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UPDATE: Man killed in Gary-New Duluth shooting

Property transactions for Aug. 1

Duluth property transactions

July 21-27

617 N. 11th Ave. E., Michele Ellis purchased from Ryan J. and Anna K. Rotar for $142,000, residential, 7/16.

2221 W. 12th St., James F. and Mary L. Stukel purchased from John W. and Frances E. Hammack for $125,000, residential, 7/16.

2259 W. 13th St., Jason and Andrea Allen purchased from Camie and Jesse Wheeler for $145,000, residential, 7/16.

228 S. 19th Ave. E., Matthew R. Kallie J. Mulliner purchased from Warren M. and Tanya E. Taylor for $170,000, residential, 7/16.

502 N. 23rd Ave. W., Dawn Monson purchased from Justin Sickler for $102,800, residential, 7/16.

1515 N. 42nd Ave. E., Jordy and Deborah Sargent purchased from Patrick and Gail Schoenfelder for $325,000, residential, 7/16.

305 N. 45th Ave. E., Nicholas and Erin Seymore purchased from Jason R. Kleiman for $222,500, residential, 7/16.

608 N. 56th Ave. W., Adam D. Adams purchased from Tom And Bonnie Stordahl trust for $64,000, residential, 7/16.

1034 87th Ave. W., Rhonda Brogdon and Jeffrey Schultz purchased from Anton and Jill Miketin for $55,000, residential, 7/16.

3608 Allendale Ave., Claire B. Olson purchased from Kathryn B. and Bruce W. Carlson for $187,000, residential, 7/16.

2121 W. Arrowhead Road, Jarrett D. H. Brookhouser purchased from Gabriel J. and Katie Jorgensen for $145,000, residential, 7/16.

11 Artavia St., Summer and Nikki L. Johnson purchased from Michael J. and Rebecca Bruley for $169,000, residential, 7/16.

902 N. Blackman Ave., Glenn and Jacqueline Kotlarek purchased from Susan B. Stephenson for $290,000, residential, 7/16.

318 N. Central Ave., A & B Building LLC purchased from Janice Manner for $214,000, residential, 7/16.

2856 Exeter St., Ian M. and Hope E. Connell purchased from Armstrong Properties LLC for $85,000, residential, 7/16.

2815 Exhibition Drive, Susan M. Wilmes purchased from Anthony R. and Kay A. Strong for $282,000, residential, 6/16.

3959 Fountain Gate Drive, Gregory G. and Claudia M. Kamp purchased from Carla and Gary Warmington for $375,000, residential, 6/16.

3931 Fountain Gate Drive, Norman C. and Wanda M. Hansen purchased from Diane F. Nelson for $310,000, residential, 7/16.

5431 Glenwood St., Michelle L. Reynolds purchased from Russell L. and Lynda Dietrich for $197,000, residential, 7/16.

7700 Grand Ave., 7700 Grand Ave LLC purchased from Benedictine Care Centers for $5,575,967, 7/16.

8114 Grand Ave., Steven E. Olson purchased from Leroy F. and Janice R. Levens for $310,000, residential, 7/16.

4042 Haines Road, Diane F. Nelson purchased from James D. Wright trust for $239,000, residential, 7/16.

324 Hickory St., Diane S. Cooper purchased from Carrie A. Peterlin for $199,000, residential, 7/16.

312 Kenilworth Ave., Holly M. and Trey T. Dill purchased from David and Sara Johnson for $200,000, residential, 7/16.

3800 London Road, MIMG C11 Les Chateaux LLC, et al., purchased from Chateau Manor LLC for $19,750,000, apartment, 7/16.

230 W. Mankato St., Catherine Reich and Matthew Deitch purchased from Shannon L. Gustafson for $177,000, residential, 7/16.

1219 Mississippi Ave., David M. and Sara J. Johnson purchased from Glenn J. and Jacqueline Kotlarek for $309,900, residential, 7/16.

433 W. Owatonna St., Kurt W. Ehlers and Kelly L. Tekler purchased from Toni Roberts and C. Bergman for $245,000, residential, 7/16.

4801 Peabody St., James and Sarah Benning purchased from Rosemarie Sutherland Moland trust for $220,000, residential, 6/16.

4524 Pitt St., Heather A. Nord purchased from Carol L. and Merlyn V. Dammer for $129,000, residential, 7/16.

3131 Restormel St., JCRR Properties LLC purchased from Joshua Johnson for $67,000, residential, 6/16.

4319 Robinson St., Thomas and Camilla Gibbons purchased from U.S. Bank Trust N.A. as trustee for $150,000, residential, 7/16.

2922 E. Second St., Michael J. and Kerri A. Hinton purchased from Kristin M. Rognerud for $280,000, residential, 6/16.

4522 W. Seventh St., Sherry K. Kasper purchased from Pamella J. and Richard Jacobson for $183,300, residential, 7/16.

2213 W. Sixth St., Michael and Jennifer Senn purchased from Lisa Allen and Candiss Delcostello for $72,610, residential, 7/16.

1625 South Road, Joren L. and Jill A. Kandel purchased from Jason and Elizabeth Bombardieri for $350,000, residential, 7/16.

1821 South St., Mark B. Hanna purchased from Andrew J. and Victoria V. Olson for $140,000, residential, 7/16.

2017 E. Superior St., Leif Christianson and J. Grimmond purchased from Andrea and Christian Benson for $675,000, residential, 7/16.

1128 E. Third St., Cory P. Binsfield purchased from Stanley A. Samdal trust for $58,000, residential, 7/16.

227 W. Wabasha St., Juniper Properties LLC purchased from Lael J., Bruce W. and John C. Tryon for $125,000, residential, 7/16.

2328 Whittier St., Darrel and Janelle Rosenlund purchased from Inez M. Winter for $360,000, residential, 7/16.

2616 Woodland Ave., Adam P. and Heidi V. Bylsma purchased from Don and Corryl Jeske for $183,000, residential, 7/16.

719 Woodland Ave., Posa Investments LLC purchased from Wendy K. Webb for $150,000, residential, 7/16.

Address unassigned, Brett Mlaskoch purchased from WB Rentals LLC for $445,000, residential, 7/16.

Address unassigned, Judy Gordon purchased from Gregory Anselmo, et al., for $575,000, residential, 6/16.

Residential bare land, Patricia Nilsen purchased from William Kaper Jr. for $9,600, 7/16.