Duluth Property Transactions

Dec. 6-11

2216 W. 10th St., Meagan N. Aliff purchased from Christopher M. Erion for $124,500, residential, 11/18.

500 E. 10th St., Reasor Properties Inc. purchased from UDAC Inc. for $640,000, exempt from property tax, 11/18.

1309 104th Ave. W., David Nett purchased from Kara A. Lee for $102,000, residential, 11/18.

209 S. 16th Ave. E., Michelle M. Nelson purchased from Kathleen and Roy Edwards for $167,300, residential, 11/18.

317 N. 21st Ave. E., Corin Treat purchased from G.T. Hanson and Associates LLC for $180,000, residential, 11/18.

411 N. 52nd Ave. W., Amanda and Jason Heimbach purchased from Lance P. Johnson for $124,900, residential, 11/18.

21 S. 58th Ave. E., Jordan Gall purchased from Kathleen A. Koller for $4,000, residential, 11/18.

702 N. 65th Ave. W., David J. and Sally A. Anderson purchased from Paul T. and Cindy S. Taraldsen for $225,500, residential, 11/18.

1310 97th Ave. W., Eric A. and Sandra Soderberg purchased from Matthew Rathe for $103,000, residential, 11/18.

9238 Brook St., William J. Anderson purchased from Finance of America Reverse LLC for $48,000, residential, 10/18.

310 Coffee Creek Blvd., James E. Hughes purchased from Menard Inc. for $32,500, residential - bare land, 11/18.

4427 Cooke St., Craig S. and Sarah A. Hill purchased from John P. Krohn for $234,500, residential, 11/18.

1501 Fern Ave., Ronald D. and Valerie B. Jensen purchased from Sara and Joseph D. Febbo IV for $186,000, residential, 11/18.

1905 W. First St., Samuel Torvinen purchased from Podgornik Properties LLC for $92,000, residential, 11/18.

801 W. Fourth St., Luke Harma purchased from Joyanna M. and Blake Yorde for $205,000, residential, 11/18.

5517 Grand Ave., 5517 Grand LLC purchased from WKK Inc. for $650,000, commercial (with buildings), 11/18.

2893 Hutchinson Road., Ryan and Brianna Loitz purchased from Daniel and Nora Cadotte for $147,500, residential, 10/18.

1510 Jefferson St., Brooke Wetmore purchased from Dan M. and Amy D. Fitzpatrick for $134,000, residential, 11/18.

513 N. Lake Ave., Bigelow Capital LLC purchased from Frank McMurrough for $190,000, residential, 11/18.

4015 London Road, Maura C. Crowell and Shelby Nelson purchased from Frances M. Green for $220,000, residential, 11/18.

1324 Minnesota Ave., Michael D. Schraepfer purchased from Bruce M. and Shelvie M. Anderson for $650,000, residential, 11/18.

1425 N. Ninth Ave. E., Jacob and Chelsea Halverson purchased from Urban, Olson and Bergerson for $130,000, residential, 11/18.

42 W. Quince St., Matthew Kampa and Kelcey Degarmo purchased from the estate of Jana Holmgren for $250,000, residential, 11/18.

4332 Robinson St., S. and S. Sandberg, et al., purchased from Terrance and Elaine Irvin for $224,900, residential, 11/18.

2930 E. Second St., Laura M. Schnell purchased from Marlys Burns for $200,500, residential, 11/18.

230 W. Seventh St., Melissa Kuntz purchased from Thomas Ebersole for $290,000, residential, 11/18.

512 E. Seventh St., New Market Solutions Inc. purchased from Troy J. and Erin Hutchinson for $84,000, residential, 11/18.

2328 W. Sixth St., Tailgate Properties LLC purchased from Drew and Jillian Lamoureux for $185,000, residential, 11/18.

4328 E. Superior St., 4328 East Superior Street LLC purchased from Robert L. and Catherine O. Hewitt for $140,900, commercial (with buildings), 11/18.

4327 E. Superior St., Catharine Karow purchased from Michael Schraepfer for $255,000, residential, 11/18.

413 E. Superior St., SMDC Medical Center purchased from RJ Properties LLC for $2,108,857, commercial (with buildings), 11/18.

Bare land, Josh Engels purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $890, exempt from property tax, 10/18.

Bare land, Loran A. Walker purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $1,750, exempt from property tax, 11/18.

Bare land, Talle & Associates Inc. purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $18,588, exempt from property tax, 10/18.