The Number: 2.9 percent

That was Duluth's unemployment rate in April, the best April we've had since, well, April last year, according to state data released last week. The region overall had a slight shrug of growth, with 140 jobs added year-over-year in St. Louis, Douglas and Carlton counties. Mining and construction grew the fastest, retailers lost the most and since March, leisure and hospitality hiring is taking off. Like it did last year. I'm beginning to sense a trend.

The Word: "A political subdivision must receive legislative authority to impose a local sales tax before submitting the tax for approval by voters," reads language in the special session tax bill that includes Duluth's half-percent sales tax increase that was passed the old-fashioned way - vote first, legislative approval second. Additional language was added to tighten uses and authorization guidelines for such requests, no doubt a trade for letting Duluth raise its sales tax to the highest in the state. How do sales taxes affect your business, anyway? Call me?

The Lead: American Airlines has landed in Duluth. And taken off. And landed again. And taken off. You get it, that's how fixed routes work. The third major carrier to fly out of DLH launched its daily Chicago service last week, offering two flights to O'Hare and two flights back every day. The airport also launched a new (to me) marketing campaign - "Connecting our region to the world just got a little more #SimpleAsDLH."

The Listing: What can you get for under $100,000 in Duluth? A lake view, a garage and a double lot, apparently. There's a one-ish-bedroom, one-tiny-bathroom in East Hillside for $93,900, just about $40,000 more than it sold for in 2014, which would seem to indicate improvement, or so one would hope. This 722-square-foot gem is currently a rental (county records show its owner lives in Hennepin County, at least) but any self-respecting bachelor/ette would be wise to make this their own.

The Meeting: Traditions

Growing up, my grandfather, a World War II veteran, would take us to the armory in Moorhead for the annual Memorial Day event there, a tradition that continued after his death. What is your tradition? Maybe this is the year to start one.

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