The Silver Bay City Council approved a purchase and development agreement with Sophialee LLC, owners of North Shore Adventure Park, at the meeting Monday, Nov. 19.

The agreement is $20,900 for two parcels of land adjacent to the park's existing corner lot at Outer Drive and Minnesota Highway 61. Owner Phil Huston plans to build an aerial ropes course on the property.

"They're starting construction in January," Huston said. "They're really tough guys. They're going to put poles in, clear away forest, put up obstacles in the trees, zip lines, all that stuff. They're going to build the park over the winter and the plan is to have it open by Memorial Day."

The park closed for the summer season in 2018 to focus on this next phase of development. The park opened for a test run in 2017 after the removal of a closed gas station on the lot.

The park's main feature is an outdoor climbing rock wall nicknamed "Eleanor." Although the park was closed to the public this summer, the Lake County Rescue Squad was allowed to use the wall to practice climbing rescues.

When completed, Huston plans to have 50-70 features on the ropes course, including ziplines, obstacles and various difficulties for beginners to more experienced users.

Conditions of the development agreement secured the allowance of a 40-foot-wide ATV trail and utility easement on the property. Also, if the property is not developed within 36 months, the revert clause would be activated.

"It was a big step to come to this purchase agreement. We've been working on getting the land for about two years, and we were finally able to get a purchase agreement signed off," Huston said. "It's prime spot for an adventure park. With the campground opening next year - the Black Beach Campground - it's going to work out really nicely for us."

The agreement was approved with two affirmative votes from councilors Richard DeRosier and Shane Hoff, with Carlene Perfetto as the only dissenting vote and Mayor Scott Johnson and Dustin Goutermont absent.