Lake County residents may have noticed new Chamber of Commerce window decals popping up around the area displaying a different name and logo.

Recently, the Two Harbors Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors made the decision to change the name of the Chamber to the "Lake County Chamber of Commerce."

"This is something that I’ve wanted to do for quite a while," Chamber President Janelle Jones said. "We have always been the Chamber for this whole area. If you look at our logo, it would say 'Two Harbors Area,' then below it would say Beaver Bay, Silver Bay, Knife River, etc. But I feel very strongly in being inclusive and want everyone to feel a part of our Chamber."

The change was announced via letters to Chamber members, accompanied by new window clings to stick on businesses' windows.

Jones said the change was something she slowly implemented.

"I started this slowly a few years ago when we put up the big chair outside the Chamber office that said 'Lovin’ Lake County,'" Jones said. "We made little pushes like that to get people thinking not just about Two Harbors, but about the whole county. We wanted to make people comfortable and ease them into the change."

The Chamber redesigned its website and social media pages within the past week and officially changed the name Aug. 7. So far, Jones says she's only heard positive responses to the change.

"You always worry about that when making a change like this," Jones said. "I am proud of the decision and I'm excited to see how we move forward. I look forward to our new brand and our new message and I anticipate growth and success throughout our Chamber."