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Property Transactions for Jan. 8, 2019

Duluth Property Transactions

Dec. 20, 2018, through Jan. 2, 2019

219 S. 26th Ave. E., Jill Fisher and Neil Larson purchased from Ward Johnson for $228,000, residential, 12/18.

1503 N. 45th Ave. E., Patricia A. Sutliff-Opoien purchased from Karl F. and Kelly A. Erbach for $239,500, residential, 12/18.

313 S. 58th Ave. W., Qui and Penny Nguyen purchased from Kenneth Murray for $51,500, residential, 12/18.

3008 N. 87th Ave. W., Justin J. Teal and Kelsey K. Ficken purchased from Christopher P. and Michele E. Hogan for $199,900, residential, 12/18.

928 W. Arrowhead Road, Rachel E. Mason and Jaron T. Cramer purchased from Jacob J. Pearson for $164,000, residential, 12/18.

3065 Chestnut St., Jared K. and Brianna D. Lavigne purchased from Redo By Lou LLC for $117,500, residential, 12/18.

317 E. Chisholm St., Susan Perrault and David Brooks purchased from Bernard C. and Mary L. Kalkbrenner for $169,000, residential, 12/18.

14 W. Cleveland St., Vincent R. Sorci purchased from Judith Watczak for $185,000, residential, 12/18.

7815 Coleman St., Leslie Forbes purchased from Gary E. Berg for $124,500, residential, 12/18.

1124 Como Ave., Richard and Judith Loraas purchased from Peter and Darlene D. Staudohar for $330,000, residential, 12/18.

120 W. Fourth St., Hillside Rentals LLC purchased from Al M. Cismowski revocable trust for $145,000, apartment, 12/18.

4602 Grand Ave., Agility Acquisitions LLC purchased from SGO MN Denfeld LLC for $3,628,000, commercial (with buildings), 12/18.

4001 Grand Ave., Christopher and Shannon Gardner purchased from McGovern Properties LLC for $160,000, commercial (with buildings), 12/18.

9425 Grand Ave., Ryan P. Williams purchased from Robbie L. and Alisha J. Anderson for $237,000, residential, 12/18.

542 Kenilworth Ave., Judy Nelson Gitar purchased from the Rheta B. Tempel revocable trust for $218,000, residential, 12/18.

309 Maryland St., Kimberly A. Benning purchased from Maas Partners LLC for $189,900, residential, 12/18.

3421 Minnesota Ave., David W. Rauschenfels purchased from Glorian J. Nelson for $250,000, residential, 12/18.

2208 Nanticoke St., Theodore and Julie Sellers purchased from Andrew and Mary Meier for $260,000, residential, 12/18.

2715 Northridge Drive, Stephen and Linda Hadley purchased from Gaylen B. and Cynthia B. Hill for $559,900, residential, 12/18.

4330 Oneida St., Carmel A. Petersson purchased from Nathan R. Emanuelson for $186,000, residential, 12/18.

23 W. Owatonna St., Xiomara Binsfield purchased from Cynthia A. Martins for $185,000, residential, 12/18.

10 E. Second St., Minnesota Teen Challenge Inc. purchased from the William R. Stephenson trust for $385,600, apartment, 11/18.

911 W. Sixth St., Northern Property Ventures LLC purchased from Joel Kreiner for $37,061, residential, 11/18.

1107 Sockeye Drive, Gary Poelma and Christine Fischer-Poelma purchased from Judith E. Goar for $680,000, residential, 7/18.

5809 Tacony St., Elizabeth and Ryan Klawitter purchased from Robbin N. and Rachel Sass for $142,000, residential, 12/18.

211 E. Third St., Brad C. Edgerton purchased from D & L Bye Properties LLC for $270,000, apartment, 12/18.

Residential bare land, Hugh C. and Diane R. Casper purchased from Ronald L. Malkin family trust for $3,500, residential - bare land, 11/18.

Residential bare land, Michael D. Hudyma purchased from Ronald L. Malkin family trust for $11,000, residential - bare land, 12/18.

Bare land, Scott Tompkins purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $8,300, exempt from property tax, 12/18.