves covering business. Chat business with her at or 218-723-5320.