A new type of place to drink is coming to Duluth next year: a coffee and wine bar.

Blue Rock Coffee and Wine Cafe is expected to open early next year in the former Grizzly’s building at 1722 Miller Trunk Highway. It’s joining several other Twin Port businesses owned by Rick Lampton.

“We’ve been looking into the coffee niche, and we were trying to keep some sales going into the evening a little bit ,” Lampton said. “The best of both worlds is coffee and wine. We thought it was a good fit.”

He said he envisions customers grabbing coffee, hanging out and then ordering a glass of wine as the day turns into evening. “They kind of go together. They’re kind of the same people that partake in (both),” he said.

The upscale bar will also offer breakfast sandwiches, quiches, soup and more — which will all be available through an accompanying drive-through.

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Lampton and his partner, who are financing the project, are partnering with Duluth Coffee Co. to supply and make the bar’s coffee products. The wine will be sourced from a variety of distributors, he said.

Although there are other coffee shops along the Miller Trunk Highway, he said there are no coffee and wine bars, which fill a hole in the region's market.