Duluth Property Transactions

May 2-8

220 S. 88th Ave. W., Charles F. and Earleen M. Hanson purchased from James L. Bourbonniere for $210,000, residential, 10/17.

511 Anderson Road, 1st and 1st Properties of Duluth purchased from Casey and Elias Hildreth for $30,000, residential - bare land, 3/19.

6403 Cody St., Northern Property Ventures purchased from Billy J. Brennan for $48,206, residential, 3/19.

1431 Commonwealth Ave., Michael S. Lammi purchased from Jeffery G. and Joan A. Jauss for $175,000, commercial (with buildings), 3/19.

2210 W. Eighth St., Charles and Michele E. Crockett III purchased from Joseph R. Hunt Jr. for $145,000, residential, 3/19.

4316 Gilliat St., Ingrid Melander purchased from Bradley Brothers LLC for $38,500, residential - bare land, 3/19.

2637 Hagberg St., Dylan G. Hendrickson purchased from Zachery Bauers for $200,000, residential, 3/19.

715 W. Ideal St., Robyn and Mark Johnson purchased from Michelle Howland for $41,666, residential, 1/19.

327 E. Ninth St., Teal J. Legutko purchased from Debra Taylor for $40,000, residential, 3/19.

536 Park St., Heidi Aldrich purchased from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $133,000, residential, 3/19.

631 Ridgewood Road, Stephen Diamond and Karis Boerner purchased from Bruce V. and Nancy K. Minea for $379,000, residential, 3/19.

25 Snelling Ave., Posa Investments LLC purchased from Joey J. and Eden Erickson for $175,000, residential, 3/19.

Bare land, 1807 E. Third LLC purchased from Hillside Views LLC for $1,410,000, apartment, 3/19.

2911 Wellington St., Jamie Strandemo purchased from WF REVERSE REO HECM 2015-1 LLC for $61,000, residential, 3/19.

4414 Woodland Ave., David Meyers purchased from Shyler R. and Jasmine N. Gasman for $260,000, residential, 3/19.