Uber and Lyft are cleared for pickup and dropoff at the Duluth International Airport.

The rideshare services signed an agreement with the airport authority this week that will let drivers wait at the staging lot for pickups; passengers will be dropped off in front of the terminal.

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"We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of different transportation options to get our customers to their destination in a safe and reliable manner," Duluth Airport Authority spokeswoman Natalie Peterson said in a news release Thursday. "We currently have public transportation available through the DTA, taxi service, limousine and shuttle companies, hotel shuttles, car rentals and now Uber and Lyft."

The airport board passed the rideshare agreement at a meeting April 18. It will cost each rideshare company $750 per year to operate out of the airport with a $2 surcharge per trip, according to the updated contract. Taxi, limousine and shuttle permits run $200 a year per vehicle.

Peterson said in the release the airport will put up signs by the end of the month "to help direct passengers to the different commercial vehicle options at DLH."

The city's rules governing the smartphone-enabled businesses went into effect April 27. Lyft began operating in Duluth last week, and Uber started service Monday.