Some Minnesotans have reported delays in receiving their state income tax refund this year, though the state said it's just being extra careful in the face of increased tax fraud schemes.

"Some refunds may take longer than in a prior year because of the increase in attempted refund fraud due to scams, stolen personal information, and identity theft," the Department of Revenue said in an emailed statement this week. "The department takes the time necessary to review returns to make sure taxpayer dollars are not getting into the hands of criminals."

One scam making the rounds this year involves emails that target payroll and human resource professionals, who unwittingly send W-2 information to scammers posing as company executives.

Nationally, about 80 businesses have been targeted so far this year, according to the Department of Revenue, and the scam is spreading to nonprofits, school districts and tribal organizations as well.

The department said it won't estimate when refunds will arrive since every tax return is different, and it sends thousands of refunds every day during tax season.

"We take our responsibility of protecting taxpayer data and taxpayer money very seriously, and we take the time necessary to ensure we're sending the right refund to the right person," the department's statement read.

Income taxes are due by April 18 this year.